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961 Ten Tortures of One Finger Monastery

 He nearly blew a gasket when he looked up. His uncle had fled without even turning back!

Liu Yang cursed. "Wu Zong, you son of a b*tch, get the f**k back here!"

"Ghost!" Liu Yang's uncle, Wu Zong, responded without making sense before he ran off even faster.

Only then did Liu Yang recall that there was a monk ghost beside him! He didn't know when, but the monk had already arrived before them.

Liu Yang subconsciously stood up and put himself between Fangzheng and his family. His eyes stared wide at Fangzheng as the latter calmly looked at him, wishing to know what he was up to.

But after less than three seconds of that ferocious glare, Liu Yang suddenly plopped to his knees. He smacked himself three times in the face and said, wailing, "Master, I was wrong. I shouldn't have hit you. I shouldn't have tried to abduct the child for money. I was wrong. If you died an unjust death, kill me. But please, don't harm my mother!"

Fangzheng was taken aback. He originally thought the punk had been possessed by some deity to suddenly act so firm, but in the end... He ended up acting like this.

However, this scene made Fangzheng feel gratified. At the very least, this man still had a conscience and wasn't too far gone. However, having a conscience didn't mean that all wrongs could be absolved. The mistakes made yesterday still had to be paid for today. There were no exceptions to this truth.

At this point, Liu Yang's sister also knelt down and kowtowed. "Master, it was all our fault. We shouldn't have harmed your life. We will admit to all our faults. You can do anything to us, but please, don't harm my mother."

With the two of them already kneeling, Liu Yang's aunt, who always had indefinite opinions, realized that running wasn't an option anymore, so she also knelt down.

Fangzheng glanced at her and said softly, "It's not impossible for This Penniless Monk to let you off. As the saying goes, the sea of bitterness knows no bounds, turn back to the shore before it's too late. Are you willing to surrender yourselves?"

"Yes, yes!" Upon hearing that all they needed to do was surrender themselves to not be eaten by the ferocious ghost, the few of them immediately nodded like chickens pecking at grain. To them, this was equivalent to being released from the clutches of death! It was such a blissful outcome that they didn't know whether to laugh or cry. As for lying to the monk before them?

They knew deep down that even if they might dare to lie to the police or everyone else, after being pursued by this monk ghost for so long and having witnessed how terrifying he was, they wouldn't dare lie to him even if they were emboldened a hundred times over. Wasn't it just jail time? That was better than death, right?

The trio decided that as long as they could survive, they would immediately surrender themselves without delay.

Seeing how the three were willing to surrender themselves, Fangzheng didn't delay. He grabbed the door and yanked. With the sound of metal being ripped to shreds, the huge door was torn off. Following that, Fangzheng looked inside and pulled out Liu Yang's mother.

After a simple check, Fanghzeng verified that Liu Yang's mother's calf had suffered a fracture, and she had broken a rib. Although bone fractures were serious matters for elderly people, Fangzheng's pity for her was instantly dispersed when he caught a glance of the thick negative karma that surrounded her.

After confirming that she wasn't dead, Fangzheng glanced at them and smiled. "Remember what you promised This Penniless Monk. If you do not surrender yourselves, This Penniless Monk will come for you again."

"We will definitely do so! Master, don't worry. We can lie to anyone but you." Liu Yang was already close to tears. To be able to yank off a door with his bare hands, was he freaking human? This was basically the incredible Hulk draped in human skin! He would rather die than believe that the monk wasn't a ghost.

Fangzheng nodded slightly and looked up in the direction of Liu Yang's uncle who had fled far off. If one had to say who was the most evil among these five people, Liu Yang's uncle was clearly the worst. After all, the others still had a conscience while he was completely a lost cause.

Fangzheng looked at his back and grinned. "You still want to run? Do you really think it's so easy to escape from This Penniless Monk? Today, you'll get to experience one of the ten tortures of One Finger Monastery, head flicking!"

Upon hearing this, Liu Yang, his aunt, and his sister were dumbfounded. Head flicking? This was considered a torture? Was that a joke?

Fangzheng didn't explain. With a flick of his sleeve, he dashed towards Liu Yang's uncle like a white fleeting figure.

The moment Fangzheng left, Liu Yang's aunt cautiously asked Liu Yang, "Are we really surrendering ourselves?"

Liu Yang returned with a question. "Do you dare not to?"

Liu Yang's aunt quickly shook her head as the trio smiled bitterly. They silently took out a cell phone and called the police! The few of them had done all sorts of sordid deeds their entire lives, but never had they expected the day would come when they would call the cops on themselves. This feeling was rather unique.

Elsewhere, Liu Yang's uncle, Wu Zong, had already run far away. As he ran, he mumbled. "Don't blame me. It's every man for himself. I only did it because I want to live. If you die, I'll just burn more hell notes for you."

As he mumbled, Wu Zong suddenly felt a wind rise behind him. He subconsciously turned back and saw a white figure rapidly approaching. A hand slowly raised up and struck down to his glabella!

At that instant, Wu Zong felt mind-blown. The evil ghost had caught up to him! He thought, "I'm doomed. I'm about to be smacked to death!"

Wu Zong felt aggrieved as he yelled, "F**k. Why didn't you chase those people behind but ended up f**king chasing me? It's not like I was the only one who knocked you down, right?"

He saw the hand change gestures as the index finger curled back and pressed against the thumb-it was the 'OK' gesture. Wu Zong was dumbfounded. What did that mean? Was he planning on returning to haunt Liu Yang and company? Had he escaped the clutches of death?

The next moment, the hand came down, and the index finger suddenly shot out!

F**k! Head flicking? Do evil ghosts harm others by head flicking? This... Shouldn't evil ghosts hurt others by biting? Even at the worst, it should have grown long fingernails to slash at me, right? What's up with head flicking? Am I being belittled? If you have what it takes, bite me! F**k, to think I've been looked down upon by a ghost!

This thought flashed through his mind, but Wu Zong regretted it the next moment.

With a dull but crisp sound, as though a tiny nail had hit a winter melon, Wu Zong felt an excruciating pain in his glabella. He subconsciously yelled, "Ah! It hurts!"

What kind of strength did Fangzheng have? He could rip out metal with his bare hands and completely wreck a vehicle. If he were to use all his strength to head flick, even steel would get dented! Wu Zong was only of flesh and blood, so with the flick, his glabella instantly swelled up.

Wu Zong felt his vision go dark as his head hurt like hell. His legs went limp, and he stumbled to the ground. However, this was only the beginning of his nightmare.

He saw the monk behind him stop and chuckle. "Don't let This Penniless Monk chase up to you. Otherwise, your head won't be able to take it!"