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960 Im Not Acting as a Friendly Ghos

 The braking happened too suddenly as the van swerved and spun on the road before barely coming to a halt without flipping over!

At the same time, the van's passengers clearly saw a white object fly off of the van's roof. With a bang, it slammed into a tree trunk, producing a dull thud as though it had cracked.

Then everyone first confirmed that they were still alive. They ignored how the van had spun and instead held their breath and craned their necks to see if the monk was dead or not.

In fact, everyone still had some hope in their heart. They wished that even if the monk wasn't dead before, he would have died from such a heavy blow now. After all, even a being with supernatural powers couldn't survive such an impact, right?

However, their hopes were clearly in vain. The monk who had been thrown towards the tree and fallen to the ground was slowly standing up. After he adjusted his disguise, he smiled at them. The smile looked especially creepy under the accentuation of the night sky and tomato pulp!

The five people felt a cold chill rush from their tailbones to their heads as they couldn't help but scream.

Following that, there was a loud shout. "Drive!"

Liu Yang immediately snapped to his senses. He started the car, engaged the clutch, and switched gears. The van's engine sputtered before dying.

"F**k! The engine died! I told you long ago that we need an automatic van. But you just had to get me some crappy manual van! F**k! F**k! F**k!" Liu Yang cursed as he repeated the actions...

Almost at the same time, his sister screamed. "That monk is coming!"

Liu Yang felt his leg tremble as he didn't depress the clutch enough, causing the van to sputter once more before the engine died.

Liu Yang was on the brink of tears. Things had just gone from bad to worse. He couldn't start the van!

When Liu Yang's uncle saw this, he pulled him away and cursed. "Move over. I'll drive!"

The few of them were too frightened. Liu Yang didn't dare to get out of the car, but thankfully, there was ample space inside the van. The two men were able to give way to each other as they switched seats.

After Liu Yang sat in the back, he realized his body had been trembling all this while without stopping.

Liu Yang's uncle wasn't in a better state. He mumbled. "Direct your hatred against the perpetrator. I wasn't the one who hit you to your death. Don't haunt me!"

Upon hearing that, Liu Yang nearly strangled him from behind. Although he held back, he still cursed inwardly. F**k you!

It was a mystery if and how his prayer worked, but he calmed down as a result. While pressing down on the clutch, he used adequate force, allowing the van's engine to start successfully.

Almost at the same time, the monk in front of them arrived. He stood in front of the van and pressed his palms together. He smiled creepily and said, "Amitabha. The sea of bitterness knows no bounds, turn back to the shore before it's too late. Patron, why remain impervious to reason?"

"F**k you!" Liu Yang's uncle slammed down on the accelerator, and the van accelerated. With a bang, the monk was sent flying!

Unsatisfied with this, Liu Yang's uncle changed gears and accelerated once more, driving the van forward to slam into Fangzheng again.

Seeing how this fellow was acting so viciously, Fangzheng pricked up his brows. With no one around, he grinned. "Amitabha. Do you think I'm playing a friendly ghost just because I'm not doing anything? Today, I'll be going against the heavens!"

Fangzheng stopped running when he saw the van coming for him. He stomped his foot down and took on a horse-riding stance! Having consumed countless spirit ginseng and bathed in spirit ginseng essence all this time, his Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art had already reached a certain level of mastery. However, Fangzheng was unable to fully use his strength on the mountain despite being capable of doing more.

Now that he had a chance, Fangzheng planned on testing just how great his strength was. Hence, Fangzheng didn't dodge as he pressed his palms together and instantly, all his muscles on his arm protruded like dragons. His arm thickened considerably.

Upon seeing Fangzheng looking fine as he got up and took on a stance to take them head on, everyone in the van felt mind-blown. Everything that had happened was too strange and inexplicable. This wasn't something that could happen in reality, but in a f**king movie!

Liu Yang's uncle was scared out of his wits as well. However, the more afraid he was, the crazier he became. He pressed the accelerator to the end and roared. "Die!"

Almost at the same time, Fangzheng pushed out his palms after reaching his maximum level of strength!

Then there was a huge bang!

Everyone felt the van stop in its spot with a creaking sound. The metal warped as cracking sounds resounded. At the same time, the back of the van was lifted!

Thankfully, all of them had put on their seatbelts, preventing them from flying out. But even so, they nearly threw up blood because of the seatbelts. As for Liu Yang's mother, she was already old. She hadn't even dared go on rollercoasters in her youth, what more now?

Liu Yang's mother vomited onto the face of Liu Yang's uncle. Disgusted, he vomited as well. It was an unknown if it was deliberate or not, but he vomited right back at her. It looked like an act of revenge.

With that, the van stopped momentarily in midair. Everyone looked up as the monk grinned at them. With his left hand holding up the van, his right hand threw out a palm strike!


With a loud bang, the van was instantly thrown more than ten meters away. The vomit that Liu Yang's uncle had thrown up came splattering back at him in the face amid the tumbling. The grievance he felt was probably to a degree only he could know.

With a loud thud, the van landed on the ground before tumbling a few more times.

The world spun around the people in the car as they had the daylights knocked out of them. They didn't even know if they were dead or alive.

That was especially the case for Liu Yang's mother who fainted instantly.

Liu Yang's sister and aunt were in the same situation. They lay there motionless.

Liu Yang was young after all, so he recovered the fastest. Thinking back to how the van had tumbled, he immediately recalled a scene often shown in movies. Would there be an explosion next?

With that, Liu Yang yelled, "Run! The van is exploding!"

This shout snapped everyone to their senses except his mother. Everyone quickly unbuckled their seatbelts and crawled out.

Liu Yang also crawled out, but he realized that his mother hadn't exited the van. Hence, he ran back to open the door to rescue his mother. Unfortunately, the door had warped from the damage. He couldn't open the door no matter how much strength he used. He cried out anxiously. "Uncle, Sister, Aunt, come and rescue my mom! I can't open the door!"

However, only his sister and aunt ran over. Upon seeing this, Liu Yang looked up to find his uncle. After all, a man was a lot stronger than a woman and in times like this, his help could make a difference.