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959 Identified

 Hearing his words thrown back at him ad verbatim and smacking him right in the face, his face immediately flushed red. He knew that he couldn't stay outside any longer. Hence, he ran into his house to check on any losses with his head bowed.

Before long, the police arrived. He Qing and a few people who volunteered to be witnesses walked over and helped in the police investigations. Liu Yang and company had run in such a rush that they had dropped their identification documents. One of them was the marriage certificate. When the policeman picked it up, he cursed. "F**k, this fake looks really real!"

The moment that was said, everyone was stunned before they came to an enlightenment. They cursed. "The marriage certificate was fake? That man wasn't He Qing's husband? F**k, we were duped!"

He Qing covered her face and cried while hugging her son. "I already said I didn't know them at all."

Everyone immediately blushed. They never expected there would be people who could put on such an act in broad daylight! If not for the monk's interference, the outcome would have thrown all of them into an icy abyss. Imagining how they or their family members could just as well be taken down by such a method, all of their hearts sank.

The policeman said, "This matter is no longer a human smuggling or child abduction case. Forget it, in short, if you see these people or have any clues, immediately call 110. Also, if there's any family squabbles or assault in the future, make sure to call the police at once. Assault isn't permissible even in family squabbles! It's against the law."

With that said, the police left with He Qing and a few witnesses.

At the same time, there were some police cars who chased in the direction the van had left in. They also requested backup from the traffic police to aid in the search and interception.

Just as the police left, someone in the crowd screamed. "I remember now! That white-robed monk with a big white dog is identical to Abbot Fangzheng who's viral on the Internet! Could he have been Fangzheng?"

"Aiyah! Now that you say it, I remember too! It was most likely Fangzheng! Abbot Fangzheng is a good man. He helped us defend the intrusion of Korean medicine and helped many people. He's a living Bodhisattva! I never expected I'd get to meet him here. Sigh, why didn't I think of taking a picture with him or ask him to bless me?"

"It's no wonder I kept feeling as though something was wrong with the monk. So it was him! There's no mistake about it. The only person in this world who could still think of frightening someone at such a critical moment is Abbot Fangzheng. This Master Frivolous is really playful!"

"I just searched for Fangzheng's photo. There's no mistake about it. It was him!"

"Look at the white dog. Isn't it the same? There's only one such dog of this size in the whole country. It can't be wrong."

Lone Wolf had been ordered to protect He Qing and her son, but after they were taken away by the police, he had no idea where to go to. As a result, he waited in the market and ended up falling asleep while sprawled on the ground. With everyone discussing him and looking at him with passionate gazes, he instantly felt uncomfortable. He thought, "Man, if you want to find Fangzheng, go ahead. Why look at me? I'm not a dog. Wolf meat isn't delicious!"

Lone Wolf ran and when everyone saw this, they could only helplessly shake their heads. All of them regretted not cozying up to him. Even just getting him to treat them of any ailments would have been good...

Following that, people recalled the van and had no idea where the monk had disappeared to.

The van which was on everyone's mind was zooming through streets which didn't have too many surveillance cameras. It passed through the streets at breakneck speeds without any pause. Clearly, this escape route had long been planned by the group. They completely escaped the eye in the sky and took the shortest path out of the city. They entered the public roads of a village which still wasn't blanketed with surveillance cameras. Upon arriving, all of them heaved a sigh of relief.

"Phew! We're finally out." Liu Yang's mother exhaled.

Liu Yang's aunt and sister sat in the back, seemingly paralyzed. At the same time, they cursed softly. "It's all that darn monk's fault. All of our painstaking planning for a whole month was for nothing now. Mom, with this failure, it will only be more difficult next time. If we fail, how will we answer to our employer? We can't afford the contract termination fees."

Liu Yang's mother glared at her. "Why are you so anxious? This is only the beginning. We'll stay low for now. They gave us three months. There's still time for us to find an opportunity."

Liu Yang's uncle said, "If I had any say, you guys should have listened to me back then. Why resort to all the scheming? We even got information on her and made fake identifications. If it were me, I'd just have knocked He Qing unconscious when no one was around and taken the child away. Once we'd get into the van and slam the accelerator, we'd be gone."

Upon hearing him say that, Liu Yang's mother was infuriated. "All you know is to grab and go! Try doing that in front of so many people! Just the spit from so many people together would be enough to drown you! As for when there's no one around, when will that happen? Tell me!"

Liu Yang's uncle thought carefully and remembered that apparently, He Qing never had the habit of walking around in the dark with her son.

"Alright. Cut it out. I killed someone, people..." At that moment, Liu Yang, who had been silent all this while, suddenly spoke.

Everyone fell silent.

"Alright, don't think about it. It's not like it's the first time," Liu Yang's mother said.

Liu Yang nodded slightly and lit a cigarette as he silently drove.

His uncle wound down the windows and looked out, mumbling. "I still think it's better to just grab and go."

"Me too." At that moment, a voice echoed.

Liu Yang's uncle was delighted to hear someone agree with him. Just as he was about to say something, his expression changed. They were a group of five-two men and three women. Liu Yang was driving, and the voice just now hadn't been his. Then, who had spoken?

Upon having this thought, all his hair stood on end. He felt goosebumps all over as he yelled, "Who is it!?"

"Amitabha. Patron, are you asking This Penniless Monk?" With that said, a bald head suddenly appeared through the van's sunroof as it smiled at him!

Fangzheng's face was covered in blood-red, and his smile looked extremely odd. Liu Yang's uncle cried out without thought. "Ghost!"

Liu Yang's sister and aunt also screamed upon seeing this. From their point of view, the monk was lucky to not die from being hit the first time. On the last hit, they had slammed the monk into the wall with sufficient force. That would have been enough to kill a cow! The monk should have definitely died!

As such, the baldy before them had to be a ghost. It was impossible that he was alive.

With their screaming, Liu Yang and his mother turned their heads. Upon seeing this, Liu Yang felt cold sweat all over him as he subconsciously slammed the brakes.