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958 The Monk Who Cant Be Slammed to Death

 Liu Yang also liked the thought of that. Hence, he revved the engine and engaged the clutch, and instantly the car began moving.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone by the side was dumbfounded. This was murder!

"Quick, stop!" someone yelled.

"Quick, stop! Someone will die!"

"Master, get out of the way!" He Qing snapped to her senses and yelled. At the same time, she ran over in a bid to pull Fangzheng away, but she was held back by the crowd. It was already too late for her to rush over.

"Ah!" someone screamed as they covered their face, for fear of seeing what would happen.

Following the movement of the van, everyone saw it slam straight into the monk!

Upon seeing this scene, Liu Yang was dumbfounded. He never expected the monk to really not dodge or give way! The monk just stood there to get hit by him!

Liu Yang wished to hit the brakes, but in his anxiousness, he ended up stepping on the accelerator. With the van suddenly accelerating, the monk was instantly struck down and squashed!

Liu Yang clearly felt the van go over something. The entire van shook, making it evident that the front wheels had gone over something. At the same time, there were exclamations from outside. There were cries for help, while the timid onlookers had already covered their eyes, afraid to see anything.

Liu Yang was afraid as well. A life was at stake!

At this moment, Liu Yang's uncle said softly, "Are you mad? You really hit him? We're finished. Now that the matter has blown up, there's no way we can escape! This involves a human life now!"

Liu Yang was frightened as well as he asked, "What do we do?"

The two women behind, who were Liu Yang's aunt and elder sister, commented. "That's right. What do we do? We can't stand up to scrutiny!"

Liu Yang's mother said, "What else can we do after running someone over? Run, run away as far as we can!"

"Then what about the person under the car?" Liu Yang asked.

"Who cares if he's dead. It's better if he's dead. At most we can just claim that your feet slipped, and you hit him to his death. Then you fled in panic. You won't face the firing squad even if you get caught. Even if there's a fine, it'll be a one-off. But if he didn't die, that would be troublesome. He will latch onto you like a leech. There won't be a way of escaping him! The only way of getting out of this is to have one side die. Choose between the two outcomes," Liu Yang's mother said in a huff.

At that moment, the crowd exclaimed. "That monk isn't dead! He's still alive!"

Upon hearing that the monk was alive, Liu Yang recalled his mother's words. He clenched his teeth and shouted. "How dare you spoil my plans. Die!"

With that said, Liu Yang slammed down on the accelerator, and the van roared forward. Clearly, the back wheels went over someone as the van violently shook.

Liu Yang wasn't assured. Taking a look into the rear mirror, he saw the monk lying on the floor as though he was finished. Liu Yang snapped to his senses and looked forward, cursing inwardly. "F**king monk! He's finally dead!"

As Liu Yang spoke, he still felt uneasy, though. When he looked into the rear mirror, he was instantly stunned! Where was the monk who had been lying on the ground a moment before?

"Where is he?" Liu Yang subconsciously cried out.

Liu Yang's relatives turned their heads and saw that the ground was empty. The monk had vanished! Looking back at the crowd, all of them were staring at them as though they had seen a ghost. The people in the van were dumbfounded. What was happening?

At that moment...


A heavy collision sounded, causing a few women to scream out loud. Even Liu Yang and his uncle trembled in fear. When they turned their bodies, they saw a monk slumped over the van's hood! The monk was sprawled on the glass with his eyes wide. His face was covered in blood as he gave a horrifying look of death! As though he were a ferocious ghost that had latched onto them, he glared at them and shouted. "Amitabha. Patrons, all of you were ruthless!"

"Ah!" The women imagined that the monk was a malevolent ghost who had been reanimated as they cried out loud.

The color in Liu Yang's face drained as well. Almost subconsciously, he slammed on the accelerator, and the van's engine revved and pushed the van forward.

All of them were frightened silly. Unbeknownst to them, the crowd were stifling their laughter.

"Haha, this monk is really impressive. He doesn't die from being hit, and he remains alive and energetic."

"What I'm most impressed with is that he didn't treat himself after being struck. He even had the time to grab a tomato to smash it on his head like it was nothing..."

"These people are definitely being eaten up by their conscience. They're clearly afraid. After all, a tomato isn't ketchup. If you look carefully, the differently colored pulp tells you everything. But..."

"He must have deliberately hit him. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so scared."

"I've no idea if it was deliberate or not, but if I were in Liu Yang's shoes, I'd also piss myself because of that monk."

"I'm not sure if it was deliberate them, but it sure is this time! Master, be careful!"

At this moment, the van revved again and charged forward. Then, with a bang, it hit a wall on the other side! The wall crumbled, with the monk inside the rubble. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

Upon seeing this, everyone snapped to their senses. The monk didn't die from being crushed previously, but this time, it was a hard collision. It was possible that he had really died this time!

Everyone ran over to check on the situation.

Behind the crumbled walls were a pile of bricks as well as some destroyed tables and chairs... However, when He Qing ran into the building, she couldn't find the monk! She even searched the entire area and failed to find a speck of blood. Instead, she saw tomato pulp.

Having seen this, most people had an idea. The monk had definitely been thrown into the building, but as for where he'd gone... Everyone subconsciously looked towards the escaping van.

At that moment, someone ran into the crowd and when he heard that someone's house had been involved in an accident, he gloated. "Wow, I wonder who the unlucky guy whose house ended up getting involved is. Hehe..."

He received a lot of eye-rolling in exchange while someone cursed. "Are you even human to gloat at this point in time? Don't you have some pity?"

The person said disapprovingly, "I naturally have pity, but can you blame me for not having any pity when someone's unlucky? Heh heh."

As he spoke, he squeezed forward and when he focused his gaze, his face turned livid. He covered his face and screamed. "Holy sh*t! It's my house! My house! The van hit my house!"

Everyone laughed at that. Someone even mimicked his voice and tone, saying eccentrically, "Wow, I wonder who the unlucky guy whose house ended up getting involved is. Hehe..."

Everyone laughed when they heard that.

When the unlucky man heard that, he said angrily, "I'm already in this situation, but all of you are being funny? Don't you have a sense of pity?"

At that, everyone said in unison, "I naturally have pity..."