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956 Amitabha

 After being scolded by the woman, the man immediately threw away the pole.

When He Qing saw this, she felt a little gratitude. She also felt that this matter wasn't simple. However, she still heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, "You must have gotten the wrong person."

"Are you still trying to get yourself out of this with words?" The man raged once more. Suddenly, he looked at a toddler who was about one year old. He lifted the boy up and ignored his crying. He said angrily, "I'm telling you that this isn't the end. If you don't go through with the divorce, you can forget about meeting Guai Guai the rest of your life!"

When Guai Guai was carried by the man, he wailed as he shouted. "Mommy! Mommy! No! No..." But regardless of how much he cried, the man carried the child in preparation to leave.

Upon seeing this, He Qing pounced over and grabbed the man's leg. "Let go of my son! Let go of my son!"

The others hurriedly came forward to pull He Qing away, but to everyone's surprise, the weak He Qing seemed to have gained the strength of a female giant. She had tremendous strength as she hugged the man's thigh without letting go. At the same time, she yelled, "My son is being abducted! Help! Call the police! Call the police!"

The two women who were pulling He Qing back slapped her when they realized that their efforts were to no avail. They began kicking her, but regardless of how much strength they used to beat her, He Qing clung on tightly to the man's thigh while shouting for people to call the cops.

When the onlookers saw this, some of them couldn't bear to watch it. The crowd stirred and the unanimous stance towards He Qing began to change.

"These people are too much."

"They are beating her too ruthlessly."

"This woman might not be a good wife, but she's still a good mother. In consideration of a parent's love, should we help her?"

"Forget it. It's their family matter. Besides, the woman committed adultery in the first place. We shouldn't help her. Also, the child is the Liu family's child. It's only right for them to take him away."

Even so, there were people who slowly stepped forward, clearly unable to bear the sight.

When the man in the checkered shirt saw this, he frowned as a look of anxiety filled his eyes. He stared at the woman hugging his thigh and blew up in anger. He grabbed the pole beside him and was about to beat her!

But this time, the woman seemed to ignore it. Instead, she held her head low and pulled at He Qing in an attempt to pull her away.

The man had already lifted the pole high, and he was about to strike it down!

Everyone felt their hearts in their mouth, thinking, "This could kill her!"

Someone had already run over in preparation to stop the man. Someone else even shouted. "Stop!"

Unfortunately, the man in the checkered shirt didn't stop. Instead, his hesitation turned into determination. He struck down with the pole!

"Master!" Upon seeing this scene, Lone Wolf subconsciously looked to the side. He wanted to ask Fangzheng: "Are you still not going to do a thing?" But when he turned his head, where was Fangzheng?

Almost at the same time, there were a series of screams and curses from the crowd.

"Where did this monk come from?"

"Monk, get lost!"

"Monk, this is a family affair! Do you want us to beat you up?"


Lone Wolf rushed over and saw that Fangzheng had already appeared over there at some point in time. He had grabbed the pole at the instant the man had struck out.

Fangzheng naturally got scolded when he interfered in the situation.

When Lone Wolf saw this, he pricked up his brows and sneered. "It's time for a Guardian Protector like me to appear! Awoo!"

With a howl, Lone Wolf charged forward! The few people who surrounded Fangzheng were just about to attack him when they saw a silver light flash past their eyes. A white wolf the size of a calf with a body covered in grass and leaves had jumped into the crowd, appearing right in front of the white-robed monk!

The wolf looked extremely magnificent as he stared at their necks with a sharp look in his eyes. He looked like he could kill them at any moment, and the killing intent in his eyes scared the crowd from taking another step.

The man in the checkered shirt glared at Fangzheng and yelled angrily, "Monk, don't be a busybody! Scram!" At the same time, he raised his foot to kick He Qing.

Seeing that someone had finally appeared to help her, He Qing yelled as though she found a straw to clutch at, "Master, help me! I really don't know them! I really don't! Save my son! Please, save my son!"

"Shut up! Slut! You still want to get out of this after committing adultery? You took my money and slept with others. Now, you want to take my son away? Dream on!" The man in the checkered shirt cursed before scolding Fangzheng. "Bald Donkey, scram! Otherwise, this dog won't be able to protect you! I'm taking away my son no matter who comes today!"

Seeing how the situation was at an impasse, the people who wanted to rescue her halted as they continued watching the situation develop. In fact, they were somewhat confused. Who should they help?

Help the man in the checkered shirt? He had been made a cuckold and was indeed angry. He had the numbers and although he kept throwing vulgarities while engaging in assault, there was ultimately a reason for his actions.

Help He Qing? Although she had made the man in the checkered shirt a cuckold, her motherly love wasn't fake. It was impossible to completely hate a mother like her.

Furthermore, this was a domestic matter, so it wasn't their place to interfere. Therefore, even if they wished to, they would have no choice but to stop because of various factors.

Meanwhile, everyone was puzzled. With the monk suddenly appearing, was he choosing sides? Which side would he pick? Could he tell right from wrong?

With such a huge crowd gathered, it quickly attracted more onlookers. Upon hearing the earlier onlookers recount the matter between He Qing and the man in the checkered shirt, and how they hadn't witnessed the man actually beat her, as well as He Qing's firm grip on the man, the first thought that came to their mind was...

"Isn't this monk thinking too highly of himself? Why is he interfering with someone's family matters?"

"Isn't he overstepping boundaries? Even the police might not bother with such matters."

"I'm rather curious whose side he will choose. By standing on He Qing's side, it would imply that he's supporting an adulterer, something that he might go down in infamy for for years. Similarly, if he were to stand by the man in the checkered shirt, someone who nearly killed a person and can't be a good person either, tsk..."

"Although checkered-shirt-guy doesn't seem like a good person, he was cuckolded by the woman. There's a reason for his actions. I support him."

"I support him as well. This monk is being a busybody."

"What's wrong with letting him take the child away? Why must he interfere in the matter and be a busybody. Great, now that the matter was almost about to end, this looks like it will keep continuing."

"That's right. Is this monk sick?"

"Sigh. Did you notice something? This monk looks familiar. It's like I've seen him somewhere before?"

"Aren't all monks bald? They all look the same to me."

"True..." The person mumbled, but he found Fangzheng extremely familiar. However, he just couldn't remember his name even though it was at the tip of his tongue.