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944 Is There a Need To?

 "Holy sh*t. What's happening?" Old Chang held his face. The collision this time involved a lot more force. He could only barely still feel his nose. By the side, Three Seconds was in the same situation. As he rubbed his nose, he saw blood. Immediately, he felt faint. Was he about to die?

Just as Three Seconds was about to say something, Old Chang suddenly cried out. "Holy sh*t. They run pretty fast! They're about to catch up to us, run!"

With that said, Old Chang got up to his feet again and ran.

Three Seconds also got up to run in a daze. However, this time, he had some thoughts. Why should we run? Wasn't it only a few fake notes we used? At the most, we can just not admit to it. What can they do to us?

However, although he had such a thought, he didn't show any intention of stopping. Instead, he ran even faster.

The two police officers were dumbfounded as well. They watched with their own eyes as the two fools shattered the station's middle and right glass doors. Just when they thought that it was almost over, the two idiots got up, and they yelled wearing looks of excitement, as though they had seen peerless beauties. They tiptoed, took two steps back and then, like bulls seeing red or pervert who hadn't been satisfied for centuries seeing a naked girl, they charged towards them!

The two police officers felt their hearts tighten as they shouted. "Halt!"

At the same time, the two took on an offensive stance, preparing to use a few self-defense techniques they had learned at the academy.

But Old Chang and Three Seconds appeared to not see them. They would look back from time to time, as though something was chasing after them. Then they whooshed past the two officers while the officers heard the two madmen shouting. "Quick, run!"

At this moment, the taller police officer snapped to her senses as she exclaimed. "Not good! The left door! They are going to slam into the left door!"

The shorter police officer snapped to her senses as well as she yelled, "Protect the door!"

But just as she finished her sentence, they heard two loud thuds. Without turning her head, the shorter police officer knew what had happened. Turning around, she saw Old Chang and Three Seconds on the ground with blood all over their faces...

When the two police officers saw this, they put on looks of defeat. "Nice of the two of you. Can't you leave a single door intact? Now that the three doors are destroyed, what else do you want? Demolish the entire station?"

On the ground, Old Chang and Three Seconds were already close to tears. They couldn't understand what was happening. The path in front of them was wide and open, so why did they keep slamming into doors? Also, they had clearly run out of the station, so how did they find themselves back in the station after the collision? What was happening?

At that moment, a Buddhist proclamation sounded in their ears. "Amitabha. Patrons, do you still want to continue running? There are no more glass doors left, but This Penniless Monk has noticed that the station still has another door for you to try."

When the two heard that, they looked up, only to see a white-robed monk whose body was effusing a faint yellow glow as if he were Buddha. He had appeared before the two of them at some point in time. He was also smilingly pointing at a door with a deeper meaning behind his words.

The two traced the monk's gaze and saw a huge black door with a sign on it saying "Archives". The two nearly fainted!

Three Seconds lay there looking bitterly at Old Chang and asked, "Still want to run?"

"No good! They are now targeting the door to the archives. That's a reinforced door! Quick, stop them!" The taller police officer shouted and ran over to block the door.

When Old Chang heard that, he said miserably, "Cut it out. The door to the archives is made of metal..."

Three Seconds felt relieved as he lay there. "Come on, do whatever you want. I'm not running anymore! It was just using a few fake notes. Is there a need to go this far? Boohoo..." Towards the end of his sentence, Three Seconds rubbed his nose which was almost gone as he cried.

Old Chang almost cried as well as he said, aggrieved, "It was only a few fake notes. Is there a need to go this far?"

At that moment, the monk said, "A few fake notes? Ask yourselves. Was it really that simple?"

The two were taken aback as they subconsciously recalled the past. Scenes of them cheating roadside stalls surfaced in their minds. Their victims were all elderly people who had to suffer the elements.

"Their lives were already not easy. Yet you kicked them while they were down. Is that really okay?" The monk's voice sounded ethereal while also having a hint of solemn judgment to it.

The moment they were questioned, the two lowered their heads. Was it really okay? Of course not! In the past, they could avoid this question, but at this moment, they finally confronted their conscience and were too ashamed for words. It was especially so for Three Seconds. He had always felt a little ashamed doing those deeds. Now, with it literally hitting him in the face, he instantly broke down as tears streamed down his face. He softly said, "I was wrong."

"The sea of bitterness knows no bounds, turn back to the shore before it's too late. If you persist in erring, continue slamming into doors." The two felt that an accomplished monk, a living Buddha, was standing before them when they heard the first two lines, but why did it sound odd when the last two sentences were said? However, thinking back to their experience of slamming into doors, they immediately trembled. They shook their heads like a rattle and hurriedly said, "We will definitely turn back. Definitely!"

"Don't turn back anymore! You keep running without looking forward. It's a miracle you haven't killed yourself from slamming into doors. Brothers, can the two of you leave at least one door for our station?" A voice sounded.

The two looked over and saw that the monk before them had vanished. Instead, there was a rather good-looking female police officer with a ponytail standing before them. For some reason, they felt the urge to cry seeing her. Meanwhile, the two were astonished to discover that the female police officers in the station were really beautiful! They were like Bodhisattvas...

"Officer, I want to surrender myself!" Three Seconds shouted.

The officer smiled and said, "Smart. Do you think you can run out after shattering three of our doors in front of us? There's no way you can run. For you to surrender, it appears the two of you aren't mad. Prepare yourselves to be punished by the law!"

The two immediately felt speechless. They hadn't wanted to do all that either! With this in mind, they trembled. What they had encountered was too paranormal. It was definitely nothing simple. Once they thought of the monk, the two instantly felt as if someone was watching them. They felt like they'd be punished the moment they erred even a little bit.

With this in mind, the two nodded like chickens pecking at grain as they waited to be taken into custody.

Seeing the two men being so cooperative, the female officer frowned and shook her head. "Forget it. We'll just count it as you surrendering yourselves. However, you have to pay for the doors!"

"Officer, we are surrendering ourselves for using fake money..." Although Three Seconds didn't wish to admit it, once he thought of the darn baldy seemingly hanging over their heads, he became afraid. What if he was still watching them? Hence, he admitted to his faults, thinking, "I don't care what you are going to do with me! I just don't want to collide into doors anymore!"