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943 Mad

 Three Seconds took out his wallet which was empty as well. Just as he was about to curse, he suddenly said, "Eh? There's something in my pocket!"

As he spoke, Three Seconds took out a slip of paper and on it were the words: "Amitabha. Are you surprised?"

The two exchanged looks before they cried out in unison. "Damn it! It was that monk!"

"Amitabha. Patrons, were you looking for This Penniless Monk?" Almost at the same time, they heard a Buddhist proclamation. The two turned their heads and saw a white-robed monk walking over with a white wolf.

When Old Chang saw that it was Fangzheng, his eyes instantly turned red. He rolled up his sleeves, planning to teach Fangzheng a lesson, but when he saw Lone Wolf, he instantly faltered. However, he still shouted. "Darn monk, were you the one who stole our money?"

Upon asking this, Old Chang regretted it for only a retard would answer such a question.

To Old Chang's surprise, the monk opposite him actually smiled and nodded. "That's right!"

"F**k! You actually dare admit to it too?" Old Chang felt aggrieved deep down. This pickpocket was way too arrogant! He ran over to admit to the deed after pickpocketing them. He really thought nothing of them. This was a naked provocation! How could he tolerate this?

Old Chang cracked his knuckles, looking extremely furiously at the leisurely wolf behind Fangzheng, eventually holding back his anger...

Three Seconds shared the same sentiment. Although he was extremely displeased, all he could do was tolerate it when faced with an unbeatable foe.

Upon seeing the two looking aggrieved and depressed, Fangzheng came over while chuckling. He asked, "Patrons, is there a reason why you were talking about This Penniless Monk?"

"Return the money!" Old Chang finally snapped to his senses and extended his hand to get his money back.

Fangzheng similarly extended a single hand and said, "You return the money."

"F**k, you stole our money and still want us to return more? Are you sick? Quickly return our money or we'll call the cops!" Old Chang threatened.

Fangzheng immediately clapped and said, "Great. Quickly call the cops. Immediately! Do it now!"

Old Chang fumed with anger as he said, "Hehe, there's really no lack of wonders in this world. I've seen arrogant people, but never have I seen such an arrogant pickpocket."

Fangzheng said as well, "Hehe, there's really no lack of wonders in this world. I've seen arrogant people, but never have I seen such an arrogant conman!"

Upon hearing this, Old Chang's face flushed red. He stared at Fangzheng intently as Fangzheng looked at him with a smile. The two of them looked at each other all day before Old Chang squeezed out the words. "Don't you slander us!"

Fangzheng took out his cell phone and asked, "Do you want to watch a video?"

Old Chang was appalled. There's evidence?

"Do you want to give up yourselves, or do you want This Penniless Monk to send you there?" Fangzheng asked.

Old Chang and Three Seconds exchanged looks and the look in their eyes was clear. They were no match for the darn baldy. Just the huge dog was alone was something they couldn't handle. And if they were truly sent to the police station, they'd be in trouble.

Hence, Old Chang cried out. "Run!"

Old Chang and Three Seconds turned and ran the moment that was said. They were extremely quick. As Old Chang ran, he turned his head and saw the white-robed monk still walking. He wasn't fast, and the gap between them was opening up.

Upon seeing this, Old Chang chuckled. "You want to catch up to us with that speed? Try training a few more lifetimes!"

Three Seconds nodded as well, saying with a smile, "Back in the day, I was a double track champion at both short and long distances. But you aren't slow yourself either."

Old Chang grinned. "This is the result of daily running! Quick, let's shake off..."

"Be careful!" At that moment, there was an exclamation.

Old Chang and Three Seconds were somewhat dumbfounded. Careful of what? The path ahead was completely clear, so what was stopping them from running?

Almost at the same time...

Bam! Bam!

Two dull thuds sounded as Old Chang and Three Seconds lay on the ground while holding their faces.

A few minutes earlier...

In the main hall of a police station, two female police officers were sitting around, whiling away their time. Due to the weather, no one came to the police station. Hence, the two were casually chatting.

At this moment, the two were shocked to see two men dash through the station compound's entrance and then come straight for the station's door! At that speed...

"Those guys are running pretty qui" One of them laughed. But before she could finish her sentence, her expression changed as she said, "Why aren't they slowing down?"

At the same time, the female police officer shouted. "Be careful of the glass!"

But before them could hear the words "of the glass", two loud thuds were heard. The two slammed straight into the station's door and shattered the glass. The next moment, they were on the ground, with their hands held to their faces.

"What's happening?" The two female police officers were somewhat taken aback, but they quickly snapped to their senses. They ran over to help the two men up.

At his moment, Old Chang was rubbing his nearly flattened nose. He felt an excruciating pain at his nose while his snot flowed uncontrollably. He couldn't understand why there would be a door on such an open street.

Old Chang was just about to curse when he looked up to see two police officers running over. His heart quivered, and he was at a loss. At that instant, he only had one thought: The police is here to arrest me! I can't be arrested!

With this in mind, Old Chang patted Three Seconds and shouted. "Quick, run!"

Old Chang then got up and ran. Three Seconds had also seen the police, but he wasn't too worried, thinking, "We just used a few fake notes. They won't have us pay with our lives for that, right?"

However, the collision had left his mind slow to react. He hadn't straightened out his thoughts when he heard Old Chang shouting for them to run. With Old Chang running, he also subconsciously got up to run.

The two rushed out the hall and turned back simultaneously. They saw the two police officers chasing after them, seemingly shouting something. The two weren't sure if it was a result of the collision or if their minds had turned retarded. They just couldn't make out what the mouths were mouthing or what they were saying. However, their looks of anxiety were extremely clear.

The two nearly had the same thought flash through their minds. What use are these two female police officers? They don't run fast and lack strength. Is all they have their loud voices? Hehe. The running training from back then wasn't for nothing. We even produce wind when running... It just hurts when colliding.

But the moment this thought came to their minds, they heard a familiar voice. "Be careful!"

Bam! Bam! The loud thud of them slamming into doors could be heard again.

Simultaneously, the sound of shattering glass rang...

The two female police officers were completely dumbfounded. The slightly taller police officer looked at the two with a look of pity. Are these two mad? The more we tell them to be careful, the faster they run. And as they run, they laugh...

"They are likely mad. Otherwise, why would they be slamming into doors? But..." Upon saying this, the shorter officer added angrily. "Even if they have gone mad, there's no reason to destroy our station, right?"

With that said, the shorter police officer went over to look at the two, wondering just what they were up to!