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942 Coin

 Besides, wasn't that the point of getting a sports car; to step on the accelerator to rev the engine? Of course, this was under the premise that it didn't affect other people and didn't threaten their safety by speeding.

Although the car that just zoomed past was fast, it was still going at an acceptable speed. The only problem was the noise for causing disturbance to the people around. However, this couldn't be used as a standard to judge if someone was good or bad. After all, buying a sports car was meant to attract attention and posture. If one didn't rev the engine of their sports car, they might as well buy a tractor. If Fangzheng ever had the chance of buying a sports car, he would definitely find a spot where he wouldn't disturb others and rev the engine to get a sense of joy from it as well...

Hence, Fangzheng said with a smile, "Patron, you're right. Being cruel as a rich person is indeed deplorable, but this is still fine, right?"

When the cashier heard Fangzheng speaking up for the rich, she immediately wanted to retort, only to hear revving engines again. This time there were two cars!

A yellow and a red one.

With the two cars zooming over from afar, they indeed attracted eyeballs. Everyone subconsciously looked over.

The cashier curled her lips. "I can't seem to put such people together with good people."

Fangzheng laughed, but before he could finish laughing, the two cars suddenly decelerated and screeched to a halt in front of the elderly woman's stall!

"What are they doing? Don't tell me they are buying the granny's items? Those items actually caught their fancy?" the cashier asked out of curiosity.

Fangzheng was puzzled as well, not because he looked down on the granny's items, but the rich often had their own standards. Would they really buy something off the street? Or could something have happened?

Worried that the elderly woman would be bullied, Fangzheng immediately called out to Lone Wolf and went over. Upon seeing Lone Wolf head over, the cashier also walked over out of curiosity. As she walked, she mumbled. "Don't tell me they are here to 'have fun' making things difficult for that old lady?"

Fangzheng frowned slightly. Were there really such despicable and bored bastards in this world? Before seeing such a scene play out, Fangzheng didn't rush to conclusions. He just hurried over without a word.

Soon, Fangzheng heard their conversation.

A young man with a long-haired beauty had alighted from the yellow sports car. The beauty wasn't wearing warm clothes and clearly couldn't take the cold weather. She cried out. "Hurry. Don't dilly-dally."

Following that, the young man said to the elderly woman, "How about it? Can you?"

The elderly woman appeared a little stumped as she uttered, "Ah?"

Another young man got out of the red sports car and said impatiently, "Damn it. Can we be quick? Forget it, let's just do it."

With that said, the young man bent his back to take the elderly woman's item.

Upon seeing this, the cashier turned anxious and cried out. "They are robbing her! I'll call the police!"

Fangzheng hurriedly stopped her. "Probably not. Keep watching." Meanwhile, he thought, "If they can drive sports cars like that, they won't resort to robbing a roadside stall, right? Those things only add up to a few hundred yuan."

The cashier looked at the young adults with distrust, only to see the man from the red car take the item while the man from the yellow car took out a stack of cash. After counting several notes, he handed them to the elderly woman and said, "Take it. Quickly go home with the child in this darn weather. Hey, don't just stand there. Help pack up."

The young man was speaking to the beauty towards the end, leaving her somewhat taken aback. Clearly, she had never expected the fellow to really buy all of the granny's things. Only when she was hurried by the young man did she bend down to help pack the items. The elderly woman remained in a daze with the stack of money in hand. Her grandson didn't seem to know what these people were doing, and for some unknown reason, he kept smiling at the few young men.

The young man from the yellow sports car said with a smile, "This little guy's eyes are really big."

As he spoke, his companions packed up the items. He then said to the elderly woman, "Go home as soon as possible."

Then, he coolly got into his car and stepped down on his accelerator, zooming off into the distance. During this process, Fangzheng saw the beauty in the passenger seat wearing an exasperated look as a bunch of items were piled on her.

The young man who drove a red sports car had a casual look as though he didn't mind having those items in his car. As he hummed a tune, he nodded and drove off, seemingly in a good mood.

Only then did the elderly woman snap to her senses. She hurriedly got up and bowed at the two cars which had departed.

When the young man in the red car saw this scene, he used his Bluetooth device to call the man in the yellow car. "Hehe, being thanked by others really feels good. It's better than being praised for spending money on worthless things. Shall we go sweep up some more stalls?"

"Are you stupid because of your overflowing money? Help those that should be helped. Helping those that don't deserve it isn't a good thing," the other party replied with a smile.

The young man in the red car chuckled and didn't continue.

Upon seeing all of this play out, the cashier was somewhat dumbfounded. She watched the two departing sports cars and sighed. "Wow, there are actually such people?"

Fangzheng pressed his palms together silently and murmured. "Amitabha." He reflected inwardly. Whether people are good or bad really cannot be measured by their wealth and appearance. Amitabha.

The cashier had run over to help the elderly woman pack up her stall before helping her over to the supermarket to check the authenticity of the notes. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that every note was real.

The elderly woman took the money and counted it silently as she got the cashier to give her some change. She then split the money into a stack of 370 yuan and another stack of 630 yuan. Then, she placed the two stacks of money into different pockets.

Upon seeing this, the cashier asked, puzzled, "Auntie, why are you doing that?"

The elderly woman chuckled. "They helped me out of their kind hearts, but I can't accept more than I deserve. I memorized their car plate numbers. I'll return the money the next time I meet them."

With that said, she left with her grandson. Her hunched back carried a blanket and some miscellaneous items. Her figure was so tiny, but in the eyes of Fangzheng and the cashier, she appeared huge and magnificent.

Seeing the grandmother and grandchild leave, Fangzheng shook his head slightly and patted Lone Wolf on the head. "Let's go."

"Master, we're leaving just like that? Aren't you going to help them more? They are quite pitiful," Lone Wolf asked as he watched the departing back of the elderly woman.

Fangzheng thought back to how the elderly woman had split the money. He then shook his head in silence. "She's an elderly lady worthy of respect. She has her own principles. Providing her with excessive help would only make it seem as if we're treating her like a charity case. Let's go and see how our ATMs are doing."

Lone Wolf was taken aback. "ATMs? What ATMs?"

At that moment, Old Chang and Three Seconds were walking out of an Internet cafe in stupefaction. They looked up at the sky filled with sleet and exchanged looks.

"What are you looking at me for? Where's the money?" Old Chang asked with a depressed look.

Three Seconds retorted. "How should I know? Where's your money?"

Old Chang took out his wallet and found it empty. He exclaimed. "Look for yourself. Damn it. I wonder which bastard thief it was that didn't even leave a single coin behind..."