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938 Buddha Will Be Very Busy

 One Ingenious shook his head and said, "Senior Brother Abbot said that it doesn't matter who manages it since we are all practitioners of Buddhism. It's also good to have fewer things to bother us as we cultivate. Besides, the Nanyue Buddhist Society is comprised of the abbots from many monasteries. Since they're collecting incense offerings for Buddha to bless all of humanity, why engage in a struggle with them?"

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Amitabha."

As a money-grabber, Fangzheng was rather impressed at how the abbot of Shangfeng Temple was willing to relinquish the temptation of so much money and face it openly so as to cultivate in peace. At the very least, if Fangzheng were in his shoes, he would try to think of means to get it back.

Inside Zhurong Temple, they faced a statue of Zhurong. Around it were figurines of Buddhist and Daoist deities. It was truly a harmonious potpourri of Daoism and Buddhism with no distinction between the two.

There was a continuous stream of visitors that came to the temple hall to pray to Buddha and the gods. Fangzheng finally understood why there was a need to burn the incense outside. There was really no space inside that could allow for the burning of incense.

Outside the hall, One Ingenious invited Fangzheng back to Shangfeng Temple, but he declined when he checked the time. All good things had to come to an end. Besides, he was a little worried that something would happen to One Finger Monastery during his prolonged departure. After all, Red Boy was a real piece of work. He was afraid that the brat would blow up the roof when he wasn't around. Then there was also the old punk, Salted Fish...

Venerable One Ingenious was also exhausted having chatted with Fangzheng the entire night, scaled the mountain to watch the sunrise, and headed for Zhurong Temple. Fangzheng couldn't bring himself to impose on him any longer. Hence, under One Ingenious' caring gaze, Fangzheng left the mountain with Lone Wolf.

As they walked, the man and wolf came to a pause because...

"Master, did you not forget something very important?" Lone Wolf looked at Fangzheng in sorrowful anger.

Fangzheng rubbed his tummy in embarrassment and said, "It seems... We forgot to have breakfast."

"Master, is it too late for us to return to have a meal?" Lone Wolf asked.

"Yes. You might not mind, but I would. Enough, speak no further. Conserve your energy. We will solicit for some food when we are down the mountain."

Lone Wolf instantly looked up into the sky in speechlessness. Indeed, following Fangzheng meant starving! There was no way to continue living such days!

Meanwhile, on Mt. One Finger, Red Boy returned a phone to a devotee, and he pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. Thank you, Patron."

"Heh heh, Little Master, you're welcome. However, your master sure is impressive. He's nice, and he knows medicine. Once he's back, we will definitely come visit him again," a girl said with a smile. Then, she waved at Red Boy before leaving.

Red Boy watched her leave as he tiptoed. Only after she was gone did he chuckle. "Master sure is a monk who bears grudges. He even managed to figure out a way to snap back at someone who simply left a message."


Salted Fish emerged from the Heavenly Dragon Pond and asked curiously, "What did that darn baldy... Ahem, Reverend, do?"

Red Boy enjoyed the curious looks from people like Salted Fish. Only during such occasions could he feel like he was the eldest senior brother as the fourth junior brother. None of you know? Gather around. Eldest Senior Brother will tell you. Hahaha!

Red Boy thought with glee as he sat cross-legged on the Bridge of Helplessness. "Master's trip basically involves him providing rejoinders..."

Then, Red Boy recounted Fangzheng's escapades in Andong against Perfected Inaction Infinity and how he had provided a rejoinder to FlowersBlossomToDie. Once he started telling, Squirrel and Monkey came over. With an increase in audience members, Red Boy spoke with greater aplomb.

After Red Boy was done, he saw Salted Fish curl his lips with disdain, floating across the water surface and blowing bubbles. Red Boy pricked up his brows and asked out of curiosity, "Salted Fish, you spent the longest amount of time with Buddha. If someone were to say that passage from FlowersBlossomToDie right in front of Buddha, what would Buddha do?"

Salted Fish rolled his eyes. "Perhaps smack him to death..."

"Uh? Buddha is that fierce?" Squirrel jumped in fright.

Salted Fish shook his head. "Just kidding. But now that you said it, there really was a person who knelt in front of Buddha for three thousand years."

"Oh? There was such an incident? Heavens. How pious would you have to be to kneel for three thousand years? Did Buddha help him?" Monkey asked curiously.

Salted Fish shook his head and said, "No."

"Why?" Squirrel found it unjust for the kneeling person.

Salted Fish said, "Please. He didn't put in any effort for three thousand years other than kneeling there, hoping for good luck to befall him. If that could really freaking work, then no one in the world would do anything. All they'd need to do is kneel and pray to Buddha. And if everyone started doing that, Buddha would die of exhaustion. So if Buddha were to help, then he wouldn't be Buddha. I can't repeat what Buddha said exactly, but the general idea is that how long you kneel doesn't represent how sincere you are. True sincerity means to place Buddha in your heart and constantly work towards your goal. Only then will Buddha secretly help you. As for those who wish to receive without putting in the work, continue kneeling! The ground won't charge you at least."

Squirrel was instantly appalled when he heard that.

Monkey fell into deep thought.

Red Boy stroked his chin and mumbled. "That makes sense."

On the road down Mount Heng, the sky turned gloomy. As a cold wind blew, crystalline snowflakes began to fall. However, this was the south after all. The snowflakes quickly turned to water and soon, the snow turned into rain mixed with snow. Together with the gales, the entire sky seemed to be filled with a cold air that reached deep to the bones.

Without realizing it, Fangzheng sped up as he went down the mountain. When he entered Hengyang county city, the entire road practically only had shops selling incense. After making a few turns, Fangzheng finally saw an eatery. There were also a few roadside stalls. There were tourists everywhere, with Fangzheng and Lone Wolf looking especially out of place.

"Master, from whom do you plan on soliciting?" Lone Wolf urged with a little excitement.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes when he heard that. It was a good question because he was considering it as well. Just as mentioned before, Fangzheng had solicited from One Finger Village for food from a young age. Once he left One Finger Village, his thick skin which was as thick as a city wall was instantly reduced to as thin as a piece of paper.

Now, faced with a completely unfamiliar situation, Fangzheng sighed. If I knew how to target, would I need your urging? Indeed, this world is meant for people with thick skin. It's hard for people with thin skin like me...

Just as Fangzheng was pondering whether to enter a restaurant or a tiny eatery, two people passed by Lone Wolf and Fangzheng. One of them was a man wearing an orange-yellow down jacket, and he whispered. "Old Chang, have you found a target?"

Old Chang, who was wearing a blue jacket, chuckled. "Of course. Do you think I'm like you, someone who only knows how to have good food and fun? If you continue like this, you will starve sooner or later. There's an old granny up ahead. She set up a stall a few days ago. Her eyes aren't too good. When she looks at things, her eyes nearly stick to them. She has a one- or two-year-old child beside her. Hehe..."