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934 Taking Sides

 Once the recording was done, Fangzheng immediately posted it on Weibo.

Venerable One Ingenious' explanation which was filled with righteous indignation was quickly spread. It received many likes from countless people.

However, there were even more people who started scolding FlowersBlossomToDie!

"Ignorant punk. Do you now know the truth?"

"Read more in the future. Don't think that a few words you read are the truth! People were laughing at you for being a fool, but you actually believed that they were laughing with you. How ignorant!"

"I've seen ignorance, but never this much of it! There are fools every year, but there's especially many this year."


Meanwhile, FlowersBlossomToDie turned beet red when he saw Venerable One Ingenious' explanation. The explanation wasn't some snide reply or nonsense without any facts. Instead, he had listed all kinds of evidence. The barrage of face-slapping left his face red. He felt that everyone was looking at him coldly. As for the beauty? He couldn't bring himself to look over.

However, FlowersBlossomToDie doubled down by replying, "That's what you claim. Aren't you monks not allowed to kill? Killing is a violation of the precepts. Didn't you violate the precepts back then?"

Fangzheng was enraged when he saw FlowersBlossomToDie say such a thing. He knew about Shangfeng Temple only from what Zen Master One Finger had said. However, other than knowing that Shangfeng Temple had participated in the war effort, he wasn't very sure of the details.

Now, upon hearing Venerable One Ingenious' words, scenes began surfacing in Fangzheng's mind as though he had returned to that era when there were flames of war and misery everywhere. Who could imagine a bunch of monks taking off their Kasaya to don military uniforms and their spirit when wielding arms to attack the invaders? Were such monks evil? They were heroes!

Too many people in the present day and age had not undergone the catharsis of war. They were also often misled by movies, believing that war was nothing but child's play-they thought you could run through raining bullets without being struck, and even if you were struck, you could still remain energetic. However, Fangzheng had experienced war before! He had once entered the memories of an old soldier from the war. He had seen flesh and blood splattering with his own eyes, bodies being blasted to nothingness. In war, someone who was speaking a moment ago might be reduced to a mangled mess the next instant. One wouldn't even know who the deceased was when reaching out to pull at the fallen man.

No one knew if just the accidental raising of a hand wouldn't result in an arm being blasted off. No one knew if the accidental raising of one's hand wouldn't result in death.

It had been an era where death was always just around the corner.

If Fangzheng didn't have divine powers and know that he was in a dream of memories back then, he'd definitely have been afraid! If he had lived in that era and faced the clash between iron and blood, he was unsure if he would have had the courage to step forward, to calmly look death in the eyes. Anyone could make outrageous claims, but how many would really dare kill? Fangzheng wasn't one who made outrageous claims. He didn't dare make claims to things he couldn't do. This was because no one could write off death and be unafraid of war before they experienced one. Those people who claimed to be capable of doing so weren't courageous, but an insult to the sacrifice of their forefathers!

Therefore, Fangzheng always maintained respect towards those who had walked the talk. What FlowersBlossomToDie said seriously irked Fangzheng.

Fangzheng directly took up his cell phone. Without waiting for One Ingenious' reply, he said to the camera, "This Penniless Monk once asked my master; why would monks participate in the war when we are monks who should cultivate, having separated ourselves from the mortal world?

"My master said, 'The Buddhist Dharma cannot be separated from the world. And the world has major principles and minor principles. Minor principles talk about paying attention to one's moral conduct without thinking of others. Major principles talk about benefiting all people in the world. However, the two are intertwined. It's through the minor principles that you can aim for the major principles. And it is the major principles that assimilate the minor principles. In the words of us monks, life and death are important matters. This is from the perspective of an individual's cultivation, though. Similarly, life and death are a trivial matter from the perspective of a country, the world, and the Buddhist Dharma. A monastery can have a kind-looking Bodhisattva as well as an angry-looking Vajra. The Bodhisattva inspires one throughout one's life, while the Vajra subdues fiends. Together, they form a harmony which is the Buddhist Dharma.'

"Back then, This Penniless Monk didn't understand what his master meant, but now, having heard Venerable One Ingenious, This Penniless Monk finally understands. The Hinayana Buddhist Dharma cultivates oneself while the Mahayana Buddhist Dharma delivers good to the world; thus saving the nation and the people! To commit a minor violation for the bigger good is considered a right path!"

After Fangzheng said that, he immediately posted it on Weibo. He got up and bowed at Venerable One Ingenious to express his thanks for learning something.

Venerable One Ingenious quickly returned the bow and said in exclamation, "Your master is truly brilliant. Might This Penniless Monk know his Dharma name?"

Fangzheng looked at Venerable One Ingenious with anticipation and said, "This Penniless Monk's master is Zen Master One Finger." When he said that, he stared intently at Venerable One Ingenious, who wasn't young. If Zen Master One Finger really had anything to do with Shangfeng Temple, Venerable One Ingenious might have heard of him or he might have even known him.

However, Fangzheng was disappointed to see Venerable One Ingenious frown and ponder for quite a while before he shook his head slightly. "Although This Penniless Monk hasn't heard of Zen Master One Finger, to be able to say something like that, he must be an accomplished monk. Amitabha. This Penniless Monk has also learned something."

After Fangzheng posted the video, it caused an uproar. Weibo instantly heated up as he received countless likes.

"Well said! Amitabha! This Penniless Monk has learned something!"

"I believe what Venerable One Ingenious said. I'm from Chongqing. Our Chongqing's

Huayan Temple had a monk platoon as well. Many died during the resistance. These are things all of us locals know, but few outsiders know of it. Some people often say monks hid away during the fight against the Japanese. Those idiots are the most frustrating!"

"That's right. Back then, Five-Platform Mountain Buddhists joined the war too. They provided money and manpower, giving more than 2000 silver coins to the local base. Back then, the monks went onto the battlefield in their robes while holding guns. Why don't these people mention them? Great, now a bunch of uncultured idiots keep clamoring about monks closing the doors to evade trouble during chaotic eras and cheating during flourishing eras. I'm just stumped. Doesn't your conscience prick when you say such things?"

"I support Abbot Fangzheng and Venerable One Ingenious! However, Venerable One, you don't have to bother with idiots like that. There are countless idiots in the world. Even Buddha might not be able to smack them awake, so why bother with them?"

"Venerable One Ingenious is right. One should speak substance and not tell tales, especially when you aren't aware of the situation. Don't randomly criticize others because you don't understand them at all, because what right do you have to do so?"

"Supporting Fangzheng!"

"I supported the wrong person the last time. I'm decisively taking sides this time. I support Fangzheng!"

"Same here!"


When Fangzheng saw the comments, he and Venerable One Ingenious smiled inwardly.

Fangzheng didn't expect his explanations to snap FlowersBlossomToDie to his senses. He had said it for the sake of the other people who might be following the discussion. After all, FlowersBlossomToDie was clearly an ignoramus who didn't understand Buddhism or the Dharma. Ignoring such people was the best solution because once one entertained them, even with a mere glance, that would be their loss! Therefore, Fangzheng was naturally happy to receive the approval of everyone. His displeasure from before was greatly dispersed.