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931 Fleeing

 Song Bin gave Fangzheng a glance and after some thought, he avoided mention of spending time suffering in Hell. He directly said, "However, that kick woke me up. Humans live an entire life. It's both the same for bad guys and good guys. Bad guys get cursed at, but the good guys get praised. I wish to try being a good guy as well. I used all my money to buy furniture to return it to Zhang Huixin. Now, I might even be poorer than her..."

Upon saying that, Song Bin wore a bitter look.

Upon hearing this, everyone looked at Song Bin in a different way. As the saying goes, a prodigal who returns is more precious than gold. For a scum to repent and become good, that was definitely something worth respecting. The way they looked at him was filled with smiles-less contempt, more respect.

Song Bin also sensed the kind respect he received, and he straightened his back subconsciously. All his life, he had never stood up so straight before! He could even sense how his wife looked at him differently. The sense of pride nearly brought him to tears. As warm blood gushed through his veins, his eyes turned red. He bowed at Fangzheng and said, "Thank you, Abbot Fangzheng. It was you who let me have a taste of what it feels like to be respected for the first time in my life."

Fangzheng accepted his bow without any unease. He pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. Patron, how does it feel to be respected by others?"

Song Bin grinned. "Freaking awesome!"

Everyone was amused when they heard this.

Sun Xiao was also completely dumbfounded. The tables had turned just too fast! Furthermore, he had been keeping tabs on the situation on the other side of his stream, and when he first arrived, the number of fans in his stream increased to hundreds of thousands, and he'd been on the brink of reaching a million! But now...

"That bastard Sun Xiao is inhuman!"

"He jumps to conclusions from insignificant evidence. He promotes negativity and even maligns good people. He's going on the ban list!"

"I've learned something today. What you see and what you hear might not be the truth. In the future, don't make comments too easily. I'm already an adult. I have to be responsible for what I say. I don't seek to bring good to the world, but I just hope not to harm others with my words."

"Me too..."

"This reminds me of the case with I Originally Wanted Face. Back then, I was f**king used as a vanguard. Now, I've been made use of again. I'm so retarded. My brain needs a system update..."

"Sigh. A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. Amitabha."


Meanwhile, Sun Xiao saw his followers rapidly decrease. In the blink of an eye, there were fewer than a thousand left. And those remaining thousand were offline! If they'd been online, Sun Xiao would have probably blacked out and staggered. There was only one thought on his mind. "I'm doomed. I'm doomed."

Upon seeing this, Perfected Inaction knew that it was all over. He had secretly taken a few steps back in preparation to run. But the moment he raised his foot, he fell over something behind him. He fell to the ground and when he turned his head, he saw a huge white wolf standing to his side. The wolf was looking at him like it was looking at a retard. At the same time, it slowly retracted its extended paw.

His sharp cry garnered everyone's attention.

Chief Wang asked with a chuckle, "What else do you have to say?"

Perfected Inaction rolled his eyes and said, "I'm a victim as well. I heard it from others and just came here to verify!"

"Speak the truth!" Fangzheng shouted coldly as Perfected Inaction subconsciously looked at Fangzheng.

Jing Yan said, "You came to verify? I have a recording here. Do you want to listen to it?"

Jing Yan played the recording she was talking about, and it was surprisingly of a conversation between Perfected Inaction and his disciples.

"Boss, what do we do next?"

"Simple. Regardless if Fangzheng really has a woman or not, we'll just keep slandering him. Once his reputation is sullied, we will be the warriors who cracked down on a fake monk. We will be heroes! If his reputation isn't sullied, we will just say that we were verifying the matter and had no intention of targeting anyone. Regardless of Fangzheng's ultimate reputation, this farce will spread our name. Our disciples need to be washed clean, so if we do this well and gain a reputation, I can find a small sect for us to join. When the time comes, we will become genuine Daoist priests. From that moment forth, who will dare call us gang members?" Perfected Inaction said.

Upon hearing this, Perfected Inaction's expression instantly turned livid.

Jing Yan said, "Do you think Abbot Fangzheng is that easily slandered? Do you think no one really bothered with you when you made a hooha days ago? I've been watching you since the day you appeared. I went around the various Daoist associations to investigate your identity. There's no one with your title across the entire country! Later, I used my reporter connections to find tons of information about you. I've been to all the prisons you were incarcerated at, and I've even met all the policemen who nabbed you. I know your background extremely well. As for the recording I have... Tang Qing, come on out!"

The moment Jing Yan said that, Perfected Inaction turned his head and saw a man frantically run out from his mob of disciples. The man bowed at Jing Yan and said politely, "Hello, Miss Jing Yan."

Perfected Inaction said furiously, "Tang Qing, you dare betray me?"

Tang Qing threw up his hands. "Boss, I'm just a hire. You can't call it a betrayal. Besides, she gave a lot more money, far more than two or three times, but a hundred times! For this amount of money, if you were in my shoes, I believe you'd even dig out your ancestors to flog them. I'm in a better situation than that. I just need to flog you."

Perfected Inaction felt an aneurysm as he spewed out blood from his mouth before fainting.

He knew very well that with Tang Qing being a trusted subordinate of his for years, he would be finished once Tang Qing snitched on him! It was fine if the farce couldn't continue, but the problem was that once Tang Qing exposed everything, he would definitely be going to jail for a long, long time! Sorrow overwhelmed him as he fell into utter despair.

When Perfected Inaction's disciples saw this, they exchanged looks before turning to run.

But the moment they turned, they saw a huge white wolf blocking their path. It bared its fangs, looking ferocious. They stood rooted to their spots in fright.

Tang Qing yelled, "Miss Jing, none of these people are clean. They've committed all sorts of sordid deeds."

Jing Yan looked at Chief Wang and asked, "Chief Wang, what's your take on this matter?"

Chief Wang smiled. "How can I not take such great credit when it falls into my lap? Let me gather some men. Hehe..." Chief Wang's mouth became crooked from smiling. He originally came because of his good ties with Ouyang Huazai. He never expected Ouyang Huazai to be such a lucky star that would bring him such a good deal! He also knew about Fangzheng's matter since it was trending across the country. Now, by capturing Perfected Inaction, he would definitely make an appearance on domestic news. He even began wondering what he should say during the interview...

When the disciples heard that they were about to be arrested, someone shouted loudly. "Run!"

The huge group screamed as they scattered.

At the same time, Song Bin shouted. "Surround them! These bastards are trying to flee!"