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930 Proof

 Unfortunately for him, Jing Yan showed no fear. Instead, she gave them a smug look as though she was saying, "Punks, beat me if you have what it takes!" Others might not understand why, but Jing Yan knew very well. With Fangzheng around, she wasn't afraid even if they had ten times more people with them, much less this pitty! Instead, she felt a little expectant for them to attack her. That would allow Fangzheng to take action and vent his anger. The disciples' eyes had gone red as a result of Jing Yan's infuriating gaze, so if they weren't capable of suppressing their urges, they'd have taken action already.

Upon seeing that this group of men was able to put up with her provocation, she raised her head and tried to push them further. "Might I ask, would it be overboard to call fellows like you conmen? In fact, that'd already be kind of praising you. It's better to call you trash!"

"What impudence!" Perfected Inaction finally released his rage and pointed at Jing Yan. "Don't you malign me! How much money did Fangzheng pay you? I'll give you double, as long as you speak the truth!"

Jing Yan curled her lips. "Give me money? Let me formally introduce myself. I'm Gulin province's provincial television station reporter, Jing Yan! I also have another identity; I'm one of the heirs of the Jing Dragon Corporation! How much money do you think you need to give me to get me to lie?"

The moment that was said, Perfected Inaction, Sun Xiao, and even Ouyang Huazai, Ouyang Fenghua, as well as all the residents in the estate and the people watching the stream were stunned.

"Holy sh*t! The eldest daughter of the Jing family! Her wealth is in the hundreds of millions, right? F**k, there's too many zeros!"

"Wow. This lady's status. Tsk. Even if Fangzheng sold himself, there's no way he could bribe her, right? Meanwhile, this darn cheat probably wouldn't be able to pay double even if he sold his ass for ten thousand years, right?"

"Haha, I want to see how this Perfected Cheat Inaction will pay double!"

"Double, double! Let's do it!"

"Tsk. What a domineering double. Come on, show it to me!"


Perfected Inaction wasn't aware of what was said in the stream's chat, but it was obvious that he had embarrassed himself. He blushed as his mouth turned agape, and he was completely at a loss for words.

At this moment, one of Perfected Inaction's disciples shouted. "Who says you are who you claim to be? Who believes you? I could say I'm the richest man in China too!"

"I believe her!" Ouyang Huazai said.

"Who the hell are you?" the disciple shouted.

"I believe her too!" At this moment, another unfamiliar voice sounded.

The disciple subconsciously shouted, "And who the hell are you?" But the moment he turned his head, he was dumbfounded. The person who came wasn't much, but the clothes he wore were quite something. It was a police uniform! The disciple was instantly taken aback. What the heck was going on?

Upon seeing this scene, Perfected Inaction nearly slapped his disciple to death. He knew he was in trouble when he saw the police uniform. Furthermore, from the uniform the policeman was wearing, he wasn't some junior officer, but he had the rank of a chief. He couldn't understand how a monk who was famous in the northeast would have such influential power in the south. Didn't the saying go that the mighty dragon from far away was no match for the local serpent? Although he wasn't really a local either, with the Internet environment he'd been creating for so long, together with the livestreams, as well as Fangzheng's mistake in the beginning, he should have been able to suppress Fangzheng and make a name for himself, right?

The result...

"Who... are you?" the disciple still questioned.

"Chief Wang. Now why are you here?" At this moment, Song Bin stepped forward and bowed unctuously. Others might not know who Chief Wang was, but as a frequent visitor at the police station, he naturally knew him.

Chief Wang shot him a glance and asked, "What are you doing here with your bunch of lackeys? Here to make trouble again? Is there such a lack of food at home for New Year's Eve that it requires you to spend it in prison?"

Song Bin hurriedly said, "Look at what you're saying. Someone came with a mob to cause trouble, so I brought my friends to maintain peace in the estate."

"Scram. It's already good enough if you don't cause trouble." Chief Wang scolded him in amusement before looking at the livid Perfected Inaction and his disciples.

As a professional cheat, Perfected Inaction could be said to be unafraid of anything. As long as his mouth wasn't sewn, he could explain himself out of things. However, there was always something stronger. He was most afraid of the police! These people understood him the best. As long as investigations were made, everything would be exposed. Furthermore, the police had a set of unique means to deal with people like him. It would still be fine if there were only ordinary policeman, but this time, a Chief had come. If this matter continued developing... Things would be bad for him.

With this in mind, Perfected Inaction already had thoughts of leaving. "Fangzheng, we'll leave things at this today. I'll visit you again another day."

With that said, Perfected Inaction wanted to leave with his disciples.

"Leave? I can turn a blind eye to you passing off as a Daoist priest to cheat people, but you wish to leave after going around spreading rumors?" Chief Wang scoffed.

Perfected Inaction instantly said, "How did I cheat? My heart is aligned with the Dao, making me a Daoist priest. There's nothing wrong with this no matter how you look at it. Besides, when did I spread rumors?"

Chief Wang smiled as he looked at Perfected Inaction and asked, "Are you sure you want me to list everything out?"

Perfected Inaction instantly flinched, but he stubbornly said, "A clear conscience laughs in the face of a false accusation!"

Chief Wang smiled. "Passing off as a monk or Daoist priest to mislead people is already a crime. For this crime we have ample evidence, so don't bother quibbling about it. You can cultivate in the Dao, but without official recognition, you are not allowed to wear a Daoist robe around to create a sect and pull in people. Besides, about you spreading rumors, I don't know about anything else, but Ma'am Zhang Huixin is a recipient of the county's poverty relief. I know her family's situation quite well. Fang Ke's father's name is Fang Xin. Back when Fang Xin passed away in a car accident, Ma'am Zhang Huixin was already pregnant with Fang Ke.

"Others might ask, why would Zhang Huixin be a recipient of poverty relief when she's able? If I were to say that she had been blind and bedridden until a few days ago, a condition which lasted more than a year, would you believe me?"

The moment that was said, it was like the release of a thunderous boom. It left everyone in the stream dumbfounded! She had been blind and crippled until a few days ago? Now, her eyes were fine, and she could walk? F**k... Who would believe that?

"I know! Fangzheng! It's definitely Fangzheng! Fangzheng's medical skills are top-notch! He must have treated Zhang Huixin's condition!"

"Right! That's the only explanation."

"Wait a moment, let me think over what was said..."


Before the netizens could straighten their thoughts, Chief Wang continued. "I don't know much about what exactly happened, so can the people present help fill in the gaps?"

"A month ago, Fang Ke stood on the bridge with a signboard, seeking to hire a father. Back then, everyone thought it was just the whim of a child. Who knew that she'd really end up hiring a father, and that the father would be none other than Fangzheng."

"After Fangzheng came, he even beat me up." Song Bin stood forward with a blushing face. The audience were stunned, but the residents pursed their lips with a smile. Who didn't know what kind of person he'd been?

Song Bin continued. "I was quite an a**hole before. I cheated Fang Ke, using 200 yuan to take away all her furniture. I planned on paying another visit to get more, going to see if I had missed out on anything, but I ended up meeting Abbot Fangzheng. The pain from the kick I received is still fresh in my mind."

When the netizens heard that, some criticized Song Bin while others found it amusing.