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925 What Are You Doing?

 Sun Xiao imagined that his roar would be echoed at least a little bit, but the people in the crowd just rolled their eyes at him as though they were looking at a retard.

When he saw this, Sun Xiao had an ominous feeling. He knew that this wasn't his home ground and that he wasn't able to rally the crowd. Hence, he hurriedly took out a spare phone, immediately launched the streaming app, and said the same words into his stream.

Indeed, his words were met with a unanimous echo. "No! Such a person should have his status as a monk stripped!"

Upon seeing this, Zhang Huixin and the crowd understood what was happening. Someone said, "So this kid is doing a livestream! This is an a**hole who came here to spoil Abbot Fangzheng's reputation."

Upon hearing that, Zhang Huixin quickly took out her phone to search for Sun Xiao's stream. The moment she opened the app, Sun Xiao's stream was pinned to the top. Zhang Huixin's expression turned livid when she entered the room. The number of viewers had reached hundreds of thousands! What kind of number was this? If Sun Xiao really sullied Fangzheng's reputation, it would be difficult for Fangzheng to clear his name.

Sun Xiao sneered. "I didn't sully his reputation. I'm here to investigate the truth! Besides, if he's really innocent, would he be afraid of my claims?"

The chat yelled in support of Sun Xiao's investigation of the truth. Some even shouted that the worst of people are hidden in the remotest corners of the countryside.

Upon seeing these comments, Zhang Huixin was so peeved that she wanted to curse. "Why are you people like that? How can you speak nonsense? Abbot Fangzheng is our family's benefactor. He cured us!"

"Woah. What did he cure? A broken heart or a physical need?" Sun Xiao said eccentrically. He had even said the word "physical" with an ambiguous tone to it. Anyone who heard him knew what he was referring to.

The stream's chat was instantly flooded with 666s. Upon seeing this, Sun Xiao felt extremely satisfied. He knew what the viewers liked. Therefore, he didn't stand on ceremony.

"How can you say something like that?" Zhang Huixin berated.

"What did I say? Can't I ask what he cured when you mention it? Is there something about it that cannot be mentioned?"

Zhang Huixin knew that the man before her was someone who would twist her words no matter what she said. Continuing the conversation would benefit Fangzheng in no way. She wished to just walk away, but the thought of causing Fangzheng's reputation to be further sullied by doing that made it impossible for her to do so. She didn't care about anything, but she absolutely could not permit anyone to sully Fangzheng's innocence!

Fang Ke also said in anger, "You're a baddie! Daddy is a good man. He saved my Mommy!"

"Everyone, you heard that? This kid is calling Fangzheng 'daddy'. Haha. The facts speak louder than words," Sun Xiao said with a smug laugh.

Just as Sun Xiao was having a time of his life, someone suddenly tapped his shoulder. Turning his head, he saw a huge palm rushing at him!


The slap was extremely loud!

It left Sun Xiao stunned in his spot! It took him a while before he snapped to his senses.

By the time he did so, he saw an old granny glaring at him angrily. She berated him. "I've been watching all day. What are you? A reporter? Are you here for an interview? You came here all the way with your crappy phone to make a scene. I wonder which brat gave birth to scum like you!"

Only then did Sun Xiao snap to his senses. He was about to unleash his anger after hearing the granny scolding him, but he suddenly recalled that the stream was still ongoing! If he really retaliated, it would spoil his image and cause him to lose fans! Hence, he suppressed his anger and glared at the granny. "Who are you? Did I say anything wrong? A child doesn't lie, right? The child said herself that Fangzheng is her daddy!"

The people in the stream helped as well. "Old lady, that was what Fang Ke said."

Sun Xiao's phone was a large screen, and it was propped up on a stick; hence, anyone with normal eyesight could see the content on it.

When Granny Zhang glanced at those words, she frowned. "All of you jump to conclusions from insignificant evidence. Did your brains become accessories as you got older? Fang Ke didn't lie. Fangzheng is indeed her daddy. But Fangzheng is a daddy she hired!"

Once that was said, everyone fell into chaos.

"Hired?" Everyone was stunned. What was the meaning of this?

When Sun Xiao heard that, he immediately sensed that things were going awry! The hard work he had put in to steer the narrative was about to be in vain. Hence, he sneered. "Keep fabricating. I want to see how you make your lie flawless."

Granny Zhang frowned. "I'm fabricating? Everyone you see lives around here. Ask them. Ask them what kind of daddy Fangzheng is!"

Before Sun Xiao could even ask, the crowd around him sneered. "Who didn't know that Fangzheng was hired by Fang Ke back when she was holding up a signboard?"

"That's right. This person sure has a rich imagination. Unfortunately, he spoke nonsense without doing any investigations. Isn't that way too shameless?"

"I've seen shameless people, but I've never seen someone this shameless."

"Abbot Fangzheng is a good man. He's a living Buddha! He did a good deed but ended up being framed by scum like you. If you'd been born in ancient times, you'd be Qin Hui!"

"Don't you sully Qin Hui, alright?"

"Uh, true..."

"If I had any say, this fool should return to wherever he came from. Our estate doesn't welcome him!"

"Yes, let's chase him away!"


Sun Xiao realized that they were about to chase him away! But how could he allow that? It wasn't easy for him to attract so many eyeballs. He had spent on a return plane ticket, and his cell phone had been smashed. Having lost so much money, how could he just give up midway? Hence he yelled, "It's my freedom to go anywhere I want. What right do you have to chase me away? None of you have the right to chase me away! Try touching me!"

"So what if I touch you?" A cold grunt sounded as a man walked over with a huge crowd. Leading them was none other than Song Bin!

These people didn't have any weapons in hand, but it was obvious that they weren't people to mess with. Upon seeing these people, Sun Xiao instantly lost his courage. He gulped and asked, trembling, "What... What do you want to do? I'm telling you. I'm doing a livestream. The entire nation is watching!"

Song Bin sneered. "I obviously know that. But we are the estate management. This is our estate, and we don't welcome outsiders, especially people who are suspected to cause harm to our residents. Will you be leaving by yourself, or do we have to drag you out and send you to the police station?"

When Sun Xiao saw Song Bin's ferocious look, he felt unsettled. He wished to look at the people beside him, hoping to embolden himself by claiming that there were many witnesses around. Who would dare hit him then? But everyone looked up collectively, as though there was a beauty bathing in the sky.

Sun Xiao knew that none of these people planned on helping him. If he persisted, he might not even be able to leave Andong. Hence, he gritted his teeth. "Alright. I..."

At this moment, a proclamation sounded. "Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable!"Qin Hui is widely regarded as a traitor for his part in the persecution and execution of his political enemy, Yue Fei, a general who fought for the Song against the Jin dynasty during the Jin-Song Wars, resulting in him being condemned by later generations for having been corrupt.