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922 Getting Lost?

 From that day forth, Zhang Huixin, who wasn't religious, became a Buddhist. However, her target of reverence wasn't Guan Yin or Gautama, but a fair and neat young monk. The monk had a silver wolf the size of a calf by his side, majestic like a guardian protector.

The next day, Keke ran around the house the moment she woke up, shouting. "Daddy? Daddy! Daddy! Where are you, Daddy?"

Zhang Huixin sighed when she saw her daughter in this state. She gently hugged her and whispered. "Your daddy left to cultivate his mind and body. He went to help more people like us. Remember that you have two fathers. One who sacrificed himself to protect you and another that will always protect you in this world. You are blessed for you have the love of two fathers."

As Keke listened, she nodded and cried. Finally, the pair hugged each other in tears.

With Fangzheng gone, Zhang Huixin also seemed to turn unlucky. The few jobs she applied to weren't ideal. However, to survive, she still started to work. However, whenever she picked up a job, tongues would wag about her behind her back. Finally, she would get fired, something that left her puzzled.

Fangzheng walked fast, but Lone Wolf was even faster. The man and wolf followed Yongzhou Avenue and passed Lengdong Street, heading south all the way.

As he walked, Fangzheng felt a little bored and took out his cell phone. When he unlocked it, he was stunned. There was a red "99+ notifications" icon layered over the WeChat icon. Fangzheng didn't have many friends on WeChat, so it was rare for him to receive so many messages. Back when the film crew chat group was active, he reached 99+ every day. But later, perhaps because the initial euphoria was gone, or perhaps because everyone became busy, few people kept chatting. Now, there was almost no one active in the group.

As for the rest of the people Fangzheng knew, they typically didn't approach Fangzheng unless there was something important. Very few would casually chat with him.

For there to be 99+ notifications all of sudden, Fangzheng intuitively knew that something must have happened.

The moment he opened WeChat, he saw that Zhao Datong, Ma Juan, Fang Yunjing, and a huge bunch of people had left him messages.

Zhao Datong's messages were the most. The first was: "Master, you found someone? You got married? The Internet says you managed to hook up with a widow. Impressive!"

There were a few pictures attached, and Fangzheng's face turned livid when he saw them!

The first few pictures were still alright despite having been secretly snapped. However, one of them was of him posing... Thinking back to how he had posed on the square for that one person taking pictures, he immediately launched a string of curses in his head. That person had probably had a good laugh at his idiocy.

Towards the end of the series of images, the pictures of them baking bacon left him completely speechless.

Ma Juan was the most direct. "Master Fangzheng, no matter what happens, I'll support you! However, it's best you take a look at Weibo. It's almost blowing up."

As he continued reading, most of it was her advising him to take a look at Weibo.

Fangzheng had no choice but to open Weibo, only to immediately receive a chunk of private messages that included a link.

Fangzheng randomly clicked on one of the links, and he entered Perfected Inaction Infinity's Weibo page. The first page was of that picture with a sword and his announcement of how Fangzheng should be slain. As he continued reading, his face darkened even more...

By the side, Lone Wolf came over when he saw Fangzheng dazing around. He stood up on his hind legs and extended his huge head over. After seeing the screen, Lone Wolf cursed before Fangzheng could say a word. "These sons of b*tches. Are they bastards or what? They came up with all sorts of speculations just because of one picture? They didn't even bother verifying in any way?"

Fangzheng sighed. "Verifying? That's exactly the effect he wants to get popular. As the saying goes, a picture starts everything, the rest is all fabricated. That saying was tailor-made for people like Perfected Inaction Infinity. I never expected that after my previous actions of punishing I Originally Wanted Face, there'd still be another person trying to gain fame at my expense."

Lone Wolf immediately cried out. "Master, are we just going to tolerate this? Shall we storm over and teach him a lesson?"

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "How could it be that simple? It would only spell trouble if we ran over to beat him up."

"Then what do we do? Why don't you use your divine power? Wouldn't it all be over if we made him speak the truth?"

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. "Should I use divine powers for everything? Has your brain been eaten by dung beetles?"

"Uh, Master. Are you silly? Dung beetles eat shit, so how can... Uh..." Lone Wolf's face darkened mid-sentence.

Fangzheng gave a look as though he had never said a word. He put his cell phone away and walked off with his hands behind him.

Lone Wolf shook his head and grunted twice before chasing after him. "Master, you can't do this, nor can you do that. Then what exactly do you want to do?"

Fangzheng laughed out loud. "They say the world is a dark place, and the reason why I'm experiencing it for myself is precisely to know just how dark it is. I believe that justice is in the hearts of people. Whatever humans do, the heavens see. I don't believe that mere rumors can fuel them for long!"

Lone Wolf grinned. "Master, maybe I could believe it if someone else said that. But why do I feel like you're already planning something even as you say that?"

Fangzheng shot a glance at Lone Wolf, and then he got a stick from the roadside. Lone Wolf immediately ran off upon seeing this as Fangzheng roared. "How dare you doubt me? You deserve punishment!"

"Awoo!" Lone Wolf ran as he howled.

The drivers on the street saw two white figures dash past them, and all of them subconsciously looked at their speedometer before mumbling as though they had seen a ghost. "F**k, I'm going at 60 km/h, right? Is the speedometer broken? Uh, what the heck were the two things that ran past us just now?"

The drivers sadly realized that they couldn't remember what they had seen. With a shake of their heads, they wrote it off as having been seeing things.

As they ran, a speed camera entered Fangzheng's field of view. Fangzheng was taken aback as he asked, "System, A Golden Millet Dream isn't effective on that, right?"

The System languidly said, "Even a typical hypnosis master's act seen on a screen can lead the viewer to being hypnotized as long as he follows the instructions or sees certain scenes. As for you, you're using a divine power. Do you think a divine power is inferior to an ordinary hypnosis act? Also, haven't you been too careless? Have you forgotten that you've been running around with your divine powers in front of cameras all this time?"

Only then did Fangzheng recall that back when he helped Wang Dayou, he went back and forth in front of numerous cameras. Yet nothing had ever happened. With this in mind, Fangzheng felt at ease. He chased Lone Wolf the entire way. Although he didn't have a divine power for speed, his monstrous strength allowed him to move at explosive speeds. He was like a cannonball made of flesh, flying out more than ten meters with every step. He was in no way slower than Lone Wolf.

As he ran, Fangzheng didn't look at his phone. He felt better as he ran. As for Lone Wolf, perhaps it was because he had thoughts of revenge against Fangzheng for not letting him eat meat, he slowly diverted from the main streets. He headed for any mountains or grass fields he saw. Fangzheng's inner child spurred him to chase after Lone Wolf in a moment of fun, slowly grinding away the misery from his separation.

This pursuit continued until noon when Fangzheng snapped to his senses. When he looked up, he was instantly dumbfounded. He was surrounded by extremely tall mountains, completely different from the tiny hills around Yongzhou! The mountains undulated, and the distant mountain peaks seemed to cover half the sky, producing a black shadow that resembled a behemoth. It exerted immense pressure on him. Upon seeing this scene, Fangzheng almost thought that he was back in the northeast, but only when he looked at the lush green trees around him did he confirm that he was still in the south.