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921 The Greatest Pain Is Nothing but Separation

 Almost at the same time, Fangzheng and Lone Wolf gulped their saliva and exchanged looks, reading each other's minds. Then they sighed and looked up at the sky, refusing to take another look.

However, the fragrance still wafted over, scratching at their hearts.

Fangzheng took a deep breath and held it-he refused to breathe!

Lone Wolf mimicked him.


"Wow, this is such a huge piece. Ahn!" Keke's voice sounded. Following that, there was the sound of meat entering her mouth as chewing noises were heard. The duo had extremely good senses of hearing, and for once, they regretted having such good ears. This was torture.

Worst of all, the duo had very strong imaginations. Just listening to the sounds allowed them to imagine the scene.

They heard Keke bite down, her teeth ripping the fatty meat apart as the crispy fat's outer crust shattered like a thin wafer. The oil and fragrance within spewed out with a little heat. However, most of what came out was the meat and oil fragrance within the cells.

With another bite, the noise resounded extremely softly. This time it was the lean meat being bitten. It was easiest for the lean meat to soak in the flavors and absorb the fragrance of the pomelo skin. Mixed with the fat's fragrance...

Fangzheng finally couldn't take it as he looked at Lone Wolf in all seriousness. "Jingfa, this meat is too fat. The cloyed taste of meat will show itself when too much is eaten."

But the moment he said that, Zhang Huixin smiled. "Master, that's because you don't know better. The benefit of bacon isn't just that it's convenient to store, but mainly that after the curing process, bacon doesn't have a cloyed taste despite being fatty. Regardless of how thick the fat is, to the point of looking terrifying, there's only flavor when you eat it. Meanwhile, the lean meat is infused with the flavors without tasting like cardboard. Matched with the fat, the cloyed taste isn't there."

Fangzheng and Lone Wolf had a thought when they heard this. Why can't this woman read the situation? Can't you see we are consoling ourselves?

However, the two couldn't say that. Fangzheng could only bitterly press his palms together and smile. "This Penniless Monk has learned something."

Meanwhile, Fangzheng glanced at Keke. She had finished the piece of bacon in no time. She was sucking on her fingers in delight, making Fangzheng feel miserable.

By the side, Zhang Huixin began taking out all the bacon. As she did, she said, "In our Nanhu province, there are many ways of making bacon. Mine is a simple method. Elders who are particular about the process take three days just to cook the bacon. They are also very particular about the wood they use etc. They bacon they produce can be smelled from a distance away. Master, if you have the chance, you can pay them a visit in the mountains. Who knows, you might meet them."

Fangzheng chuckled and said, "Definitely, if there's a chance." But inwardly, he thought. "No way..."

After Zhang Huihui took out all the meat, Fangzheng hurriedly returned the bucket to Granny Zhang. She just asked him to place it wherever as she was playing cards.

Back home, Fangzheng discovered that he couldn't stay in the house any longer. The house was filled with the fragrance of bacon. He subconsciously planned on standing by the window to take in fresh air and calm down. But the moment he looked up, his face turned ashen.

Hanging by the window were strips of golden bacon...

Fangzheng looked at Lone Wolf who was slumped on the floor, his head stuffed into the sofa, completely refusing to get out... For the first time, Fangzheng envied this fellow. As an animal, he could do many silly actions without inviting any wagging tongues. How free.

Helpless, Fangzheng closed his eyes and fiddled with his Buddha Beads as he chanted a sutra to calm his mind.

As he heard Keke's tiny footsteps running back and forth while placing things on the table constantly, he knew that it was almost mealtime. He thought to himself, "You won't feel the itch once you're full."

With this in mind, Fangzheng opened his eyes, only to see a huge plate approaching him. On it were slices of crystalline meat. The marbling part of the meat looked like jelly, and the lean meat effused a pink color. The mixture of pink and white made it extremely beautiful! There was some pepper paste scattered over it with some garlic, ginger, and shallots. No doubt about it, this was definitely steamed bacon.

Instantly, Fangzheng had the urge to flip the table. Will there be an end to this?

Keke carried out another plate and placed it on the table. It had vegetables fried with bacon...

Fangzheng and Lone Wolf exchanged looks and looked into each other's eyes. There was no way they could live like this!

Then, two plates of vegetables appeared. Upon seeing this, Fangzheng finally breathed a sigh of relief. He stared at the vegetables like they were his sworn enemy. Once everyone was at the table, Fangzheng finished three bowls of rice.

Zhang Huixin imagined that it was because of her cooking, so she kept giving Fangzheng more. Unbeknownst to her, Fangzheng was mumbling in his heart as he ate. You won't want to eat anything else once you are full. Once you are full, all meat will be flavorless

After dinner, Fangzheng brought Keke out to have fun again. He wasn't necessarily brimming with energy, but Keke was, and she really enjoyed going out with him. Fangzheng also took the opportunity to escape from the bombardment of bacon fragrance.

Deep into the night, Fangzheng coaxed Keke to sleep and saw that the lights of the other room had already been switched off.

Fangzheng sat in front of a table, got a pen and paper, thought about it, and he wrote two letters. One was for Zhang Huixin and the other was for Keke. Finally, he gritted his teeth, took out his pitiful wallet and took out all the money inside before placing it on the table.

At this moment, Lone Wolf peeked his head over and said, "Master, the door is already open. Are we leaving? I can't stand it any longer."

Fangzheng looked at Keke, feeling extremely unwilling to part with her. However, Fangzheng knew that they ultimately weren't family.

Hence Fangzheng gently walked to Keke's side, gently caressing her plump face, and smiled. With a flick of his sleeves, he turned to leave.

The door gently closed as the room fell into darkness, as though all that had happened had never been real. However, the huge room appeared a lot more emptier than before...

In the alley, as Fangzheng walked, he looked at the sobbing Lone Wolf and frowned. "You were clamoring for me to leave, but now you're being reluctant to leave. You're crying like a puppy. You're really an embarrassment to wolves."

"Master, where's your shame? You were the one who cried first. Your snot is even flowing out," Lone Wolf cursed.

Fangzheng hurriedly got out some tissue paper and wiped the snot away. He grunted and said, "It's because of the wind..."

Lone Wolf grinned and looked up. "Do you think you won't be struck by lightning if you continue speaking?"

Fangzheng immediately coughed dryly and said, "Cut the nonsense. Let's go!"

As they spoke, the white figures vanished from the alley and left the river estate.

Little did they know that high above them, Zhang Huixin was standing by the window, quietly looking at the figures who were departing. Her tears had wetted her clothes as she muttered. "I knew you would leave, but I never expected it would be this fast. Thank you, Abbot Fangzheng. When Keke is older, and when our financial situation is a bit better, we will visit you. Amitabha."