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920 Not Eating!

 Fangzheng's face turned red as he stood there awkwardly.

Seeing Fangzheng act this way, Zhang Huixin also blushed. She hurriedly said, "Auntie, what nonsense are you speaking? It's our blessing that Master was able to help us."

Granny Zhang secretly pinched her and pulled her aside to talk to her.

Fangzheng had a good sense of hearing. Although they were a distance away and they spoke softly, he was still able to hear them clearly.

Granny Zhang said, "Aiyah, are you silly? Have you forgotten all the hardship you've been through? How difficult is it to bring up a child alone? I find this kid, Fangzheng, rather nice. He's also equipped with impressive medical skills. If he renounces asceticism, he will definitely be a diamond bachelor."

Zhang Huixin said with a bitter smile, "Auntie Zhang, he's a monk."

"So what? There are many monks who get married and have children these days. Besides, can't a monk renounce asceticism?" Granny Zhang said.

Zhang Huixin seemed to fall silent.

Fangzheng looked up at the sky in speechlessness. Renounce asceticism? If only it were that simple...

At this point, Fangzheng discovered that Keke was silent by the side. He knew that this little girl was very mature and sensible for her age, far more so than her peers. She was likely letting her thoughts run wild. Hence, he patted Keke on the head and said, "Keke, shall we go have some fun?"

"Alright. Daddy, carry me." Keke extended her arms in a very clingy manner.

Fangzheng lifted Keke up and walked towards the river bank.

At the same time, another photo appeared on Perfected Inaction Infinity's Weibo.

It was a stunning picture of Fangzheng and company baking bacon. Zhang Huixin was arranging the meat while Fangzheng was watching by the side with Keke. Behind them was his iconic huge white wolf that stood out.

As such, those people who said that the monk in the picture only resembled Fangzheng also fell silent.

Following that, there was unending denouncement.

Perfected Inaction Infinity posted a picture of a sharp sword, berating angrily: "Such a monk would have been slain by a sword like this in ancient times!"

There was a series of 666 that flooded the comments.

The number of Perfected Inaction Infinity's fans increased to half a million. Meanwhile, this matter began to ferment as more people took note of the situation and development. Some websites even posted update reports.

After lunch, Fangzheng brought Keke out to have fun the entire afternoon. They returned only in the evening, only to have a fragrance assault their olfactory senses.

Lone Wolf instantly drooled as he opened his mouth, subconsciously about to say something when Fangzheng reacted quickly to clamp his mouth. He then glared at Lone Wolf who hung out his tongue, afraid to say a word.

By the side, Keke ran over in delight and exclaimed. "Wow~ The bacon is done! It smells great!"

As Keke ran, she screamed. By the side, Zhang Huixin pulled away the cardboard and newspaper, instantly releasing the fragrance. It spread through the entire alley as Fangzheng subconsciously took in a deep breath. The rich fragrance of meat together with the pomelo fragrance really whetted one's appetite at an unconscious level.

Lone Wolf couldn't hold it in. He forgot his usual insistence on being called a wolf and not a dog, and he ran over while wagging his tail. He opened his mouth and stared at Zhang Huixin with watery eyes, as though he was saying, "Amitabha. Patron, can you give me some meat?"

Although Fangzheng was tempted, he stood firm on his bottom line. He walked over and smacked the dog's head. "Jingfa, what should you do as a monk?"

Lone Wolf looked at Fangzheng with an aggrieved and bitter look, as though he was saying, "I'm a wolf, a wolf! Is it against the law to eat some meat as a wolf?" However, he didn't dare say that out loud. He could probably eat meat every day if he did, but he could forget about entering One Finger Monastery to consume Crystal Rice, White Jade Cabbage, and Unrooted Clean Aqua anymore. There was meat everywhere in the world, but the things in One Finger Monastery couldn't be found anywhere else. Lone Wolf still knew which was the better option.

However, the meat before him was really fragrant...

Lone Wolf shot a glance and happened to see Zhang Huixin smile. "Master, Jingfa is a dog. Eating a bit of meat won't hurt him, right?"

Keke added as well. "That's right. Daddy, other people's dogs eat meat. Besides, he's not a monk, is he?"

Lone Wolf looked at them gratefully, suddenly realizing that women were truly kindhearted! They weren't like the darn baldy who had a heart as cold as stone. Couldn't he see that he was salivating? He looked hopefully at Fangzheng, wishing that he would permit him one bite on account of the two women's pleas.

However, Fangzheng said with a serious look, "Amitabha. This dog isn't an ordinary dog. Upon entry into One Finger Monastery, he became a monk dog. So, he naturally can't eat meat. Jingfa, with the meat in front of you, do you really want to eat it?"

With that said, Fangzheng smiled at Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf rolled his eyes at Fangzheng, thinking, "Is this a matter of wanting or not? It's more a matter of whether I dare to or not, right? Besides, look at that look of yours. This obviously has nothing to do with the precepts. You just don't want me to eat meat because you can't. You want me to share your misery. It's like getting me to be your cushion when falling into a ditch."

In fact, that was exactly what Fangzheng was thinking. He had the System watching him. If he ate the meat, there was a high chance of him being struck by lightning and turning into a piece of meat more cured than bacon himself, charred on the outside, tender on the inside. He refused to let Lone Wolf eat. Otherwise, the entire family would be eating meat while he watched by the side helplessly. That would be worse than being struck by lightning. Having someone share in his misery would make it a lot easier for the both of them, and it would soothe him.

Lone Wolf thought about it before throwing his head up, as though saying he would abide by his faith and wouldn't eat meat.

When Zhang Huixin saw this, she marveled at how intelligent Lone Wolf was.

Keke clapped and exclaimed. "Wow, Jingfa is impressive! He doesn't eat meat."

Lone Wolf looked up like a proud alpha wolf, but only Fangzheng noticed that this fellow was already on the brink of tears.

"Since Jingfa isn't eating, let's wrap them up," Zhang Huixin said with a smile.

The moment Keke heard that, she exclaimed. "I want some! I want to eat!"

Zhang Huixin pinched her face and smiled. "You little glutton. Wait."

With that said, Zhang Huixin took out a piece of bacon. Fangzheng and Lone Wolf's eyes lit up the moment they saw it. Although Fangzheng had never eaten bacon before, he had seen pictures of it thanks to how advanced the Internet was. The bacon on the Internet was all black, however, like a chunk of coal. Even if there was some bacon with some color to it, it would not be bright at all, as if it hadn't been roasted well enough.

But the bacon in front of him was golden in color! It looked like it had been slathered with honey on the outside as it almost glistened and radiated golden sunlight. Without even eating it, just the smell and look of the bacon was enough to make the two of them gulp their saliva.

At this moment, Zhang Huixin pulled off a tiny piece of bacon. The fat on the bacon was about a palm's thickness, but there was also a lot of lean meat. With the layered fat and lean meat together, just one slice was actually quite a considerable amount. With Zhang Huixin pinching it, the meat began dripping with oil...Chinese internet slang for something like "Yeah, good job!"