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919 Playing Matchmaker

 Following that, Zhang Huixin, together with Keke, began to carry the remaining pork around as she visited her neighbors who had secretly helped when she was bedridden. Although Keke couldn't part with the pork as she watched it decrease, she still sensibly helped carry it. The look she had on her face amused Fangzheng and Zhang Huixin greatly. Pinching her tiny nose, Fangzheng joked. "Little miser!"

Keke acted like an adult and said, peeved, "Seriously, both of you really... This is a classic case of "One cannot understand a person's troubles if one has not been in their shoes". Back then, I picked up so many bottles and couldn't even bring myself to buy half a kilogram of meat. But both of you gave away so much in such a short period of time... Is it weird if I'm unwilling to part with it?"

Upon hearing this, Fangzheng and Zhang Huixin felt their hearts wince. They knew that Keke was deathly afraid of being poor. Although she was willing to give out the meat to thank everyone, she couldn't bear to part with it. It was all rather understandable.

After the duo spent a long time coaxing Keke, Zhang Huixin also began getting ready to look for a job.

Zhang Huixin had a postgraduate degree, possessing both ability and looks. Salaries in tiny county cities were low, so even though people were willing to hire her, she was a little hesitant when offered a job paying only around two thousand yuan.

As Zhang Huixin looked around, she submitted her resume online to agencies and companies in the nearby Yongzhou City. Even though it would be a little tiring for her to travel quite the distance there to-and-fro, she wished to earn more money to give Keke a better life.

With regards to this, Fangzheng didn't make comment, nor did he show any intention of interfering. Everyone had their own path. Fangzheng could only help, and he already had. From now on, it all depended on themselves.

On this day, someone knocked on the door when the family was eating in the living room.

Keke immediately ran over and opened the door, only to see a stranger's face. It was a young man who was wearing glasses and holding a bag in his hand. The moment he opened the door and looked into the room, he hurriedly said in panic, "Oh, sorry. I knocked on the wrong door. Sorry..."

With that said, the man hurriedly nodded to express his apologies and left.

Keke cocked her head as she ran back with her lips pursed. "That man was strange. I've never seen him before."

Zhang Huixin frowned as well. "Our estate is rather old. Pretty much everyone living here knows each other. Even if it's a relative of one of the neighbors, we more or less know them if they visit often. This man was a complete stranger."

Fangzheng also sensed that when the man peeped in, his gaze had landed onto him. The man had had a thrilled look before he suppressed it and left.

Although he found the matter a little weird, Fangzheng didn't think too much of it.

But as a result, there was another article on the Internet.

"Risked death to knock on the door to snap a picture. Fangzheng has moved into a beautiful widow's house. The daughter is obedient, and the mother is beautiful. The Master has fallen!"

Following that, there was a short video of a few seconds. It clearly recorded Keke opening the door, with Fangzheng and Zhang Huixin sitting in the background chatting. Instantly, it caused a huge stir!

The Internet broke out into a frenzy again.

"Tsk, where are those people trying to whitewash this matter for Fangzheng?"

"Haha, there's nothing they can say now. There's a video and evidence. Fangzheng is doomed!"

"He's ultimately too young. He can't withstand the allures of a charming widow."

"Tsk, tsk. This chick is really beautiful. She has the grace and face. It's no wonder Fangzheng fell for her charms. If I were in his shoes, I'd succumb as well. Hehe..."


As for the people who supported Fangzheng, they fell silent at last. Faced with such a video, they didn't know what to say either.

Meanwhile, Perfected Inaction Infinity posted on Weibo again. "@Gulin State Administration for Religious Affairs, are you really not going to do a thing about such a scoundrel?"

This time, the Gulin State Administration for Religious Affairs replied: "Under investigation..."

Perfected Inaction Infinity sneered and posted: "Alright, I'm waiting for the outcome. I hope you will act impartially!"

Perfected Inaction Infinity's post was echoed by a bunch of fans.



"I'll just smile and not say a word. If you don't provide an explanation, you people from the State Administration for Religious Affairs should also be dismissed."


The Internet was in a frenzy, but it didn't affect Fangzheng's days. Two days later, Zhang Huixin borrowed a raven-black iron bucket from Granny Zhang. Meanwhile, she got a bag of pomelo skin, as well as some dry timber.

When Keke saw this scene, she immediately clapped and cheered. "Wow! Time to smoke the meat! Daddy, let's go. Let's watch Mommy smoke the bacon. Mommy's bacon is really delicious..."

As she spoke, Keke drooled and ran downstairs with Fangzheng.

Lone Wolf charged forward. He was never slow when it came to eating.

Downstairs, Zhang Huixin had already lit a fire.

Fangzheng carefully observed the iron bucket. From its shape, it looked like a bucket used to hold diesel. However, Fangzheng didn't know what it was really used for. The iron bucket had been processed, with the top cut and fully open. There was a tiny door at the bottom, allowing for timber to be stuffed in for the cooking.

A few steel bars were placed on top of the bucket. After Zhang Huixin lit the fire, she began adding pomelo skin. She then evenly spread the cured meat out. Finally, she covered it with a layer of newspapers and some thick cardboard. Only then did she clap and say with a smile, "Alright. All that's left is to wait."

Fangzheng asked out of curiosity, "Patron, why would you throw in the pomelo skin?"

Zhang Huihui didn't say a word, but Granny Zhang who was helping by the side said with a smile, "So you aren't aware. This isn't like those fancy schlocks you find piled in the supermarket. That bacon's flavor hinges on the seasoning. Although it indeed comes in many different flavors, there's something pure and authentic lacking about it. Huixin's method of throwing in pomelo skin helps create smoke and also gives the bacon a pomelo fragrance! The fragrance won't be too strong, but it will fuse into every crevice of the bacon. When you bite down on it, you won't just fill your mouth with juicy oil and the taste of meat, but there will also be the pomelo flavor. That is the true taste of Andong bacon."

Fangzheng subconsciously gulped his saliva when he heard that before pressing his palms together and said, "Amitabha."

Upon seeing this scene, Granny Zhang and Zhang Huixin recalled that Fangzheng was a monk who didn't eat meat. Immediately, they laughed. When Granny Zhang saw Zhang Huixin smiling in such a mesmerizing manner, she chuckled and said, "Little Monk, why would a fine lad like you with looks and ability become a monk? You've missed out on all the splendors of life. Let's not say anything else. Just the bacon made by Huixin is famous around here! If I can suggest something, why don't you renounce asceticism and stay?"

Fangzheng thought the granny's words were innocent at first, but towards the end, he realized that this old granny was trying to play matchmaker.