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916 Clothes Make the Man

 Shaking his head, Fangzheng hurriedly returned home with the food.

This scene was snapped by others again and posted online.

Previously, no one had seen his face and treated it as a joke. Now, everyone was alarmed when they saw his face.

"Holy sh*t! Did I see wrong? That's Master Fangzheng!"

"F**k, is the crappy mortal world that formidable? Even Master Fangzheng has succumbed to it?"

"Master Fangzheng eats meat? What the... Does he want some alcohol too?"

"It's over! This is a collapse of faith. Master Fangzheng's glorious image in my heart has instantly... Sigh."


At the same time as the Internet lamented, there were naturally people who still supported him.

"Regardless, Abbot Fangzheng helped us chase away Park Changmin. He's a hero. Ji Gong also ate meat, so why can't Master Fangzheng eat meat?"

"That's right, that's right. From a historical perspective, monks in the past could eat meat, right?"

"Yes, and even now, many Buddhist denominations permit eating meat. Many monks are allowed to eat Threefold Pure Meats."

"That's right. This is explainable."

However, with the spread of the pictures, it garnered the attention of increasingly more people. Some news outlets had already begun focusing on Fangzheng who had been the talk of the country for the past few days.

At this moment, an influencer named Perfected Inaction Infinity suddenly posted a picture of Fangzheng on Weibo. It included the comment: "A monk throwing the mortal world into disorder, competing for fame and benefits, drinking alcohol and eating meat, blatantly swaggering through the streets. How preposterous! He's completely unlawful!"

Perfected Inaction Infinity's profile picture was that of a black-robed Daoist with a long beard. His self-introduction was: "Mt. Wudang. Sect Master of the Great Wudang Sect. Ancestral Master Zhang Sanfeng, the mortal incarnation of the Lord of Mars. He didn't have many fans; they numbered about three thousand..."

However, when people read his introduction blurb, they realized a problem. Didn't it seem like... The Great Wudang Sect didn't exist? However, this question was quickly drowned out after it was asked once or twice as not many paid notice to it.

People were only watching the buzz at first, but when they saw a Daoist step forward to say such a thing, many people immediately shared the post after seeing his resume. In half a day, Perfected Inaction Infinity had an additional 100,000 followers!

"Daoist priest angered by Fangzheng's failure to uphold the precepts. Even a Perfected One can't stand watching this. Will a demonic monk like Fangzheng be subdued?" someone asked.

"Even a peer can't stand it. Yet all of you still want to help Fangzheng get out of the rut? What you talk about is a different matter. He did good chasing away Park Changmin, but that doesn't allow him to violate the precepts, does it? Is no one really putting a stop to this? Besides, China is huge. There are countless capable people. Fangzheng was only a few steps ahead of others when he stood forward. If he hadn't stepped forward, there would naturally have been someone else. Therefore, there's no need to over-glorify what he did."

"That's right. To be honest, that whole challenge was like a show. Who knows if it wasn't arranged?"

"As the saying goes, in a chaotic era, Daoist priests come down the mountains to save the world while monks close the doors to evade trouble. In a flourishing era, Daoist priests retreat into the mountains while monks come down the mountains to cheat. Buddhism has never been a religion that originated from China! I support the Daoist religion. I support Perfected Inaction Infinity's suppression of evil!"

"Kneeling before Buddha for three thousand years, yet never have I seen Buddha's compassion. Imagining that Buddha's eyes have been screened by the mortal world, the answer can only be that he feels like there's a lack of donations! Buddha isn't greedy for wealth? Then why does He accept the worship of others? Buddha isn't evil? Then why can't He stand disrespect from people? Buddha says that all life is equal, but why are there rankings like Bodhisattvas, Bhikkhu, and Guardian Protectors in Buddhism? We offer our reverence and donations, hoping to have the crises that might face us averted; yet Buddha says that it's fated and that Heaven's will cannot be violated! Ask Buddha if He remembers the flying flowers. Ask your Buddha whether He has been to Hell. Ask your Buddha what is engraved on the Three-Life Stone. Ask your Buddha why He is able to reduce suffering, but doesn't reduce mine. Where were you during the Nanjing massacre!?"

"Well said. Buddhism is simply a heretical cult! I wish to ask, will no one be putting a stop to this monk buying meat on the streets?"

"Who can? The police don't deal with such matters! At One Finger Monastery, he's almighty, so who can stop him?"

"Do you really think so? Have you forgotten the State Administration for Religious Affairs? Does becoming abbot allow him to do as he pleases? @Gulin State Administration for Religious Affairs." At this moment, Perfected Inaction Infinity appeared once again as he condemned Fangzheng.

With Perfected Inaction Infinity taking the lead, everyone seemed to have found a leader and backbone. Instantly, they gathered together and denounced Fangzheng, asking him to be punished by taking away his identity as One Finger Monastery's abbot. Some even wanted his status as a monk revoked! But even at this point, it wasn't too big of a deal. Few people actually paid notice.

As for Fangzheng, he didn't have time to go on the Internet. He had just finished buying food and returned to Fang Ke's home.

The moment he stepped in, Fangzheng was stunned. He saw the house, which was previously somewhat messy, spick-and-span. Although the house looked rather spartan without furniture, it had now gained a balmy feeling to it.

"You're back?" Fangzheng looked over to the person greeting him and saw a slim woman walk out of the kitchen. She was dressed in long pants and a white woolen sweater. Although it was thick, it still showcased her figure. She wore a warm smile on her exquisite face, and this immediately lit up Fangzheng's eyes!

Fangzheng nearly failed to recognize her at a glance, thinking that it was Fang Ke's relative or cousin. On careful look, he realized the person in front of him really was Zhang Huixin!

Fangzheng didn't hide his shock as he widened his mouth and exclaimed. "Amitabha. Patron, This Penniless Monk nearly failed to recognize you after you dressed up."

Zhang Huixin was rather pleased seeing Fangzheng's dazed look. No women didn't enjoy being complimented for her beauty, especially by a monk. The feeling made Zhang Huixin feel like she was getting married in a rather spectacular fashion. Zhang Huixin asked, "You should be hungry, right? I've cooked some porridge. Do you want some?"

Fangzheng looked at Keke's room and saw Fang Ke suddenly rush out of her room and scream. Fangzheng screamed with her, as though he had been shocked.

Fang Ke immediately pounced into Fangzheng's embrace and laughed happily. As she laughed, she said, "Thank you, Daddy. Mommy told me that you treated her. Mommy can now walk. Hahaha! Mommy can now walk and see me! I didn't even believe it just now, thinking that someone was acting as Mommy, or that I was dreaming... #$%^&..."

The lass appeared especially excited as she didn't give Fangzheng a chance to say a word. As she hugged Fangzheng's neck, she hung over him and kept chattering.

Fangzheng looked at Zhang Huixin in exasperation as she pursed her lips into a smile. Then, she took the food Fangzheng had bought and said with a smile, "I'll cook. You guys have fun."

Then, Zhang Huixin left. Fangzheng was commanded by the little monkey around his neck to sit by the table as he listened to her speak in excitement...Originates from the belief that Bodhisattva preached the Dharma to Arhats when a fairy scattered flowers. The flowers stuck to the Arhats but not to Bodhisattva, implying that Bodhisattva is completely separated from the world.