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913 Stuff It In

 Fangzheng rapped her on her tiny head. "Eat more, speak less."

Keke held her head and looked at Fangzheng as though it hurt a lot. Fangzheng's heart softened immediately as he helped her rub her head and said, "Yeah, Daddy robbed a soy sauce workshop."

Keke burst out into laughter as she waved her chopsticks. "Actually, I love the taste of soy sauce the most! I just couldn't bear to buy it in the past. Now that there's so much, wow~ What a feast!"

With that said, Keke began eating. But clearly, she was lying.

Although dinner wasn't much to speak for, they still enjoyed the meal.

In the evening, Granny Zhang brought a woman from the Civil Affairs Bureau. They came with a wheelchair. At this occasion, Fangzheng found out that if there was a disabled person at home, and if certain conditions were met, one could obtain a wheelchair from the Civil Affairs Bureau.

This was something Keke and Zhang Huihui knew already, but they felt that it wouldn't be of any use. This was because Keke had no way of helping Zhang Huihui onto the wheelchair. Even if Zhang Huihui sat on it, she still couldn't see a thing. But things were different now. With Fangzheng around, this wheelchair would naturally be of use.

With it, Fangzheng happily brought Zhang Huixin and Keke downstairs for some fresh air.

By the side of the estate, there was a tiny river called the Purple River by the locals. Its water was extremely clear, and if one stood by the river's side, one could see many fish the length of fingers swimming around. There were a lot of water reeds, and many water snails were slowly moving in the water.

Lining the sides of the Purple River were several willow trees. They appeared to have been recently planted. On the opposite bank of the river, there was a hill unique to the south. It wasn't very big, but the vegetation on it was lush. When that was reflected in the water, it was a very beautiful sight.

Zhang Huixin sat in the wheelchair, taking in the outside breeze and inhaling the fresh air. She squinted her eyes in pleasure as she smiled.

Keke appeared infinitely excited as she ran around the two. She would run ahead then run back, her little face flushed red while her mouth didn't close once.

Lone Wolf languidly followed behind Fangzheng. Compared to the humans, he was more interested in the fish. There was a water body on Mt. One Finger, but when it came to fish, there was only that unlikable Salted Fish. It was completely different from the Purple River which had all kinds of strange aquatic creatures. There would always be one or two that could garner his attention.

Just as the family was having a good time, a group of people with poles in their hands suddenly appeared in front of them. Leading the group was none other than Song Bin!

The colors in Keke's face drained when she saw Song Bin. She ran back and tugged at Fangzheng's sleeve as she trembled involuntarily. She whispered. "Daddy, I'm afraid."

Zhang Huihui also sensed the change in atmosphere, and along with Keke's words, she instinctively asked, "Keke, go to Granny Zhang's place. Quick, run. Master, you too. I'm a crippled woman. I doubt they will do a thing."

Fangzheng whispered. "Patron, don't worry. Leave everything to This Penniless Monk."

With that said, Fangzheng shot a glance at Lone Wolf who had long come over. He grinned, as though he was looking at a bunch of huge toys. With a sweep of his tail, he looked at Fangzheng, as though asking, "Do I attack now?"

Fangzheng gave him a "what do you think" look in return.

Lone Wolf grinned, running to the slope to the side and circling around.

Fangzheng silently closed Keke's eyes and whispered. "Don't watch."

At this point, Song Bin had already led more than ten people over. He shouted from afar. "Darn Baldy, you dare f**king kick me? You even sent me to the police station? Bloody bastard! Let's see how I kill you!"

As he yelled, Song Bin waved his hand to signal it was time for action, but...

A gust of wind blew, yet no one moved.

Song Bin was stunned as he cursed. "What are you dazing around for? Attack!"

While cursing, Song Bin looked back and was instantly dumbfounded. All the people he had brought were on the ground. Their eyes were rolled back, and they had clearly fainted! Slumping over these guys was a huge silverish-white dog that resembled a calf! Song Bin didn't know much about wolves, so he subconsciously imagined it to be a dog. In any case, the dog grinned at him when their eyes met!

At that instant, Song Bin shouted instinctively. "Demon!"

Song Bin turned around and ran, but there was a silver flash in front of him the next instant. The white dog was blocking his path, and with a swat, it smacked him to the ground.

At the same time, Fangzheng released his hands from Keke's eyes. He came to Song Bin and pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. With all your heinous sins, who can save you?"

Song Bin looked at Lone Wolf and then all his henchmen who were on the ground. He then looked at Fangzheng and suddenly realized something. He cried out. "Darn monk, do you think you're so impressive? Isn't it just a beating? Go ahead. I'll make sure you pay for every hit you deliver! Can you watch over them every day? Once you're gone, they will pay!"

With that said, Song Bin wore a ferocious look.

Fangzheng frowned. He originally imagined Song Bin was just a hooligan who was covetous of small gains, but now, it appeared that this fellow didn't have a bottom line. Clearly, it wasn't possible to get Granny Zhang and the few elders to protect Keke and her mother the entire time. Hence, Fangzheng smiled. "Patron, you are imagining things. This Penniless Monk won't hit you, but will be sending you somewhere."

"Where?" Song Bin asked in stupefaction.

Fangzheng narrowed his eyes. "Hell."

"What?" Before Song Bin could even react, he felt the light around him darken. Then, he heard grinding sounds of metal chains echo behind him.

Song Bin subconsciously looked back and saw a huge door to hell rise up. The demonic ghost carved on the door suddenly turned its head over, cackling at him with a gruesome expression before reaching out for him. Song Bin cried out in horror. "No!"

However, Song Bin didn't even have a chance to struggle as he was grabbed by the bony hand and stuffed into the Door to Hell.

And this scene wasn't only seen by Song Bin, but also by all his henchmen. All of them were so frightened that they lost control of their bladders. Only when the Door to Hell slowly sank into the ground did they breathe a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Fangzheng took a step forward and smiled at them. "Gentlemen, do you wish to go down as well?"

"No, no, no..." All of them got to their feet, shaking their heads like a rattle. Then, finding it insufficient, they suddenly knelt down and kowtowed to Fangzheng. As they kowtowed, they cried. "Master, Bodhisattva, Buddha, we were wrong. We know how wrong we were. We will definitely repent. We will not commit evil again..."

Fangzheng waved his hand and said, "In that case, go. This Penniless Monk will be watching from above. If you dare continue with your misdeeds, Hell will have a place for you."

"We won't, we won't!" All of them scuttled off amid tears when they saw Fangzheng wave his hand. They ran even faster than hares.

When he saw these people run far off, Fangzheng waved his hand in front of his nose. Lone Wolf cursed under his breath. "These bunch of hooligans shat themselves. It stinks."