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911 Warming the Bed

 With this in mind, Zhang Huixin couldn't help but let out a long sigh. From her point of view, Fangzheng's help was only temporary. Once Fangzheng was gone, their days would return to the gloomy days of before his appearance. Their hardship wouldn't pass, and the dark clouds would still be there. However, when she heard Keke's happy laughter, she shook her head and dispersed the dark clouds in her heart. Since the future couldn't be changed, she wanted to cherish the present. Having not heard Keke laugh so happily in a long time, she couldn't spoil Keke's good mood.

As Zhang Huixin opened up her mind, the atmosphere in the house livened up. Fangzheng only ate vegetarian, so when Keke offered him a bowl of meat, she had no choice but to take it back when she saw his helpless look. This also left the little girl unhappy as she said with her lips pursed, "If Daddy isn't eating, Keke won't eat either."

This stumped Fangzheng. Should he eat the meat or not?

Thankfully, Zhang Huixin understood that that placed Fangzheng in a difficult spot. She patted Keke on the head and said, "Keke, Fangzheng is a monk. Monks can't eat meat."

Upon hearing that, Fang Ke allowed Fangzheng to pass back the meat. Then, she began picking vegetables for Fangzheng. Upon seeing this scene, Fangzheng couldn't help but look at the ceiling and think, "It has always been said that a daughter is a father's pride and joy. The ancients weren't lying!"

Fangzheng couldn't help but think back to his bastard disciples in the monastery. When these fellows had anything good to eat, they acted like they'd put all the food they had into their own bowls if they could. Their mealtime was like a battle. When had it been so heart-warming? With this in mind, Fangzheng shot a glance at Lone Wolf who had his ass lifted up as he had the time of his life eating and producing slurping and smacking sounds. Fangzheng couldn't help but raise his leg to kick his ass.

But the fellow didn't even react and simply continued eating!

Fangzheng originally imagined that he was deliberately ignoring him. But a few seconds later, Lone Wolf suddenly looked back as though he was asking: "Who kicked me?"

Fangzheng was rendered completely speechless when he saw this. It wasn't that a certain someone ignored others when he was engrossed in his meals, but that his reflexes became freaking slow! Didn't it take him a bit too long to react?

By the side, Keke was already helping Zhang Huixin with her meal. While picking food for her, she removed the food that fell to the table and any rice grains that stuck to the corner of her lips. Then she stuffed the food into her tiny mouth, not willing to waste a single grain.

Upon seeing this, Fangzheng felt his heart ache again. However, he didn't say a word as he continued with his meal.

Both host and guest had a great time during the meal. After they were done, Keke immediately stacked up the unused bowls. Before Fangzheng could figure out what she was doing, he saw her walk off with the stacked bowls and chopsticks.

Only then did Fangzheng recall that they needed to clear the table!

Fangzheng hurriedly kicked Lone Wolf, but he quickly recalled that this fellow wasn't capable of clearing the table. For once, Fangzheng regretted bringing a disciple without hands. If he'd known this would happen, he would have brought Salted Fish. He could be mounted, and he could work. His only flaw was that he spoke a lot of nonsense and was quite crafty.

Without a choice, Fangzheng cleaned up the remaining plates and walked to the kitchen. There, he saw Keke move the stool again, prepared to do the dishes. Seeing how adept she was at it, it was obvious that this had become a part of her daily life. However, the more he saw how skilled Keke was, the more pain Fangzheng felt.

Fangzheng walked over, put down the plates, and gently carried Fang Ke down. "Alright, Keke. Leave this to Daddy. Go take care of Mommy."

"No!" For the first time, Fang Ke looked up to rebuke Fangzheng.

Before Fangzheng could say a word, Fang Ke said in all seriousness, "Mommy said that Daddy must do great things and not things like washing dishes. That should be left to a girl, so I'll do it. Daddy, go take care of Mommy."

Fang Ke pushed Fangzheng out. Fangzheng wished to help, but the little lass used quite a bit of strength. Afraid of harming her with his strength, he was eventually pushed out the door. Fang Ke then posed with a victory stance before saying happily, "It's really nice having a Daddy, but I'm strong as well!"

With that said, she turned to do the dishes.

Fangzheng didn't enter the living room and instead stood by the door to watch silently. He kept worrying that the little girl would slip down the stool.

After washing the dishes, Keke looked back and widened her arms, seemingly asking for a hug. Fangzheng smiled inwardly and walked over. But just as he was about to reach her, Keke suddenly jumped into Fangzheng's embrace. Fangzheng caught her as she let out pearly laughter.

When they returned to the living room, Zhang Huixin was still sitting there, enjoying the spaciousness of the living room and her daughter's laughter.

Upon hearing Fangzheng's footsteps, Zhang Huixin beckoned and said, "Keke, enough. Stop messing around. Let Mas... Let your Daddy have some rest."

"Alright," Keke replied obediently before running into the room.

Fangzheng didn't think too much about it either. He lifted Zhang Huixin together with the chair and carried her to the room. Upon entering the room, he saw that Keke was already lying in bed, obediently exposing her tiny head. Then she complained. "Daddy, you were too fast. I haven't warmed the bed yet."

Only then did Fangzheng realize that Keke had run in not because she was tired and sleepy, but because she wanted to warm the bed for Zhang Huixin.

At that instant, Fangzheng's heart warmed up even more. Thinking back to his darn disciples in Mt. One Finger, none of them were as thoughtful! Every time he entered his bed, it was cold...

After putting Zhang Huixin back in her bed, Fangzheng closed the door, and when he was just about to take Lone Wolf out for a walk, the door behind him opened again. Keke's cheeky face peeked out.

Fangzheng said in astonishment, "Aren't you sleeping?"

"Shh. Mommy can sleep. I still need to do work," Fang Ke said in all seriousness.

Fangzheng was puzzled. What work does this little girl have to do?

He then saw Keke move the stool to the windowsill, get onto the stool, and look down.

Fangzheng and Lone Wolf went over and looked down as well. There was an alley below, and since it was noon, there wasn't anyone there. It appeared empty.

"Keke, what are you looking at?" Fangzheng asked.

"Don't call me Keke, call me 'dear daughter' or 'daughter.' I've never heard Daddy call me 'daughter.' You might not know, but I'm so envious when others have their Daddies call them." Keke shook her head like a rattle and then looked at Fangzheng with eyes filled with hope.

Fangzheng looked at the lass and smiled. "I'll call you dear daughter then. Dear daughter, what are you looking at?"

Keke was instantly delighted as she leaned her head on Fangzheng's shoulder and said, "I'm waiting for the rag-and-bone man. When he comes, we can exchange things at home for money." With that said, Keke pointed at the stack of plastic bottles, drink cans, and cardboard behind her.

When Fangzheng saw these things, he subconsciously asked, "Were these picked up by you? You relied on this for a livelihood?"