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910 Eating Together

 Lone Wolf instantly understood that Fangzheng was too embarrassed to inform Keke that he didn't know how to cook meat dishes, so he was using this opportunity to look up recipes. His mission was to conceal Fangzheng's misery. Hence, Lone Wolf began running up and down the stairwell as if someone was chasing after him. From time to time, he would yelp or jump twice. When seeing this, Fangzheng couldn't help but mumble. "For this dog not to have become an actor, China has lost out on so many Oscars..."

Fangzheng's memory was very good, but he had never been talented at cooking, especially when it came to meat dishes. He still had a kind of resistance deep down in his heart. The thought of a monk preparing meat dishes left him uncomfortable. This resistance only made his learning slower...

Finally, an exhausted Lone Wolf crawled up with his tongue hanging out. "Master, are you not done yet? I'm about to starve to death."

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him and said, "It's done. Let's go back to make the dishes."

The moment he heard that, Lone Wolf stood up energetically. He wagged his tail and followed Fangzheng back. He had been acting the entire time...

The moment Fangzheng opened the door, he was stunned! He found a meat fragrance inundate his olfactory senses as the sound of frying from the kitchen resounded. The sound of sizzling oil seemed to carry the fragrance over as it left Fangzheng famished.

"Who's cooking?" Fangzheng subconsciously asked. It was impossible for it to be Keke's mother. Without being able to see, how could she cook?

Could it be Keke? Fangzheng immediately rejected the thought. Keke is still young and can't even reach the kitchen top. How could she cook? Did someone sneak in while I wasn't paying attention?

With this in mind, Fangzheng and Lone Wolf rushed into the kitchen, only to be stunned.

They saw Keke on a stool. She held a wok spatula with both hands as she stir-fried the chili and meat in the wok. The meat fragrance whetted Fangzheng's taste buds as Lone Wolf drooled. Then, he rolled his eyes at Fangzheng as though he was saying, "You scum!"

Fangzheng raised his hand and slapped him.

Upon hearing the commotion behind her, Fang Ke looked back. Seeing Fangzheng and Lone Wolf by the door, she wiped the sweat off her face and smiled. "Daddy, wait a little longer. It will be ready soon."

Fangzheng felt as though the entire world lit up when he saw her smile. He didn't know how this child who wasn't even as tall as the kitchen top had learned to cook. However, he knew that the child before him was an admirable and adorable little Bodhisattva.

Fangzheng came to Fang Ke's side and gently carried her down. Under Keke's puzzled gaze, he said gently, "It's too dangerous to stand this high. Why don't you teach Daddy how to cook from the side?"

Fangzheng stir-fried the ingredients with one hand as he ruffled Keke's head with the other. Keke looked up at Fangzheng and subconsciously squinted her eyes. She only felt how warm the huge hand was. Her heart warmed up, and she thought, "Is this the feeling of having a Daddy? How nice."

Fangzheng felt his heart wince. Although he was cooking something non-vegetarian, he didn't feel guilt-ridden with sin at all. On the contrary, he gained a deeper understanding of the precepts. They weren't dead set rules. They were there to regulate one's mind and not one's body. Following the precepts to the tee was only like wearing shackles, while abiding by the precepts from the heart was true freedom.

Keke was too short. While she gave instructions, she wasn't able to see the situation in the wok.

When Fangzheng realized this, he lifted her as he cooked with one hand. Anyone else would have found it troublesome, but it was naturally easy for Fangzheng who was a monk with enormous strength. After Fangzheng finished cooking, Lone Wolf was responsible for carrying the food to the living room and placing it on the table.

The high-pressure cooker was switched on to stew a chicken to make clear soup with. Two vegetables were then stir-fried.

When all the dishes were placed on the table, Keke sat on a stool and widened her tiny mouth, crying out in delight. "Wow!!! So much meat! What a plump chicken! How fragrant... I haven't eaten this for so long... It smells so good. Mommy, quick, come out. There's good food today!"

As she spoke, Keke jumped off the stool and pranced to the room. Fangzheng smiled when he saw this. At the same time, he slapped Lone Wolf who had leaned forward to take in the fragrances.

Fangzheng followed Keke into the room and saw Keke standing happily by the bed. She gestured the size of the chicken and how fragrant it was. Zhang Huixin leaned against the bed head and smiled. Although she couldn't see, she could feel Keke's joy. As the saying goes, mother and daughter share the same mind, so perhaps Keke's every action was clearly reflected in Zhang Huixin's mind.

Upon seeing the duo's smiles, Fangzheng's heart warmed up. He said with a smile, "Amitabha. Patrons, it's mealtime."

Upon hearing that, Zhang Huixin was stunned before she said bitterly, "Abbot Fangzheng, the two of you should eat first."

Fangzheng shook his head. "Patron, this is our first meal as a family together. We can't be missing you."

"But Mommy's legs." Keke felt a little worried as well.

Fangzheng smiled. "Your Mommy's legs aren't a problem. Jingfa."

Lone Wolf was stunned. Why was he being called for?

Fangzheng looked at the idiot's uncooperative look and felt somewhat exasperated. All he could do was bring over the chair he had borrowed from Granny Zhang and say, "Patron, there's a chair here. Sit on it. This Penniless Monk will carry you over."

Zhang Huixin was stunned. "Chair? You'll carry me?"


"Then... Does that mean I can go out?" Zhang Huixin asked, feeling somewhat agitated.


When Zhang Huixin heard that, she immediately teared up. People who hadn't lost their mobility would never understand the despair and misery one felt from being trapped inside a room. Although it was a short distance from the bedroom to the living room, the joy of finally being able to go to another room was no less than when one's child made a name for itself!

Ever since she had been paralyzed, Zhang Huixin knew it would be difficult for her to leave the bed. After all, Keke was still too young. It was not easy for her to help herself in her daily life, much less help her out as well.

As Zhang Huixin was malnourished, her recovery had always been slow. She didn't have much strength, so crawling out was very difficult as well. Furthermore, crawling out only added a burden to Keke and caused trouble. She had originally lost herself to despair, but now, when she suddenly heard that she could leave the room, her joy instantly turned into tears.

Keke obediently climbed onto the bed and helped Zhang Huixin wipe her tears like an adult. "Mommy, don't cry."

With Fangzheng's help, Zhang Huixin easily sat on the chair. Then, Fangzheng exerted a little force to lift the chair and brought it to the living room.

Zhang Huixin could sense the body temperature of the man behind her, as well as the smell of sandalwood from his body. Although she knew that the person behind her was a monk, Zhang Huixin couldn't help but remember her husband. If only he was still around...