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907 Good Child

 The moment this was said, the women were left rooted in their spots as they exchanged looks.

The woman in red exclaimed. "Your daddy? Wasn't your daddy dead? So it turns out he became a monk... Eh, that's not right. He's too young."

"Did your mom find someone?" another middle-aged woman smelled gossip as she went forward to ask.

Fangzheng smiled. "No, I'm a father Keke hired. Patrons, please deal with this man."

Fangzheng shot a glance at Song Bin.

The few women said disapprovingly, "This darn thing should just die. It would rid the world of a scourge. But it seems like it's not his time yet."

Although they said that, the women still dragged Song Bin away. As they walked off, they said to Keke, "Keke, if there's anything, come to Granny. Also, Granny has helped you stew that pigeon. I'll have it brought later."

With that said, the red-dressed woman went down.

Fangzheng closed the door, feeling somewhat puzzled. Keke couldn't even afford vegetables, so how could she have the money to buy a pigeon? Hence, he asked her, "You bought a pigeon?"

Keke's tears dripped down the moment she heard that as she cried in Fangzheng's embrace.

At this moment, Lone Wolf nudged Fangzheng and looked towards a corner of Keke's room. Fangzheng looked over and saw a bird cage in the corner. By the side was a picture of Keke hugging a pigeon. In it, Keke was smiling very happily.

Upon seeing this scene, Fangzheng sighed. He gently stroked Keke and said, "Amitabha."

At times, Fangzheng was very confused. The Buddhist Dharma said that killing was a sin, so was Keke's killing of the pigeon a sin? Perhaps, from the pigeon's point of view, it was. But from a person's point of view, Fangzheng only wished to say that this child was a good person.

Then what was good and what was bad in the end?

Shaking his head, Fangzheng dispersed the confusion in his mind. He carried Keke to her mother's room. The moment he entered, he saw the woman on the floor. She was almost done crawling to the door! Fangzheng hurriedly put Keke down, wishing to help her up.

The moment she noticed them, Keke's mother cried out. "Keke, Keke! Are you alright? Quick, come over to Mommy!"

The moment Keke went over, she was pulled into an embrace by her mother. Clearly, Song Bin's shouts and kicking of the door as well as the sound of fighting had frightened her. She had used her hands to crawl down from the bed, hoping to find out what was happening.

Upon seeing this scene, Fangzheng wasn't sure what to do. He could only silently step outside and close the door.

Returning to the living room, Lone Wolf brought over a tiny book in his mouth. There were a few records on it. When Fangzheng took it, he was stunned when he did a cursory read of it.

The words were scrawly, with many words written in pinyin and not Chinese. However, Fangzheng could understand what it meant. This was a handwritten diary which was likely to be Keke's.

The page which Fangzheng had flipped to happened to say: The doctor said that Mommy's body is very weak, and she needs some nourishment. However, Keke doesn't have money to buy any more chicken. Keke doesn't want to not have a Mommy. Keke already doesn't have a Daddy. Sorry, Gugu, I'm sorry...

It was just a short paragraph, but the page was crumpled from tear stains. Clearly, Keke had cried in misery when she'd made up her mind.

When Fangzheng saw this, he felt his tears well up. A child was by nature kind, especially towards little animals. They treated them as family, so to send a pet to death with her own hands, this pain was probably something only the person in question could understand.

Fangzheng flipped the page again, and the words on the next page instantly made Fangzheng's heart skip a beat. There wasn't a date anywhere, so he had no idea when it had been written, though.

"Keke is so afraid. Keke vomited blood today. Furthermore, Keke always feels faint and falls asleep without realizing it. However, Keke doesn't dare to tell Mommy. Uncle Doctor said that Mommy can't be too stressed or tired, or her condition will worsen. However, Keke is really afraid... Will Keke die? Who will take care of Mommy when Keke dies? Who can help me? I miss Daddy. Although I have never met him, Mommy said he's very nice. I really miss Daddy..."

Upon seeing this, Fangzheng's tears gushed out as he cursed inwardly. "This silly child. She's not afraid of death but of there not being anyone to take care of her mother."

Lone Wolf could also read. After he finished reading it from the side, he placed his head on Fangzheng's legs as tears rolled down his cheeks. Then he used Fangzheng's robes to wipe his tears and said softly, "Master, this little girl is really pitiful. You have to help them. At the worst, I'll just eat a bit less in the future. Also, they are so poor. I'll eat less for their sake, or even not at all, in spirit!"

"Then what about physically?" Fangzheng asked.

Lone Wolf said, "Master, are you really going to let your disciple starve? Even if you can bear to do it, you won't be able to bear letting Keke and her mother starve, right? You are now Keke's father. You have a great responsibility. You mustn't be stingy at such times..."

Fangzheng was nodding in the beginning, but he found the words problematic towards the end. He glared at Lone Wolf and said, "You and your nonsense. When have I been stingy?"

Lone Wolf grinned. "Heh heh."

Fangzheng found a pole while Lone Wolf quickly ran with his tail between his legs.

At this moment, there were shouts from Keke's mother. Fangzheng hurriedly wiped his tears, took a deep breath and rid himself of all emotions. He knew that Keke didn't wish for these things to be made known to her mother. He had already put Keke in a difficult position once, so he didn't plan on doing it again. As for the family? There was him!

After Fangzheng entered the room, the woman was still sitting on the floor. Keke lacked the strength to help her mother up.

"Master, thank you. I really have to thank you this time." Upon hearing Fangzheng's footsteps, Keke's mother immediately professed her gratitude.

Fangzheng first shook his head, and then he thought of something. Hence he said, "Patron, your words are kind. By the way, This Penniless Monk will first help you into the bed. The floor is cold."

"Yes, thank you." She nodded, seemingly acknowledging Fangzheng. At the very least, she no longer treated him as a thief.

Fangzheng carefully but swiftly helped her onto the bed before covering her with a blanket.


Then, Fangzheng found the atmosphere a little awkward again!

It also didn't help that Fangzheng's mind fell into confusion. He wondered over the matter of Keke being his daughter. She was now his daughter regardless of what circumstances had led to that. But what about her mother? Was she considered his wife?

With this in mind, Fangzheng carefully sized up Keke's mother. Although she wasn't dressed and made up, she was clean and tidy. On careful look, she was a beautiful woman. Fangzheng thought, "It's no wonder Keke is so adorable. It's all thanks to her genes."