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903 Hiring Daddy

 So Red Boy has to stay on the mountain, huh?

Could he bring Salted Fish? Fangzheng decisively rejected the notion. Carrying a salted fish on his journey would definitely be jarring to his image. Furthermore, it would be problematic if he was exposed.

Monkey wasn't that interested in heading down the mountain. If Squirrel were to follow, he wouldn't care about much other than eating, so he couldn't count on him. Hence...

"Master, can't you choose someone else?" Three days later, Lone Wolf followed behind Fangzheng as he cried out in grievance.

Fangzheng slapped him and said, "I'm taking you to see the world, so why are you saying all this nonsense?"

"Did you bring enough food? Do you have your wallet?" Lone Wolf was really afraid of starving this time as he hurriedly reminded Fangzheng.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes and said, "Don't worry. There's plenty this time. You won't starve for sure!"

Lone Wolf chuckled sarcastically. When had Fangzheng not said this when they headed down the mountain? And what was the result every single time?

Fangzheng couldn't be bothered to comment anymore. After heading down the mountain to One Finger Village, he looked for Wang Yougui and co. and informed them that he would be out for a few days. He asked them to help him take care of the monastery. They naturally guaranteed him that there would be no problems. Only then did Fangzheng find a spot with no one around, and he used the Training Scroll!

The next moment, a blue planet appeared in Fangzheng's mind. It was Earth! Following that, the planet enlarged constantly as he clearly saw China. Then, he saw a red line that extended to the west from the south. He had no idea how long the line was, but he knew that it wasn't short. He suddenly had the feeling that he wouldn't be able to return to Mt. One Finger any time soon!

The next moment, he plummeted down like a shooting star. As he himself cried out loudly, he also heard the whimpering cries of Lone Wolf. Finally, their voices meshed together as they landed on the ground with a loud boom!

When Fangzheng opened his eyes, he already found himself in a tiny city with Lone Wolf.

At the same time, a path appeared in Fangzheng's mind. He clicked his tongue for he knew where he was-Andong! That was a county city south of Yongzhou. It was also the starting point of his training program. He was to set off from Andong and head south to Guanxi until he reached Beihai.

Fangzheng took out his cell phone to do a check and miserably realized that it would take him more than half a day even by high-speed rail. If he relied on his feet...

"Master, where are we? Where are we heading?" Lone Wolf looked around curiously as he felt uncomfortable all over.

Fangzheng also looked around him. He was standing on a bridge that wasn't too long. The water beneath was emerald green with many fishing rods extended across the bridge's sides. Clearly, the water there was pretty good, and there were fish in the river. On both sides of the bridge was a commercial district. There weren't any especially tall buildings, with the highest only six stories. The cell phone, jewelry, and franchise stores beneath lined the not-too-wide streets. Cars were stuck in a jam as they allowed pedestrians to pass.

At this moment in time, almost everyone was looking at Fangzheng and Lone Wolf; it was as though they were looking at an ape in a zoo.

Fangzheng knew that these people had not seen him plummet from the sky. They were curious because they had likely never seen such a handsome monk or such a huge, eye-catching dog like Lone Wolf before. Ignoring their gazes, he patted Lone Wolf on the head and said, "Let's walk around. If there's nothing, we will head south."

Fangzheng also had no idea what to do. He activated his Heavenly Eye and scanned the surroundings but didn't find anyone that needed his help. Hence all he could do was walk south with Lone Wolf.

"Master, aren't you rather famous? Why isn't anyone recognizing you?" Lone Wolf asked as he followed behind Fangzheng.

Fangzheng was also a little puzzled. But on careful thought, he had only appeared on the Internet. There was ultimately a difference between reality and the Internet. Furthermore, his fame hadn't reached the point where everyone knew him. With this in mind, his curiosity was answered. As he walked, he saw a crowd gathered ahead of him as though they were looking at something.

Fangzheng and Lone Wolf exchanged looks as they walked over out of curiosity.

When the crowd saw such a big dog like Lone Wolf running over, they erupted into chaos. Regardless of how good-looking Lone Wolf was, he was ultimately a huge dog. People who didn't know him would still feel fear. They immediately made a path for him as Lone Wolf smugly threw his head high at Fangzheng. Fangzheng gave him a thumbs up as they squeezed into the crowd only to be stunned!

In the middle of the crowd, there was a little girl in black pants and a tiny red down jacket. She had her hair plaited into two and she looked about six or seven. Her eyes were welling with tears as though she might start crying at any time. However, she stood there firmly and held a signboard in her hands. On it was written in scrawling handwriting: "Hiring Daddy!"

Fangzheng was stunned. Hiring a daddy? He had seen hiring notices for chefs, waiters, or even managers, but this was the first time he saw someone hiring a daddy.

Fangzheng couldn't help but be curious. He wanted to know why the girl was hiring a father.

Fangzheng wasn't the only one. The other people were equally curious as they kept asking questions. Although they were speaking the local dialect, Fangzheng could understand even animals, so how could he struggle with some dialect? He naturally understood every word, but unfortunately, the little girl seemed to be scared stiff by the bunch of curious onlookers. She didn't dare say a word as she looked at everyone with watery eyes.

"Man. Enough. Everyone, stop circling her. We are scaring her. I think we should call the cops and let them handle this," someone said.

"This child doesn't speak. I wonder if she's being used by bad people."

"Unlikely, right?"

"For such a beautiful and obedient child, I'd definitely apply for the job if I wasn't married."

"Dude, are you treating a child's hiring notice for real?"

"Heh heh... True."

"It's probably some prank."

"I don't think so. This child has been here for days. She stands here holding up the signboard for one to two hours every day. I don't think it's some prank..."

"Who knows."

Just as everyone was discussing, the girl finally couldn't stand it any longer. She folded the cardboard in front of her, put it away before squatting down to pick up a plastic bag on the floor. Only then did the crowd notice that she had brought a bag of vegetables. However, they didn't look whole. They looked more like vegetable leaves that people threw away when choosing vegetables at the market.

"Little girl, are you getting all these vegetables to feed your pet at home?" a woman asked in curiosity.

The girl immediately lowered and shook her head before running out of the crowd. She crossed the bridge and ran far away...