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902 Training Scroll

 This was already huge news in itself, but even more shocking was that the name of the primary schools was going to be-Fangzheng Hope Elementary!

For a moment, everyone was stunned. What was happening? For a South Korean to donate to a construction fund for so many Chinese primary schools was already shocking enough, but the name was actually going to be Fangzheng Hope Elementary. This left people puzzled. Was this man mad? Or could it be that he was Fangzheng's parent?

Just as everyone was puzzled over this question...

Another stunning piece of news appeared. Lee Jaeseon was actually that patient with Lou Gehrig's disease Park Changmin had brought with him!

In an instant, everyone who had followed the news concerning Fangzheng was shocked. Especially the people who had been criticizing Fangzheng. Their original point of contentment was that Fangzheng had no reason to save a Korean. According to them, if he had the time, why didn't he save more Chinese?

Now, that Korean had suddenly reappeared, and he was donating all his wealth to help even more people. Instantly, everyone felt their face burning!

Meanwhile, those who originally supported Fangzheng felt pumped. They began to crazily counterattack. Furthermore, they directly proclaimed that they would boycott all the companies that the flamers had endorsed! People who followed these flamers unfollowed them en masse. Some even began to dox them and release news about them, exposing them to the world.

Even more infuriating was that it turned out many of these people were actually foreigners or related to foreign entities!

Instantly, everyone snapped to their senses. It wasn't just a farce in the beginning, but something directed by a mastermind. Flamers had been used to deal with a medical master of their country! If this master had fled under all the criticism and left the country, that would have been equal to a loss of talent. The only one to suffer would have been the Chinese themselves while advantaging foreign groups. With this in mind, many people blushed in embarrassment, hoping to find a hole to hide in.

Amidst the people's shame was anger. The people who had been doxed saw people with bats loitering beneath their residences everyday, and it wasn't uncommon for them to have their windows smashed in the middle of the night. Finally, they had no choice but to call the police or flee their cities. But even then, they were unable to sleep in peace...

Meanwhile, Fangzheng's reputation reached a new high. As a famous person from Gulin province, talk about him was naturally the most there. He kept being mentioned in every conversation, as though he had become the pride of Gulin province. Meanwhile, Fangzheng's name swept through the various regions in the country once more. This time, Fangzheng really became famous, very famous!

At this moment, Fangzheng was beaming on Mt. One Finger because...

"Ding! Congratulations. You have received a huge amount of merit because of Lee Jaeseon's Hope Elementary schools. More importantly, you helped your nation withstand a cultural intrusion and have received large amounts of merit. With both added together, your merit has successfully exceeded twenty thousand points! The amount of incense money you can receive has been raised to 30%.

"Meanwhile, the System has gone through a brand new upgrade. The lottery rewards remain the same, but you can now expend merit and money for a draw at the lottery.

"You have one chance now. Do you want to begin?"

"Wait, System Bro. What's the meaning of this?" Fangzheng realized suddenly that something was a little different.

"To put it simply, your merit will have two uses from now on. One is cumulative merit that doesn't change. This is also the standard which is used to determine the System's future upgrades and your renouncement of asceticism. The other thing you will be able to do with your merit is spend it. For example, you have 20,000 merit points now. You can spend 10,000 merit points along with 10,000 yuan at any time for a draw while lowering your actual merit. Your actual merit will then vanish without affecting your cumulative merit count. It will only lower your actual merit, but if your merit goes negative, you will gain negative karma."

Fangzheng was appalled as he asked, "Do you mean I can draw the lottery at will? Although it expends my merit, it doesn't affect my cumulative merit for renouncing asceticism?"

"That's right."

Fangzheng was instantly delighted. Although negative merit would bring about negative karma, would he be foolish enough to spend all his merit? As long as he kept his spending under control, it meant that he could have a draw at the lottery several times. That was definitely something he would benefit from.

"Why speak any further? Let's draw!" Fangzheng shouted out happily.

"Are you sure you want to draw now?" the System asked.

Fangzheng said with a smile, "This Penniless Monk now has money and merit. With so much awesomeness, of course! Do it!"

"Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a Training Scroll!"

"Uh? A Training Scroll? What's that?" Fangzheng was really dumbfounded at this moment. He had gotten many things from the draw, but he had never obtained anything like that before. This was the first time he drew something like a scroll.

"To put it simply, once you open a Training Scroll, you will be randomly directed to a training path. This path cannot be cleared with divine powers and can only be cleared one step at a time. Once you reach the end, it will mean the end of your training. During this period, the merit you receive from all the meritorious and good deeds you perform will be increased by ten times! After you reach the end of your training, all the merit and rewards you have earned will be handed out together."

Fangzheng was stunned for a moment. He originally imagined the Training Scroll would throw him into perilous situations or into an alternate world where he would have to battle fiends. In the end, it was only a means for him to venture away from the mountain. Immediately, he found it a little pointless. He already had the Formless Door, so what was the point? However, when he heard that his merit would be increased ten times, his eyes lit up. He no longer had problems concerning his livelihood, so the only problem he was facing was his lack of merit. To renounce asceticism, he needed massive amounts of merit as a foundation. And after working hard all year, he had only saved up 20,000 merit points. If not for some special means or rewards, he believed there was no chance he'd ever be able to accumulate enough.

So the appearance of the Training Scroll was definitely a great thing!

Fangzheng said with a laugh, "Ten times more merit. Hahaha! That's great! I like it!"

"Don't cheer too soon. Once this Training Scroll is activated, you only have three days to use it. Otherwise, it will turn defunct. So quickly set your house in order and prepare what you need to prepare. Oh, by the way, you can bring one disciple with you down the mountain for the training. Whatever good he does will also be considered yours."

Fangzheng rolled his eyes when he heard that, nearly cursing on the spot! Set your house in order? Are you asking me to make arrangements before I die? Screw you!

But ultimately, he held back. He was already used to the scoundrelly System. It came from Mount Numinous and had a backer, so it was not something he could offend. Hence, Fangzheng secretly kept his thoughts to himself. Once he became Buddha, humph!

Since there wasn't much time left, Fangzheng hurriedly made arrangements on Mt. One Finger. First, Fangzheng chose the disciple who would go with him. Logically speaking, Red Boy was most capable, so it would definitely be the most convenient to bring him with him. But here came the problem; without a person on the mountain, devotees couldn't be easily entertained when they came. To get Monkey, Lone Wolf, and the rest to speak to them would only scare the daylights out of people. It might even result in all his disciples being captured and dissected before he could return...Search for and publish private or identifying information (about a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.