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898 Fangzheng Has Admitted Defeat?

 Fangzheng rubbed his nose. He had caused quite a stir in recent times, putting him in the limelight several times. Yet the only outcome was him becoming well-known in Black Mountain City. It left him a little dissatisfied, but on careful thought, what he was involved in presently was the first thing which affected the entire country. It was truly difficult to become well-known by everyone in the country from just one instance.

"Since one time isn't enough, I have to properly develop my resources." With this in mind, Fangzheng chuckled and looked at Park Changmin.

When Park Changmin felt his glance, he instantly felt uncomfortable all over. He subconsciously asked, "What... do you want?"

Fangzheng said, "Patron, This Penniless Monk should be the one asking, right? Patron, you should be the one posing the problem this time."

Only then did Park Changmin snap to his senses. The sparring had begun. Fangzheng's first problem had been Park Mintae's pregnancy issue. Park Changmin had admitted defeat, so it was time for Park Changmin to pose the problem. In a sparring of medical skills, the problems could be chosen freely, but it wasn't without rules. If the person who posed the problem couldn't resolve it himself, it would be considered a tie. Hence posing those kinds of problems was meaningless.

Park Changmin calmed down and pondered for a moment. He smiled and said, "My problem is very simple. Please allow the people from my embassy to come here."

The moment that was said, Song Yuhe and Jiang Yu stood up. They knew that Park Changmin was still using the same old trick in the end! They had lost to this problem and to be honest, they didn't dare guarantee that Fangzheng would be able to resolve it.

Seeing Park Changmin make his move, everyone turned nervous. Although Fangzheng had won the first round and taught these bastards a lesson, everything would be meaningless if he lost the overall competition.

Everyone murmured in discussion, but unfortunately, no one knew what Park Changmin's problem would be.

Just as everyone was waiting anxiously, the people from the South Korean embassy arrived. They had brought a wheelchair-bound man with a blanket over him. He looked like a skeleton, and his eyes were huge. His exposed hands were like the thin, dry claws of an eagle. His head was tilted to the side as though he didn't have the strength to move at all.

Upon seeing this, many doctors exclaimed. "Lou Gehrig's disease!?"

Everyone drew a gasp when this was shouted. Lou Gehrig's disease was an insurmountable problem in medicine. Regardless if it was TCM or Western medicine, there was no treatment. All that could be done was alleviating the symptoms.

Upon seeing this patient, everyone finally understood how the three medical sages of China had been defeated by Park Changmin. Against this disease, anyone would be defeated. However, there was a problem. Could it be that Park Changmin was able to treat Lou Gehrig's disease?

With the patient there, it was naturally no longer a secret. Song Yuhe and Jiang Yu no longer had to keep mum on the case.

Song Yuhe sighed. "Park Changmin still brought him here in the end. This disease is practically untreatable. Even Park Changmin himself was only able to do slightly better than us. His method can't be considered as treatment to recovery. However, competitions are that cruel. There's no need to treat the person as long as you do better than your opponent."

Upon hearing Song Yuhe's words, everyone's heart fell.

On the Internet, although the livestream had ended, there were people reporting on the event textually. With regards to this, Fangzheng didn't care. With the bulk of the lesson done, he allowed everyone to do as they pleased. People began to secretly turn on their phones to livestream the event when they realized Fangzheng didn't mind. Hence, the army who was waiting miserably on the Internet immediately found a stream and swarmed towards it.

When the South Korean supporters saw this, all of them laughed. To have a patient with Lou Gehrig's disease, it was basically an irresolvable situation. They wanted to know how Fangzheng could win now!

Meanwhile, there were people on China's side who briefed everyone, letting them understand how difficult it was to treat this disease. One by one, people fell silent.

"It's no wonder the three medical sages lost. Park Changmin is using this case to defeat everyone!" Someone sighed.

"Although it's quite unscrupulous, I have to say that Park Changmin is truly capable. I wonder how Master will handle this."

"If he can't handle it, it will be a draw at most."

"But, what happens next?"

Everyone fell silent.

Seeing everyone turn silent, Park Changmin adjusted his collar and said to Fangzheng, "Abbot Fangzheng, to be honest, I can't treat this disease fully either. However, I do have methods to improve his condition slightly. Although it's a very slight improvement, with your medical skills, you should be able to tell. As long as you are able to provide a slight improvement to his situation, it will be considered a draw."

When Red Boy saw this, he curled his lips and said, "I was wondering what it was. To think it's such a trivial disease..."

"Trivial disease? Young Venerable One, are you ignorant or are you pretending? This is Lou Gehrig's disease, something that probably no one in the world can treat. Providing a slight improvement is already quite impressive," someone explained.

Red Boy knew Fangzheng's means very well. If he really was provoked, he could even use a divine power to revive the dead, much less handle a disease.

Seeing Red Boy unimpressed, an embassy staff member behind Park Changmin said, "Little guy, this isn't a disease that anyone can treat. If you don't know a thing, it's best you remain silent. Don't end up having your bragging backfire."

Back when Red Boy slapped Park Mintae, the South Koreans already found him a sore sight. Although he was a child, they still told him off to gain some relief.

Red Boy was just about to say something when Fangzheng touched Red Boy's head and shook his head. "I'm unable to treat this disease."

Once that was said, everyone present fell into chaos!

Is he admitting defeat?

Park Changmin laughed when he heard that. He glared at Fangzheng and said, "Master, are you admitting defeat?"

Fangzheng nodded slightly. "This Penniless Monk doesn't wish to treat this disease, so it can be considered an admission of defeat."

"Pfft! Indeed, whatever kind of disciple is raised by whatever kind of master. The disciple likes to brag, while the master is thick-skinned... Tsk." An embassy staff member shook his head and mocked.

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded, mixed with pain and whistling. "Treat it if you can. If you can't, admit defeat. What do you mean you do not wish to treat it? Monk, you really are shameless!"

Fangzheng looked towards the voice and saw that the unconscious Park Mintae had awoken. He was glaring at him angrily.

Fangzheng immediately laughed and pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. Patron, you've awoken? That's good. Patron Park, are you not going to check your disciple's body?"

Only then did Park Changmin snap to his senses. He rushed over to check and was astonished to realize that Fangzheng's slap had indeed removed the thing in Park Mintae's body even if it had been extremely harsh! As for the rest, only a physical wound remained which could be recovered from. He felt relieved as he got up. "Abbot Fangzheng, since you aren't performing the treatment, it's considered an admission of defeat. Do you want me to show my skills?"

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "There's no need. Let's go directly to the next round."The disease that the late Stephen Hawking suffered from.