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897 Painless Abortion

 "Are you robbing me here!?" Park Mintae nearly jumped in fright when he heard that price! Thirty million? What kind of number was this? Even if he worked his ass off an entire year, he would be unable to earn that much.

Park Changmin's face turned gloomy. He finally realized that the monk was making trouble for them. They were trying to scam him ten times over!

Fangzheng ignored Park Mintae as he looked at Park Changmin with a smile. "Patron, in China, we have a saying that one honors a teacher for life. Once one becomes a disciple, one's every need has to be taken care of by one's master. Park Changmin, you won't let your disciple suffer, right?"

Park Changmin said, "Master, Buddhism preaches about being compassionate. Saving a life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda. Master, are you going to watch idly?"

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "Patron, you are wrong. Buddha is compassionate, so there's naturally no requirement for money from Him. This Penniless Monk is compassionate, but he needs to live, so money is still needed. This Penniless Monk is also charging based on the circumstances. Patron, if you were penniless, This Penniless Monk would of course treat for free. Since you have the means, This Penniless Monk naturally requires payment to ensure his livelihood."

Upon hearing that, Park Changmin nearly cursed out loud. Ensure his livelihood? Who the hell needs thirty million to live?

"Master, why bother engaging with them in discussion? It's up to them to decide if they want to be treated. It's almost noon, and it's time for us to return to have lunch," Red Boy shouted.

Fangzheng nodded slightly as he prepared to stand up.

At this moment, Park Changmin said, "Wait! Master, treatment is still needed, but can the money be paid at a later date?"

Fangzheng laughed. He was finally getting himself out of poverty! Hence he said with a smile, "How about within three days?"

Park Changmin clenched his teeth and nodded. "Okay!"

Fangzheng nodded slightly and said, "Jingxin, treat this patron quickly."

Red Boy grinned, rolled up his sleeve, and stretched out his finger. He curled it at Park Mintae and said, "You... Come over here. Put your face close!"

Park Mintae really felt aggrieved now. He was probably the first person in history to volunteer his face for a beating. However, with the payment negotiated, what else could he say? He could only do as instructed.

Park Mintae came over and stared at Red Boy, "Little Master, please do it lightly."

"Don't worry, I'm really gentle." Red Boy grinned as he delivered a slap!


"Oww!" Park Mintae cried as he fell to the ground, holding his face. He lay there for quite a period of time, unable to get up. He felt his face burn as the swelling burgeoned. The pain almost prompted him to embrace death.

However, Red Boy dealt Park Mintae a mental breakdown by extending his finger and curling it. "Come on. Come over here. There's still three therapy sessions left."

Park Mintae instantly felt like he had fallen into an ice cavern. Was this the prelude to him being beaten to death? He subconsciously looked at Park Changmin and happened to sweep his gaze at Fangzheng. An idea came to him as he shouted. "Abbot Fangzheng! We agreed to paying so naturally, we want the best treatment. Aren't you capable of painless abortions? Aren't you skilled? I want you to deliver the treatment!"

The moment that was said, Red Boy was stunned. Then he looked at Park Mintae with a diabolical smile. "Hehe, you are quite smart."

Park Mintae hated Red Boy to the core. If not for there being so many people around, he'd really want to strangle the darn child. He had no intention to look at Red Boy as he stared intently at Fangzheng.

Park Changmin also said, "Abbot Fangzheng, we are already paying, so we can't have the treatment be inadequate, right? Besides, I wish to see how your painless abortion is like."

Fangzheng nodded slightly. "Patrons, since it has been requested by you, This Penniless Monk will naturally not be stingy. Patron Park, come over here. This Penniless Monk will help you."

Upon hearing that Fangzheng was willing to take action and that he confirmed his claim of being capable of performing a painless abortion, Park Mintae heaved a sigh of relief. He thought, "Why am I so freaking smart? I managed to dodge disaster at the critical moment!"

Meanwhile, Park Mintae smugly glared at Red Boy who looked at him with a brilliant smile before bowing with his palms pressed together. For some reason, Park Mintae had an ominous feeling. But thinking back to how Fangzheng claimed it would be a painless abortion, he was certain that he wouldn't feel any pain. Relieved, he came before Fangzheng.

Fangzheng gently asked, "Patron, This Penniless Monk will begin the treatment. Are you ready?"

Park Mintae focused his gaze on Fangzheng and, after confirming that he was a harmless person, he nodded. "I'm ready."

With the last syllable said, Park Mintae suddenly saw Fangzheng raise his palm and spin his arm while drawing out a huge curve before hurling it forward like a meteor hitting the Earth! Park Mintae could see it clearly, but he couldn't dodge it. In that instant, he cried out in his heart, "F**k!"


The sound of this slap resounded through the entire mountaintop, even causing an echo to bounce off into the distance.

Everyone's heart palpitated when they heard that, thinking, "Even though this monk looks harmless, he's that formidable in his strike?"

Meanwhile, everyone saw Park Mintae fly into the air, tumbling three times in the sky before splaying on the ground with a thud. He was motionless.

Hol sh*t, don't tell me he's dead!? This thought rose in the hearts of everyone.

Park Changmin had never expected this. Seeing how his disciple had been slapped so hard that his survival was unsure, he said furiously, "Fangzheng! What did you do?"

Fangzheng picked his ears, pressed his palms together, and smiled like warm sunshine. "This Penniless Monk is providing treatment."

"Wasn't it supposed to be a painless abortion? Can you still call it painless after such a slap?" Park Changmin bellowed.

Fangzheng smiled openly. "Of course. He fainted from the slap, so it's naturally painless."

Upon hearing such a shameless statement, Park Changmin's eyes nearly popped out from his glaring. Worst of all, he couldn't provide a retort!

Red Boy eagerly went forward to check Fangzheng's hand before loudly complaining. "Master, you should use less strength next time. Look, your hand is red from the slap. We made a loss engaging in this business. He might not have been hurt, but we were hurt. Sigh... What a huge loss."

When Park Changmin heard this, he nearly fainted from anger.

Upon hearing this, the people in the crowd who were watching in amusement snapped from their daze before bursting out into laughter.

"Haha! It's true that whatever kind of master breeds whatever kind of disciple. I'm impressed!"

"Hahaha! 66666. Truly awesome. I watched the previous livestreams and always felt that Abbot Fangzheng wasn't quite the normal monk. Now, it does seem like he's freaking frivolous. Hahaha!"

"Pui! What are you saying? This is called wisdom!"

"Hahaha, that's right! Wisdom! How alleviating! Ever since this master-disciple duo came to China, I haven't had peace of mind eating a single meal. This is what I was waiting for. I must have a feast when I return today. I bet it will feel great!"

"Awesome! Truly freaking awesome!"

"Holy sh*t, I still have my livestream on!" someone cried out suddenly.

"What the... Bro, are you serious? Wasn't it said before that recordings were prohibited?" someone cried out.

"Well... Hehe... I won't do it again. I promise."

"F**k, if you weren't Chinese, I'd beat you up! What Master taught today is definitely full of valuable medical secrets. If this reaches foreign ears, we will suffer a terrible loss!" a doctor said angrily.

The other doctors had angry frowns as well. The reporter immediately stopped the livestream.

Meanwhile, the Internet blew up.

"Holy sh*t, who is this monk? How is he so fierce!?"

"That slap sure was freaking awesome!"

"Holy sh*t, how relieving!"

"F**k. Dear, get me some bear! I want to have a drink to celebrate. Hahaha!"

"666. Master, I love you! I'm waiting for you to renounce asceticism!"



At the same time, there were of course waves of criticism from South Korea.

"This monk is too much. How can treatment be done this way?"

"He's using this opportunity to take revenge! It's the behavior of a wretched person!"

"How embarrassing for a citizen of a large nation to use such wretched actions!"


China's side immediately counterattacked, causing another huge skirmish on the Internet. However, the ones who had initially stirred the pot were South Koreans, so they had little support domestically. Hence, the participants in the curse war didn't comprise of their entire nation's forces. As for China, the entire populace had been holding back its anger. Now, with a place to vent it, everyone naturally stormed together.

"Son, come over here! Stop playing with your phone!"


"Teach me how to use those words. I want to cuss those bastards I can't stand the sight of!"

"Dad, you are a cultured man."

"Indeed. I'll just do it a bit less."


"Grandson, come over here. Help me curse!"

"Grandpa, I won't curse anymore. Never again. Stop setting me up. I'm still hurting from yesterday's beating."

"You brat. I didn't even use the belt yesterday and you call that pain? Back when I beat your dad, slippers were... Ahem. Let's not talk about that. Hurry up and help me curse! If you do it well, you get a punishment absolving pass for the next time. If you don't do well, you can have a taste of my newly bought leather shoes."



"Tell me, who do you want to curse? As a professional flamer, I'm at your command!"


"Holy sh*t. These people? These people don't even make the grade. Tsk... These curses are child's play. Uh, Grandpa, why are you holding your leather shoes?"

"Why don't you try spouting more nonsense without working?"


Against more than a hundred million people out in full force, South Korea was instantly defeated and wiped out. They failed to even leave a mark...

This cursing war might have been nothing more than a farce, but it also made Fangzheng famous!

In an instant, Fangzheng heard the familiar System's notification.

"Ding! Congratulations. You have reached Level 2 reputation. Your name is so well-known that it has reached all of Black Mountain City."

When Fangzheng heard that, he was stunned. He ignored Park Changmin, who had reddened eyes and was about to vomit blood from anger. He hurriedly took out his phone and did a search. This cheered Fangzheng up right away because he was on the headlines. Furthermore, all the comments were about him! He had taken up all the spots on the trending searches.

Fangzheng smiled so widely that his mouth nearly warped. However, he immediately felt puzzled. He asked, "System, I should be well-known throughout the country? Why are you only giving me a Level 2 reputation?"

"Have you forgotten the standards? Not only does everyone have to know you, they have to remember you as well. You have just gone viral for now. Few people will remember you after all of this is over. There will be even fewer people who will actively discuss you in conversation. You were able to cause quite a stir recently, and the people of Black Mountain City noticed you long ago already. With what you've just done, you will basically be known by everyone in Black Mountain City according to my estimates, so you deserve a Level 2 reputation. As for the rest, keep working at it," the System explained.