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896 This Penniless Monk Doesn't Care About Money


Park Mintae cried out in pain as he flew up, his mouth bloodied while his front teeth fell out. His blood dyed the snow on the ground red as he felt his face tingle while tumbling over the ground. Even his face was swollen!

Park Changmin was enraged. He said furiously, "Master, is this how you Chinese treat your guests?"

However, Fangzheng sat there in a composed manner as he held up a bowl of water to drink. He said with an indifferent smile, "Patron, there's no need to be angry."

"No need to be angry?" If it weren't for everyone around him being Chinese and it being impossible for him to beat so many people, he would have long taken action. Anyone in his place would be unable to tolerate their own disciple being beaten. Park Changmin's eyes were almost spewing out fire.

Red Boy rubbed his nose and said openly, "Little guy, why are you so agitated? That slap is my unique technique. It's just that I haven't fully mastered it yet and am unable to make it painless."

"Bullsh*t! You call that a unique technique? It's called assault! It would be weird if it didn't hurt!" Park Mintae held his face as he spoke, oddly lisping and whistling, no doubt because of the missing teeth.

Red Boy pricked up his brows and said, "Hehe, do you not believe me? The same method delivered by my master would definitely not hurt! It can even cause an abortion. Do you not believe me?"

"I don't..." Just as Park Mintae was about to voice his disbelief, he recalled the pain from the slap. He immediately shut up, afraid that he would be used as a guinea pig. He would be the one hurting again in that case!

Park Changmin frowned. "Master, since the both of you claim that this is an abortion method, what about the things in my disciple's body?"

"They have been aborted, but it was not a clean abortion. My skills are still lacking, so a few more rounds of therapy are needed. If you don't trust me, you can take his pulse and see if it's true." Red Boy knew Fangzheng couldn't lie, so he directly answered on his behalf.

Park Changmin frowned and looked at Fangzheng, as the latter gestured for him to do as he pleased.

Park Changmin immediately ran over to take Park Mintae's pulse. This only served to make him knit his brows together. Just as Red Boy said, there was indeed something gone from Park Mintae's abdomen.

At this moment, Fangzheng said, "There were five needles inside him. Now, there's only four left. Is that right?"

Park Changmin wasn't like Fangzheng who could see the ailments of any body at a glance.

Taking Park Mintae's pulse couldn't provide a clear indication. After all, the technique of using pulse as a way to diagnose patients was the culmination of thousands of years of experience. However, in these millennia, never had an ancestor seen a person pregnant with five needles! Without a precedent, Park Changmin naturally couldn't tell much from the pulse. All he could do was sense that there had been a reduction, but he was unwilling to admit that he couldn't tell the precise result from the pulse. Hence, he nodded in agreement.

And so Fangzheng asked, "Then, does this child still wish to go through with the abortion? If he doesn't, so be it. If he does, This Penniless Monk can have his disciple continue helping your disciple."

The moment Fangzheng said that, Park Mintae subconsciously grabbed Park Changmin's sleeve. His eyes welled with tears as he thought inwardly, "This isn't an abortion, this is battery! Master, you mustn't be fooled!"

Park Changmin could obviously tell that Red Boy was engaging in assault, but this was the problem; his strike had lessened the number of needles in Park Mintae's body by one! If Park Changmin were to try helping Park Mintae, there was no way he could succeed without killing him! Hence, Park Changmin patted Park Mintae and whispered. "Do you wish to give birth to the five needles and become famous throughout the world, or do you want to be slapped a few times to abort all of them?"

Upon hearing this question, Park Mintae clenched his teeth and said with a sobbing tone, "I'll take the beating!"

Park Changmin patted Park Mintae on the shoulder and whispered. "Don't worry. Every hit they deal to you will be returned to them ten times over. Since we are under their mercy for now, we can only temporarily bow our heads."

Park Mintae slightly nodded and raised his head, shouting. "Go on then!"

However, the imagined slap didn't land on his face. Instead, he saw Red Boy holding his hands behind his back, looking at him through the corner of his eye before he said with an elderly tone, "What do you mean 'go on'? Say please! I'm treating an illness of yours, so why are you so arrogant? Forget it. I'm not continuing with the treatment."

With that said, Park Mintae immediately felt dumbfounded. In all of his life, he had never seen someone so arrogant when beating someone up. Nor had he ever imagined that he would one day have to beg for someone to beat him.

While Park Mintae was in a daze, Red Boy shook his head and said, "I don't sense an iota of sincerity from you. Whatever. I'm not treating you anymore! You should just mentally prepare for having baby needles... Hey, I wonder what happens if the birth process doesn't go smoothly? What happens if that thing stabs and damages some nerves, making you unable to have an erection or paralyzing you from the waist down? Tsk..."

Seeing Red Boy about to leave, Park Mintae hurriedly shouted. "Wait!"

Red Boy turned his head back and smiled at Park Mintae. The look in his eyes seemed to say: "Come on, beg me! Beg me to beat you up!"

Park Mintae nearly spewed his lungs out from his fuming anger when he saw that look. But at that moment, what choice did he have? The needles in him were clearly extraordinary. They could even be described as paranormal. Other than the people on Mt. One Finger, he really wasn't sure if anyone in the world could extract them for him. Thinking about the repercussions Red Boy mentioned, he felt a chill running down his back.

Helpless, Park Mintae gritted his teeth and said, "Little Master, pleased help by giving me... treatment." He originally wanted to say the word "abortion," but he just couldn't say the word, so he had used the word "treatment."

When Red Boy heard this, he chuckled. "I don't like the word 'little.' Besides, do you think medical consultation is free?"

Park Mintae was stunned. It wasn't free? This guy even wanted money?

By the side, Fangzheng pricked up his brows as he secretly gave Red Boy a thumbs up. Now that winter had come, the monastery's economic outlook wasn't that great. Now, this child had learned how to gain some additional income. He was truly promising and worthy of his teachings!

Park Changmin frowned and said, "Abbot Fangzheng, we are having a competition. There shouldn't be any money involved in a competition, right?"

"Patron Park, that's incorrect. First of all, we didn't invite you to challenge us. You were the ones who came to us. My master was willing to spar with you because he felt pity for the two of you. Secondly, the one performing the treatment is me. If you wish to negotiate, shouldn't you do so with me? As for my rules, there's only one. Medical consultations require money. If there isn't enough, no treatment!" Red Boy interrupted.

Park Changmin glared at Fangzheng and asked, "Master, do you share the same sentiments?"

Fangzheng smiled. "Money is merely a worldly possession."

Park Changmin heaved a sigh of relief, afraid that Fangzheng would gorge him.

Fangzheng continued. "However, wisdom shouldn't be readily imparted. Wouldn't it make our One Finger Monastery's medical skills worthless if we just used them left and right? At the same time, taking too much would only make us appear unscrupulous."

When Park Changmin heard that, he realized that payment was still needed after all that beating about the bush! Stifling his anger, he asked, "Then, how much do you plan on charging, Master?"

Fangzheng smiled. "I heard that Patron Park once treated a Chinese patient and charged three million yuan. Patron, you once said that the price of life is immeasurable. Everyone's social status determines their price; hence, the charges can differ. Your disciple is a rising talent of your esteemed country's medical field, so he's naturally of extraordinary status. Let's do it this way. This Penniless Monk will collect a friends-and-family price and give a 90% discount, charging you only thirty million yuan."