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895 Taking Action

 Fangzheng even saw some men winking at him. It gave him shivers as he patted Red Boy on the head. "Go get Patron Park. Ahem, what he said sounds funny. Bring the two of them over. I just happened to need two experimental subjects."

Red Boy accepted the order and immediately headed down the mountain.

As for those odd gazes, Fangzheng silently chanted the scriptures and with his three-foot-thick skin, he simply tanked all of the looks he got! He knew very well that there was no way of explaining the matter. He might as well not say a word and let the truth explain everything.

Shortly after, Red Boy brought Park Changmin and Park Mintae over. When he saw them, he jumped in shock. The two were pale, and their lips were purple as their legs trembled. Clearly, they had been frozen frigid! Then, looking at their attires, Fangzheng was enlightened. It was no surprise they were suffering so much from the cold...

Park Changmin and Park Mintae were wearing short down jackets. Clearly, they had believed that as mountain trekking was an exercise, it would definitely heat them up, and they had thought they didn't need to wear too much. In their minds, they were there to compete, and any competition would definitely be held indoors where it was warm. Hence, they thought they wouldn't need to worry about being cold after the mountain climbing came to an end, and the two of them came without much preparations. Unfortunately, they never expected to be tricked by the crowd. They were left stranded in the middle of the crowd and unable to move. It was fine if they couldn't warm themselves up by working out, but to have those people agitate them using hand warmers and warm water...

Park Mintae's eyes were red as he glared intently at Fangzheng.

"From his aggrieved gaze, could it be that Master really f**ked him and got him pregnant? And then he was abandoned?"

"Unlikely, right? Master can't be that hardcore, can he?"

"Hard to tell. Look at the huge dog beside him. That clueless look in its eyes is clearly a result of being f**ked frequently. He got f**ked silly..."


Fangzheng didn't react towards such comments. Since he had a clean conscience, he wasn't afraid of anything. He could easily withstand this storm in a teacup. Otherwise, the past year of reading Buddhist scriptures might as well have been thrown to the Jingfa. Jingfa, however, wasn't happy hearing that. Monkey failed to hold him back as he rushed forward, jumping high into the sky and somersaulting before throwing his limbs into the sky. He landed and lay in front of the person that had said that, staring at him with a ferocious gaze.

The person was dumbfounded, originally imagining the huge white dog was going to bite him, but with the dog making such a pose, he was puzzled. What was the dog up to?

When wily old foxes like Fangzheng, Monkey, Red Boy, and Salted Fish saw this, they immediately knew what Lone Wolf was up. They facepalmed and turned around, disavowing the silly dog.

Lone Wolf ignored them as he used his claws to point to his nether regions. The person was still puzzled. What was the dog up to?

Fangzheng couldn't watch any further as he waved his hand. Red Boy hurriedly ran over, grabbed Lone Wolf by the tail, and he dragged him away. As he walked, he whispered. "I know you have remained fully masculine, and you didn't get f**ked, but can you consider the situation, please?"

Lone Wolf scoffed to express his utmost dissatisfaction.

Thankfully, no one heard their conversation. At the same time, no one believed that Lone Wolf had understood the man's words and rushed over to show his masculinity. Hence, this tiny storm in a teacup passed.

Although Lone Wolf was gone, Park Mintae was on the brink of blowing up in anger. The thoughts these people had gave him the urge to commit suicide! He shouted angrily. "Shut up! That's not what I meant! I'm just saying that my pregnancy is his fault!"

"I see..." everyone responded in unison and nodded, their eyes filled with teasing looks.

When Park Mintae saw this, he pulled at his hair and shouted. "It's not what you are thinking. He used some unspeakable methods to get me pregnant!"

"We get it..." everyone responded again and nodded, their gaze turning odder. Someone else whispered. "From the looks of it, the two of you sure are kinky... As expected of TCM experts. You guys do it way differently."

Park Mintae was on the brink of tears when he heard that. Why couldn't this be explained away? He swore he hated Chinese! Just a few words could be understood in several different ways. It was bullsh*t!

Park Mintae was about to continue when Park Changmin patted him on the shoulder to silence him. Park Mintae had lost his nerve in his anger, but Park Changmin had remained calm the entire time. Although he was freezing, he still maintained his demeanor and sharp eyes. He naturally could tell that these people didn't believe that there was a relationship between Park Mintae and Fangzheng. They were only using it to tease Park Mintae.

Hence, Park Changmin took action and stopped Park Mintae from embarrassing himself. Instead, he looked straight at Fangzheng and bowed. "I'm Park Changmin. I heard that Master Fangzheng has done some research on medicine. I'm here today to gain a better understanding."

Fangzheng smiled. "It can't be called research. Medicine is vast and profound. This Penniless Monk only knows the tip of the iceberg."

Red Boy chuckled and said, "That's right. My master doesn't know much, but he's best at treating people who can't have children and painless abortions."

When Fangzheng heard this, he raised his hand and struck the brat. What nonsense was he speaking!? Fangzheng's medicine was ultimately still medicine, and it didn't exceed the normal confines of medicine. However, impregnating someone remotely and causing an abortion with the wave of a hand was a divine power! Of course that was what he was best at. More critically though, the repercussions could be big if that was said in such a setting.

Indeed, the moment that was said, Park Changmin's brows pricked up as he asked, "The thing in my disciple's abdomen?"

Fangzheng smiled. "Patron, it's just a matter of something being in your disciple's body. Are you not able to extract it with your medical skills?"

Park Changmin frowned. Extract it? He wished to, but the location and angle of the needles made it so that operating him could take Park Mintae's life! He didn't dare risk it.

Fangzheng wasn't in a rush either. He sat there, composed. After all, he didn't feel cold and could easily play the waiting game.

Park Changmin thought for a moment, but he couldn't help but stamp his feet. There was nothing he could do about it. Having stood still for so long, his toes were freezing. He was a doctor, not a god. He could forcefully maintain his composure, but that didn't mean his body could ignore the cold.

Hence, Park Changmin said, "I'm unable to. But since it's a competition, Master, why don't you do it to prove your medical skills?"

Upon hearing that, everyone laughed happily. How hard was it to get Park Changmin to admit defeat? All his defeated opponents present were the answer.

With everything starting off in their favor, everyone seemed to see hope in Fangzheng's victory!

However, Fangzheng didn't take action. Red Boy stepped forward and smiled. "It's only an abortion. Why would it require my master? I'll handle such a trivial task!"

"You?" Looking at the boy who looked six, Park Changmin was stunned.

Park Mintae raged in amusement as he laughed and pointed at Red Boy. "You?"

Red Boy grinned at Park Mintae in a most innocent and brilliant manner. However, Park Mintae had the feeling like he had been targeted by a devil. He couldn't help but shiver. Before he could react, Red Boy suddenly jumped up, lodged his wrist, and yanked it! Park Mintae's body jerked forward and Red Boy waved his hand to give him a slap!Based on the idiom: thrown to the dogs. Jingfa is Lone Wolf.