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Meanwhile on Mt. One Finger, Fangzheng had already arrived at the plateau by the mountainside. When he looked at the more than thirty people in front of him, a sliver of a smile appeared in his eyes.

"Song Yuhe, is this the person you said would be able to change the fate of TCM?" Upon seeing Fangzheng, many people stood up and angrily glared at Song Yuhe.

When Jiang Yu saw this, she smiled wryly, thinking, "As I thought!"

Fangzheng's livestream had caused quite a stir. If not for Park Changmin's challenge, Fangzheng would have become famous in TCM even if he couldn't reach the point of being known in every household. He would have remained a stranger to no one. However, Jiang Yu believed that Fangzheng would have become known to all because of the criticism leveled at him. After all, rumors of him being a cheat had only just begun.

Upon seeing Fangzheng, Jiang Yu even had the urge to chastise Song Yuhe. However, compared to Fangzheng, she knew Song Yuhe better. Song Yuhe wouldn't have gotten her there if he wasn't completely confident. Since she had been brought by him, it could be true that the monk was really capable! It was only with this in mind that Jiang Yu had come. However, even though she could rationalize it and convince herself, it was different for the others.

Despite seeing the questions thrown at him from the agitated crowd, Song Yuhe ignored everyone. Instead, he came in front of Fangzheng and held his hands together before giving a deep bow!

This bow left everyone silent.

Although Song Yuhe had lost the recent match, he was ultimately still one of the three medical sages of TCM! Song Yuhe was just too famous, yet someone like him with such immense pride had bowed towards a young monk? It was like the President of the United States prostrating himself to an ordinary person. The visual impact shut everyone's mouth as their denouncement ended. However, there was even more puzzlement now. What had the monk done to make Song Yuhe revere him that much? From his appearance, this monk was probably about the same age as most audience members' own children...

While everyone thought this in their heart, Fangzheng accepted Song Yuhe's bow without any scruples. He had previously not accepted Miao Hong's bow because he had no relationship with him. Now that Song Yuhe had listened to one of his lessons, he was considered half a disciple and had benefited from him. Therefore, this bow was something Fangzheng could accept.

Fangzheng smiled slightly as he pressed his palms together and said, "Amitabha!"

Then Fangzheng slowly walked to the pond, stepped onto it, and walked on water!

In an instant, all the people who were about to voice their doubts were completely dumbfounded. They immediately recalled the scene of Song Yuhe bringing them to have some fun with the water when they arrived a bit earlier. They had thought Song Yuhe was mad, but now they realized that they had actually been checking if there were any problems with the water. So they had checked the water, but they'd found it to be ordinary. It was a miracle for someone to walk on ordinary water!

What left them even more shocked was that the monk was now motionlessly standing on the water surface with his palms pressed together.

Meanwhile, a ray of golden sunshine scattered over him, and the light resembled a golden Kasaya. The scene looked perfect, making Fangzheng look like a Buddha in a picture. Everyone was so shocked they couldn't say a word.

Before the crowd could even react, Fangzheng started speaking. TCM theories began to flow out of him like water, going from simplicity to profundity, and then from profundity to simplicity, as he analyzed the theoretical foundations of TCM. Meanwhile, many other principles from other schools of medicine were mixed into the fray. In what Fangzheng described, there was no demarcation between Traditional Chinese or Western medicine. Instead, the essence of all medical schools of thought was distilled, and they were described as one. He drew on the strengths of each school of thought, and mending the flaws they had, formed a brand new medical system! This system lit up everyone's eyes as they felt as if they had seen a massive sun piercing through the clouds, revealing an enormous ocean before the ocean!

The puzzles and questions that plagued them were instantly resolved as they could not help but heave long sighs of relief. Then, each and every one of them began looking at the new world before them in excitement. At this moment, they finally understood what Song Yuhe meant by hope and savior. How could this even be called hope? This monk's theories were basically a new chapter in medical history!

Seconds turned to minutes, and when the people in the audience snapped to their senses, the monk before them had already vanished. They had no idea when Fangzheng left because when Fangzheng was done with his speech, they were still immersed in their own worlds, summarizing what they had gleaned from the seminar while they tried to memorize Fangzheng's every word, hungrily and thirstily absorbing the information within.

When everyone finally did come to their senses, there was an uproar.


"This is medicine!"

"The sea is formed from hundreds of tributaries. We have been too petty in the past!"

"Listening to this once beat ten years of studying!"

"I've lived decades for nothing..."


When he heard everyone sigh, Song Yuhe chuckled and asked. "Everyone, do you still wish to beat me up?"

Upon hearing that, many people blushed with embarrassment. This was because just before Fangzheng started his speech, someone mumbled from the audience when they saw that it was a young monk delivering the speech. "If this isn't delivered well, I'll beat up that darn a**hole!"

While everyone was blushing with embarrassment, Red Boy came forward and said, "Everyone, my master said that there will be one class every three days for now. There might be an adjustment of the schedule in the future, and everything is tentative. In addition, lessons on Mt. One Finger are free and unrestricted. However, due to the limited space on the mountain, if there are too many people, it will be decided on a first come first serve basis. By the way, my master is best at treating people who can't have children and painless abortions."

After saying that, Red Boy's face blushed. He was perplexed as to why his adorable master would wish to say something like that! A monk that's best at treating people who can't have children and painless abortions? Why don't you say your surname is Wang? With a red face of embarrassment, Red Boy ran off. He just couldn't stand embarrassing himself any further. When the crowd snapped to their senses, Red Boy was long gone. However, Red Boy clearly didn't understand doctors. They didn't show any disdain towards such a thing, although they did find it odd for a monk to specialize in something like this...

Everyone's attention moved onto another matter as they exchanged looks. The lessons are free and have no restrictions?

"Doesn't that mean that foreigners can listen as well?" someone exclaimed.

"This... This won't do! This is our national treasure. How can we let outsiders hear it?" someone said.

When Song Yuhe heard such comments, he frowned. He kind of knew what Fangzheng was alluding to. A true master had an open mind and wouldn't only wall himself into a tiny area. Some people had their hearts focused on their family or country, but some focused their hearts on the world. Medicine was meant to treat illnesses and save lives. How could the saving of a person be determined by their skin color? That would be too narrow-minded.

But on second thought, Song Yuhe still felt a little bitter. He kept having the feeling that something of his would be stolen by others. At this moment, Jiang Yu came over and whispered to him. Song Yuhe's eyes lit up, and he laughed nefariously. "I can't be considered a master for the rest of my life anyway, so let's do it this way!"

On the mountain, Fangzheng walked in front while Salted Fish followed behind. He raised his fish head and exclaimed. "Reverend, aren't you afraid that your medical skills will reach the ears of foreigners? Especially into the ears of that Park Changmin? After he learns this, it will become his. Won't he use it to suppress China's medicine again?"

Fangzheng smiled. "If This Penniless Monk can spread it, he can also take it back."

Salted Fish pricked up his whiskers, having the nagging feeling that Fangzheng was just bragging. He couldn't understand what gave this monk his confidence!

Fangzheng returned to the mountaintop and passed his day with ease, but there was chaos down the mountain.

Song Yuhe held a press conference for the first time!

Due to the end of the TCM battle, the entire nation was wallowing in misery as everyone's mood had reached a new low. At this moment, news of one of the three sages, Song Yuhe, holding a press conference immediately attracted the attention of many. The reporters who hadn't left quickly rushed to the press conference's venue. As they traveled, these reporters wondered, "Why is Song Yuhe holding a press conference. Is he thickening his skin to go back on his word? Or is he hoping to get some exposure before all this buzz is over?"

When everyone rushed to the venue, they were dumbfounded. This was because Song Yuhe wasn't the only one present. Jiang Yu was there too! When they scanned the area, many people were sitting at the front table. They were all the famous doctors who had challenged Park Changmin!

The reporters rubbed their noses. Their instincts as reporters told them that something big was happening today.


Meanwhile, Park Changmin hadn't boarded the plane because Park Mintae was pregnant!

Park Changmin looked at Park Mintae with an odd look. He had already tried every means possible, but he failed to diagnose how Park Mintae could have gotten pregnant. More exasperating for him was that when he felt Park Mintae's pulse, it was extremely odd. The thing in his belly didn't seem to be anything ordinary. Park Changmin wished to send him to the hospital for an ultrasound, but he was now the talk of the town. Every medical practitioner in China knew them. They had just wiped out many of China's TCM doctors, so if they were to head to the hospital for an ultrasound after causing such a stir, they would only be treated as laughing stocks.

Most importantly, perhaps no hospital would accept them.

To return to South Korea immediately? Park Changmin wished to do so, but the moment they headed for the airport, Park Mintae would suffer excruciating pain to the point of his eyes turning white! Therefore, there was no way for him to bring Park Mintae back to South Korea. All he could do was find a spot to sit down. The people beside them wore looks of helplessness as well. They were now public enemies of China. Restaurants didn't sell them food, transportation companies didn't accept their business, and hotels didn't entertain them. The only hope they had was the embassy. Since the embassy's car hadn't arrived, all they could do was sit on the street and lament.

Park Changmin wished to help Park Mintae abort the fetus, but the present situation of him not even knowing what was inside and the chaotic pulse made him hesitate.

When the embassy's car arrived, they were sent to a residence. After lots of hard work, the embassy finally obtained an ultrasound machine. They did a checkup for Park Mintae in the room, only for everyone present to be dumbfounded.

They saw five elongated items in Park Changmin's belly! These things might be recognized as poles or fingers by others, but Park Changmin instantly recognized them correctly. He exclaimed. "How is this possible? Those are silver needles? Five silver needles!"Alluding to a meme that the adultery lover of one's wife is the neighbor next door with the surname Wang.