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890 The Passion From External Pressure

 At the same time, Fangzheng finally opened his eyes and his mouth. In an instant, the duo subconsciously held their breaths and focused, not daring to let out so much as a fart, afraid they would miss something or disturb Fangzheng.

Fangzheng said, "Medical practitioners are born as a result of soul and honor..."

After a few sentences, Fangzheng went straight to the gist of the topic, and he finally talked about TCM! After just a few words, Song Yuhe's eyes widened, not because Fangzheng was saying anything especially impressive, but because his opening words were really right on point when it came to the essence of TCM. He could clearly tell their authenticity. Moreover, someone who could point out such essential things was definitely not a layman. As he continued listening, Song Yuhe's eyes grew wider. This was because Fangzheng's theories began to include his, to the point of Fangzheng openly explaining what he had kept secret. Song Yuhe felt like a thief was flaunting what he had stolen in front of him, the victim, and Song Yuhe actually felt a little upset.

But soon, Song Yuhe's upsetness turned to shock because what Fangzheng said was also a little bit different from what Song Yuhe had believed. And it was precisely that small difference that seemed to open up a brand new world to him. Many of the problems that had puzzled him in the past were instantly solved! If felt like an axe had cleaved through the shackles in his mind, showing him a glimpse of heaven and allowing him to see a broader world. The feeling of openness and immersion in the medical world he experienced left him unable to extricate himself.

As for Xi Liang, he was in misery. What Fangzheng said was already very simple, but Xi Liang's foundations were too weak. There were too many things he couldn't understand at all, and there was a portion of things he did understand but only vaguely. Now, upon hearing all this profound stuff, he had the feeling of having a treasure in front of him but being unable to grasp it. It brought him close to tears. However, he tried his best to memorize everything. He knew that this knowledge was a wealth which couldn't be bought with money.

Between the duo, one was intoxicated while the other was in pain from all the memorizing, but he too was exhilarated to the point of foolishness.

The duo didn't know how long Fangzheng talked for, but when they opened their eyes, they saw that the area before them was empty! Fangzheng was no longer above the pond. Lone Wolf, Monkey, and Squirrel were also gone. As for the salted fish, someone had taken it away... Only the young acolyte was still present.

Upon seeing this, the two felt despondent, as though they had lost something important. Their hearts felt empty as they turned melancholic.

"Amitabha. My master said that there wasn't many people today, so he would only say this much. The next seminar will be in three days." With that said, Red Boy turned and left. Although he was small, he was fast. He quickly vanished from the staircase.

His speed left the duo agape, but thinking back to how he was able to walk on water, the two calmed down.

After Red Boy was gone, Song Yuhe immediately ran to the pond and reached in to touch the water. It was cold, and his arm could reach the bottom, but there wasn't anything in the water which could prop a person up. Unconvinced, Song Yuhe circled the spring source in an attempt to figure out the trick, but ultimately, he failed.

Finally, Song Yuhe took off his shoes, grit his teeth, and mimicked Fangzheng. He tried to walk the path Fangzheng had taken and...

Moments later down the mountain, Song Yuhe was crying out loud. "Quick, quick! My toes are freezing off!"

"Teacher Song, I'm already... Huff... Puff... I'm already going as fast as I can. You knew it was cold, but you still went into the water. You didn't even stand firmly..." Xi Liang was close to tears. It was definitely not comfortable carrying a drenched, freezing man on his back.

Song Yuhe also wore a face of bitterness. How could he know that the bottom of the spring was that slippery?

Meanwhile, in the backyard of One Finger Monastery, there was a huge fire basin in the kitchen. The disciples were all gathered by Fangzheng's side, intently listening to the news on the phone. Fangzheng had stopped his seminar midway, not because he cherished his knowledge or because he disdained the idea of the pitiful attendance, but because he wanted to watch the news...

The outcome of the matches had been released after an entire morning.

Upon seeing the outcome, the disciples nearly jumped up. Out of the eight Chinese candidates who participated in the morning competition, seven had lost to Park Mintae. The last one was defeated by Park Changmin, who had suddenly appeared. This also meant that the person was likely better than Park Mintae, resulting in Park Changmin taking action himself.

This turn of events left countless cries of dissatisfaction.

"It was said that Park Mintae would accept the challenges. Why did Park Changmin appear as well? This is simply bullying!"

"If he's no match, he goes to get his master. He's shameless indeed!"

Immediately, the supporters of Park Changmin and Park Mintae stepped forward.

"There was nothing in the rules to prevent switching contestants. What's wrong with switching? Did we violate the rules?"

"That's right. Weren't you clamoring about challenging Teacher Park Changmin all along? Now that he stepped forward, you call it bullying. What a joke!"


The war of words began once again.

"I only wish to know how the competition after this will continue. Park Mintae might not be able to defend against all of us, but he has a mountain backing him in the form of Park Changmin!"

Finally, someone expressed his worry. The Chinese side fell silent. Although China had many experts, the top ones had all lost. The remaining ones were likely cannon fodder that wouldn't make a difference.

Upon seeing this, Squirrel brandished his fists angrily on Mt. One Finger. He asked Fangzheng, "Master, are you not taking action yet? These guys are too arrogant!"

Fangzheng said indifferently, "What's the rush? Losing is a good thing to China. TCM has been stifled and neglected for too long. They need this exposure. After losing and losing repeatedly, the national honor deep in their hearts will be stimulated. When this honor is fully released, it will awaken the passion of the Chinese. That will be when the true battle begins."

Saving TCM was definitely not something that could be done in a day. All these years, China had been repressed by foreign powers and suffering from internal strife. TCM was on the brink of vanishing. If it was to be saved, the honor of the people needed to be awakened while to stimulate the passion in their bones. Only this would make them love their culture!

Without suffering any losses, one would never know what they truly loved. Fangzheng decided to let TCM suffer some pain for once.

After the disciples heard that, all of them fell into deep thought.

However, there were certain things Fangzheng didn't say. He wasn't the only one with such thoughts. With China's 5,000 years of history, could there really only be three medical sages that snatched all the glamor left in the present day and age?

But even if there were others, Fangzheng didn't pin his hopes on them. Since ancient times, the superior experts had secluded themselves in the courts, while the inferior masters had secluded themselves among the people. The truly capable ones might not serve the country, but they would definitely fight for the people! These people were the true heroes. As for those that only thought about becoming rich by staying in society or those that led carefree, otherworldly days by themselves, what use were they even if they were extremely capable? What value did they bring to the world when compared to ordinary people? Such people could only earn respect for their accomplishments in their field as masters, but as people, they weren't worthy of any respect.