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 Such destruction would be in no way inferior to losing to Park Changmin.

However, Jiang Yu still used her connections to urge all participating doctors to pass on their medical knowledge before participating in the battle.

This warning was noticed by many people, but none of them understood why Jiang Yu made such a suggestion. Jiang Yu's warnings were drowned under the stirrings of passion. Very few people did as Jiang Yu said.

Upon hearing this news, Park Changmin, who was seated before a coffee table, revealed a smile filled with bloodlust.

Sitting opposite him was Park Mintae with a face mask. He whispered. "Teacher, from the looks of it, TCM will be finished ahead of time. Your feat will enter the books of history! Without TCM, TKM will rise!"

Park Changmin laughed. However, there was a tinge of worry hidden deep within his smile. But soon, his worries were gone, leaving only animosity. He said indifferently, "They are only small fry. You can deal with them. If there's anyone you can't handle, come to me."

"Yes, Teacher," Park Mintae said reverently. After saying that, he took his leave, but the moment he walked out, his eyes turned gloomy. He felt his pulse as his brow furrowed.

That day, Park Mintae spread the announcement: "To challenge Park Changmin, you have to get past me first! Those who can't have to leave by themselves and are never to practice medicine again. If anyone manages to beat me, I will similarly give up everything and seclude myself from the medical world to become a farmer."

The moment this announcement was made, all the doctors in Black Mountain City jumped in fright. Although they were prepared to lose, they immediately had a change of expression when they heard that a loss would sever their future.

Who was Park Changmin? He was a top medical master who had defeated the three medical sages of China! What was TKM? It didn't exist at all! To put it bluntly, TKM was TCM! Park Changmin would be called a top TCM expert if he lived in China! With such a person forming the competition, who would dare claim to be able to beat him? Even if they didn't have to fight Park Changmin, there was still Park Mintae. He was the personal disciple of a master! Although Park Mintae's influence internationally was inferior to Park Changmin's, he was still a recognized talent. Few people could beat him!

The arrival of all the TCM doctors of China was mainly an impulsive result of noble indignation and passion. They wished to make a statement that TCM wasn't dead and that it still had them. However, with the stakes of war being elevated, everyone felt a little hesitant. They all had a family, and everyone had their own life. Battling despite knowing defeat was certain wasn't an act of bravery but simply foolhardy.

Hesitation spread especially when someone pointed out that the three medical sages had likely been forced by the same terms to never practice medicine again. Furthermore, their heritage had likely been terminated. To answer the call of war meant wasting the final heritage of TCM!

At the same time, everyone finally noticed Jiang Yu's previous warning. "Leave behind your experience and insights!" She had warned them because she knew that they would lose if they participated in the battle, so she requested that they leave behind their experience and insight, so as to continue the heritage of TCM.

With this in mind, some people fell silent. However, a group of people still chose to do battle. They were also from big TCM families, believing that they had the ability to fight Park Changmin! Meanwhile, these people wrote down their own unique medical skills. If they were to lose, these things could guarantee that their medical skills would not be lost. It would reduce the effects of losing to the minimum.

As both sides gathered, the curtains of the huge TCM battle were about to be drawn. It was decided that the battle was going to be held the next day!

After an uneventful night, Black Mountain City, which didn't have much of a night life, awoke ahead of time before dawn. Large numbers of people rushed to the sports stadium in the middle of the city to witness the largest medical battle in history.

The number of Chinese TCM doctors who participated numbered twenty-seven, all TCM masters of their regions. The format of the competition was one-on-one, with Park Mintae facing all the masters.

The rules were simple. They were to randomly choose a Chinese and South Korean member of the audience and use their various means to diagnose the person with any ailments they might have. There would be bonus points for the diagnostic methods, the treatment solutions, as well as the effectiveness of the treatment. Finally, the scoring would be determined by neutral international medical masters. If the scores were the same, the competition would carry on until a victor emerged.

After hearing the rules, there was an uproar. Although there were many members of the audience, the number of people having ailments couldn't be many. Who would be out and about if they were ill?

However, none of the TCM doctors rejected this rule. This was because in the eyes of TCM, suboptimal health was also a kind of ailment, and this was something everyone had. The only thing was that it was difficult to diagnose, but it would serve as a good way to test the doctors' medical skills.

Meanwhile, on Mt. One Finger, Fangzheng was done cleaning up the area. After striking the drum and bell, he led his disciples down the mountain.

"Master, I heard that Black Mountain City is holding a TCM competition. Those South Korean and Chinese TCM doctors are competing. Why don't we not hold a preaching seminar and just join the fun instead? With my speed, it won't take long to get there." Red Boy, who surfed the Internet daily, was naturally aware of the news. At the same time, he was also attracted by the call to arms on the Internet. He felt the zeal and passion course through his veins and also thought of joining in the fun.

The matter of Black Mountain City was naturally known by Fangzheng, but he still shook his head. Like a senior talking to a junior, he said, "No rush. Let them have their fun. This competition is a good thing for China's TCM."

"Good thing? Master, China's TCM reputation is about to be destroyed. When the time comes, all of them will be forbidden from practicing medicine. TCM will really be done for!" Red Boy exclaimed.

Fangzheng smiled. "Don't worry. It won't."

"Uh, Master, where are you getting your confidence from? If those guys are finished, you won't have anywhere to seek redress from," Red Boy said.

Fangzheng looked up, his body effusing formless pride. It seldom appeared from Fangzheng because he always gave off a modest and humble attitude to others. Even if he had divine powers, he never used them to bully and flaunt himself. However, it was different this time. Red Boy could sense that the darn baldy was going to bully and posture!

Indeed, when Fangzheng's aura reached its peak, he said domineeringly, "With me around, TCM won't die!"

His voice was extremely loud and extremely confident. Fangzheng's image was instantly elevated in the eyes of Red Boy, Squirrel, and Lone Wolf!

At the same time, there was a loud cry. "666!"

Everyone was stunned as they turned to look, only to see Salted Fish jump out of the Heavenly Dragon Pond, shouting "666"...

At that instant, cold sweat dripped from everyone's heads. Fangzheng's perfectly arranged posturing scene was instantly shattered by Salted Fish's shouting of "666". It was completely overturned.

Fangzheng, who had failed at posturing, sighed. He slapped Salted Fish back into the Heavenly Dragon Pond and led his disciples down the mountain.

"Master, how many people do you think will come?" Squirrel jumped onto Fangzheng's shoulder and asked happily.It means awesome in Chinese.