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883 Don't Provoke Master

 However, Song Yuhe still repressed his thoughts in fear. He had no choice but to suppress his anger and asked, "Will it be about Traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine?"

Fangzheng smiled faintly and stared into Song Yuhe's eyes. "Medicine."

"Yes, I know. I'm asking you if you'll be talking about TCM or Western medicine." Song Yuhe repeated his question.

But in the end, he only got the same reply from Fangzheng. "Medicine."

"Master, are you kidding me? Medicine comes in many varieties, but the most common two seen in China are TCM and Western medicine. Everything has a focus. Once the focus is different, the topic discussed will be different, along with the audience," Song Yuhe said impatiently.

However, Fangzheng still answered indifferently, "Medicine."

Song Yuhe nearly blew up as he shouted for the first time with pangs of fury. "Can you answer my question? Don't tell me you plan on explaining everything!"

Song Yuhe had only shouted out his criticism without much thought, and he ended up regretting it the very next moment. The monk in front of him was strange. If he was a ghost, his shout would likely mean the end of his life right there and then.

However, the situation was already so bad that to make it worse would make no real difference. Since he had shouted already, he could only accept the consequences. He stiffened his neck and glared at Fangzheng, waiting for the outcome.

Fangzheng smiled and nodded. "Yes."

"Uh..." Song Yuhe was dumbfounded. He looked at Fangzheng like he was looking at a monster. He really wished to open up the monk's brains to see how they operated. Talk about everything? He scorned the thought. No one in the entire world had ever been able to teach all of medicine in one seminar. Even a tiny part of medicine couldn't be completely talked about in a short time.

Song Yuhe looked at Fangzheng like he was a retard and said, "Master, do you know how long it will take?"

Fangzheng said, "Very long. Therefore, This Penniless Monk plans to emulate the ancients-by preaching a sermon."

Song Yuhe nearly choked when he heard that, thinking, "Hey! This monk's answers are getting grander and more inexplicable the more I ask. He wants to emulate the ancients by preaching a sermon? Why don't you just die, huh?"

For the ancients who had managed to do this, which one of them wasn't a founding master? There might not even truly have been such people. Only in legends of immortals was there mention of immortals preaching the Dao through sermons, attracting countless demons, ghosts and monsters.

Thinking of these supernatural beings, Song Yuhe suddenly thought of something. The monk in front of him might not be normal!

With this in mind, Song Yuhe looked at Fangzheng and was surprised to see that he was gone!

He had vanished into thin air with no one around him. When he looked down at the ground, he gasped. The spot where Fangzheng had been standing didn't have a single footprint! Then, had Fangzheng even really been standing there? Could it be...

The thought left Song Yuhe's hair standing on end. He turned around and immediately ran. Although he was advanced in his years, he had kept his fitness up. He was usually able to run fast enough already, and now, he seemed to exceed the limits of human speed.

After Song Yuhe ran off, Fangzheng dispelled A Golden Millet Dream and wiped his nose. "This was my first time working so hard to posture. I hope it wasn't for nothing."

After saying that, Fangzheng turned to head back to One Finger Monastery. The moment he entered it, he was surrounded by his disciples, all of them staring at him with widened eyes as though they were saying: "You returned?! Where the hell were you?"

Amid everyone's furious stares, only Squirrel's gaze was slightly different. Hence, Fangzheng picked Squirrel and asked, "Jingkuan, do you have something to say?"

"Master, did you not think of us when you went down the mountain alone? We were so worried for you! But you? You went down the mountain for so long without bringing back any good food to eat. Aren't you letting us down?" Squirrel said, afire with noble indignation.

When Fangzheng heard the first half, he imagined that Squirrel had changed and was finally adhering to proper reason, but the moment the second half was said, Fangzheng realized that Squirrel was still the same old Squirrel. He had overestimated him...

"Master, that's too much. How could you run off alone? You even used a Concealment Spell. Were you so afraid we'd follow you? Be honest. Did you secretly have some good food all by yourself?" Red Boy held his hands to his sides and said angrily.

Lone Wolf also said, "Master, in the past, you would choose one of us no matter where you went. There must be a problem if you went down alone."

Monkey said, "Master, I think you should just admit it."

Salted Fish coughed and said, "Reverend, as a senior, I have to warn you that causing public outrage will result in starvation."

Fangzheng pricked up his brows when he heard that and smiled. "Yes, you have all said a lot and have said it well. Let's do this. Continue speaking while I listen to show how free, open, and democratic our One Finger Monastery is. We are after all unique, aren't we?"

Upon hearing Fangzheng say that, all of them immediately felt bolstered, especially the little squirrel. He cried out with noble indignation. "Master, you can head down the mountain alone, but you have to tell us. See, I'm already so thin from worrying for you."

Fangzheng: "..."

Lone Wolf followed by saying, "Me too. I'm so thin. If not for my thick fur, you'd be able to tell. In fact, I'd be too embarrassed to come out. But... There's no need to bring me with you when you head down the mountain."

Monkey said, "Master, I didn't get thinner, but I think you should consider our feelings."

Salted Fish said as well, "Are you not embarrassed? Reverend, when you went down alone, I was so worried. With this worry, the burdens I carry became heavier. With heavier burdens, I become hungrier faster..."


Fangzheng listened in amusement while getting Red Boy to cook.

Before long, it was mealtime.

"Continue speaking. I'm listening. I value freedom a lot. You have reason to speak." Fangzheng sat there as he ate, speaking with utmost righteousness.

However, standing across the table were his disciples in a row. All of them were looking at Fangzheng with tears in their eyes.

"Master, I was wrong. I was just speaking nonsense. Don't mind me," Squirrel cried.

Salted Fish said as well, "Reverend, I was wrong too. I'll definitely look to you for guidance in the future. You have the final say. Hey, eat slowly, leave some for me..."

Tragic cries rang incessantly while Fangzheng had a great time eating. He said with a smile, "Don't be like that. Our monastery values freedom of speech very much. Continue talking. I'm listening."

When his disciples heard that, all of them cried out in their hearts with tears welling in their eyes. Freedom of speech, my ass! You call this freedom? This is a dictatorship, alright? Boohoo!

After Park Mintae left the mountain, he immediately headed for Black Mountain City to find his master, Park Changmin.

On a chair sat a man in black, loose traditional attire while calmly drinking a cup of tea. Although his hair was grizzled, his narrowed eyes emitted a glimmer like that of a knife, shimmering with a cold glint...