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880 Sinister

 "What?" Upon hearing that Song Yuhe had been defeated by Park Changmin, everyone was shocked. None of the medical experts bothered to scold Park Mintae anymore. Instead, they turned their questioning gazes at Song Yuhe.

Park Mintae raised his head and said proudly, "What? Didn't you know? Heh heh. All of you are so behind the news. Song Yuhe, will you not admit it?"

Song Yuhe's brows furrowed even more tightly.

"Teacher Song, this..." Miao Hong probed.

Song Yuhe looked at Miao Hong and the rest before sighing. He nodded and said, "It's true that I lost to Park Changmin."

The moment that was said, everyone gasped in unison. Park Mintae acted even more smug as he raised his head like a rooster, laughing. "Not bad. At least you aren't a sore loser."

Then Park Mintae looked at the rest and said with a look of contempt, "I forgot to tell you that my teacher is now a guest at Black Mountain City..."

"Black Mountain City? You wish to challenge Jiang Yu?" Song Yuhe suddenly realized something as he cried out.

Everyone's expression instantly turned heavy.

Xi Liang said, "The only woman among the three medical sages of TCM, Jiang Yu? Why is she at Black Mountain City?"

Park Mintae shot a glance at the crowd and said proudly, "It's pointless to tell you. My teacher said that after this year, there will no longer be any TCM doctors. We shall use our medical skills to prove to everyone that TKM is the best form of medicine! And that TCM is nothing but crap!"

"Preposterous! China has countless students of medicine. Do you think the few of you can wipe out China's TCM?" Miao Hong cursed.

Park Mintae laughed out loud. "Of course it's impossible to wipe it out. But you Chinese have already prepared your own coffins. We will only be the ones closing the lid. To use your own way of putting it, you've been digging your own grave!"

Miao Hong, Xi Liang, and company were stunned. Digging our own grave? How so?

Song Yuhe was livid. Due to his exertion of strength, even his facial muscles began to tremble. He clenched his fists so tightly that his nails almost pierced through his skin!

While everyone was discussing, Red Boy listened and watched from the side. He couldn't bear to watch any further seeing how arrogant Park Mintae was. He secretly looked at Fangzheng who was sitting in the temple hall chanting the scriptures and noticed that his ears were moving. Clearly, this master of his wasn't chanting scriptures, but was using his good hearing to eavesdrop!

Red Boy felt at ease upon realizing that Fangzheng was listening in. He then gave Park Mintae a look of compassion, thinking, "Punk, don't be overly conceited. Someone might school you if you don't watch out."

Although he had this in mind, Red Boy was also curious. How had the Chinese dug their own graves? What was the meaning behind this? Were the Chinese so foolish?

At that moment, Miao Hong said angrily, "Don't spout nonsense!"

Park Mintae held his hands behind his back as he raised his head and shot a glance at Miao Hong and said, "Nonsense? From the looks of it, you aren't aware. Forget it. I came today in the hopes of watching a show, but who knew that it would be a farce. Since there's nothing fun with the monk, I'll tell you. After all, it's too late now even if you find out."

Park Mintae paused before continuing. "You Chinese have a common saying that an accomplished disciple starves the master. Your various professions believe in this saying, so all of you hide your trump cards, not handing them over until your death. I believe you know very well whether TCM can treat illnesses and how effective it is. China has three medical sages, each having their own specialty. If they were all combined, they could be comparable to Western medicine.

"But what actually happened? In order to maintain their standings, these so-called three medical sages have had few disciples up to this day. All sorts of techniques are hidden with great secrecy. They are all only imparted down a single line, without anyone else having a chance of learning anything. And even the few that did manage to become disciples can only learn bits and pieces, but never the essence of their teachers' knowledge. As such, some schools of thought might be flourishing, but the entirety of TCM ends up declining because of such hoarding.

"After all, to treat all the patients in the world, it requires many doctors, and not just one or two so-called medical sages. If the entire system doesn't work, what use is an impressive individual?

"Besides, for various reasons, many of your elders refuse to impart their secret techniques even in their deaths. They take their secrets to their graves. As such, different schools of TCM techniques vanish from this world, slowly pushing TCM to the brink of death.

"To put it bluntly, your TCM doesn't have a good heritage system. The more time passes, the more incomplete the theoretical system becomes. Death is only a matter of time."

Upon hearing that, everyone's expressions turned ugly. In fact, for a foreigner like Park Mintae to be able to tell the problem, how could they not know of it?

Why was Western medicine proliferating so rapidly? It wasn't only because its effects were quick to show, but more importantly, Western medicine had a complete heritage system. It was relatively more easy to pick up and learn. This resulted in Western medicine constantly being injected with more and more new blood.

To put it simply, Western medicine had been laying a strong foundation since the beginning. When the soil was ready and fertile, what grew were naturally swaths of forests of Western medicine.

As for TCM, due to its restrictions of tradition and customs, it pursued finding the one school of thought which was the best, but in the end, the winds always howl around the highest peaks. What appeared to be infinitely impressive couldn't withstand the weathering of the daily resplendence. Death was indeed only a matter of time.

However, just because TCM doctors knew this, that didn't mean they could do something about it. Although many people had been clamoring for all TCM experts to publicize their knowledge and combine it all to form a system, things had remained the same even after many years.

With this in mind, everyone looked at Park Mintae and Song Yuhe. Immediately, a terrifying thought appeared in their minds as they broke out into a cold sweat!

Xi Liang asked in a panic, "What are the lot of you planning to do?"

Park Mintae said proudly, "Speed up your deaths. The three medical sages have in their hands many essential medical techniques. One of the conditions of my master's challenge is that the winner may continue practicing medicine while the loser is not to practice or teach medicine ever again. Like this, all secret knowledge will rot because of the competition!"

Upon hearing that, everyone's hearts chilled. What they had feared the most happened. All of them angrily glared at Park Mintae. Some even stared at Song Yuhe, as though they were asking, "How could you lose?"

Song Yuhe wore a painful look in his eyes and some indignation. But what he felt even more strongly was immense guilt. Song Yuhe wished to say something and opened his mouth multiple times, but he ultimately held back. He sighed and closed his eyes in pain.

At that moment, Park Mintae received a call. The conversation was held in Korean and after a few words, Park Mintae laughed out loud and looked at the crowd. He said proudly, "Three medical sages? They are just that and nothing more!"