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879 Shameless

 Without any interaction and with biased impressions of each other, naturally no one recognized anyone.

On the way up the mountain, everyone was chasing after each other as they jogged and ran. Moreover, what left the younger ones speechless was that even the few who had the longest beards and looked the oldest ran like hares! They were in no way slower than them! They followed closely behind without the younger people being able to shake them off their tails.

With that said, Director Miao bowed at Fangzheng and said, "Greetings Abbot Fangzheng, I'm Miao Hong."

Miao Hong's bow was not an ordinary one, but the kind which disciples would give in ancient times. Her each and every move was very proper, giving Fangzheng plenty of face.

When Fangzheng saw this, he jumped in fright. The lady was old enough to be his granny. And in terms of ability, his had come falling into his lap, so it couldn't be considered genuine. However Miao Hong, Sun Yingwei, and company were different. They had to take things one step at a time, exchanging their sweat and hard work for their skills. With this comparison in mind, Fangzheng felt a little embarrassed. Therefore, Fangzheng quickly turned to the side. He couldn't accept the bow, nor did he deserve it.

Miao Hong was stunned seeing Fangzheng dodge the bow. She then understood Fangzheng and said with a rueful smile, "Master, the accomplished are teachers. You deserve this bow."

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "This Penniless Monk only knows a little. Patron, This Penniless Monk cannot accept a bow of such magnitude. Patrons, if there's nothing, This Penniless Monk shall head in to pay his respects to Buddha."

With that said, Fangzheng turned and left. Although he wished to spread his teachings and impart his medical skills to earn merit, he also knew a principle. Being eager to clinch a deal would only disadvantage him. As the saying goes, scriptures are not to be readily instructed. Otherwise, no matter how good something was, it wouldn't be cherished by others. His medical skills far exceeded anyone else's in this world. With true ability, was there a need for him to worry about not being able to impart it?

Hence, Fangzheng turned and walked off with ease.

Song Yuhe instantly turned anxious when he saw Fangzheng was about to leave. However, he didn't have the humbled look Miao Hong had when looking at Fangzheng. Instead, he had a look of puzzlement. He probed. "Abbot Fangzheng, might I ask from whom you learned your medical skills? How many years have you been studying medicine? Do you have any clinical experience?"

Many people stared at Fangzheng once the question was raised. Clearly, Song Yuhe's queries were also on everyone's mind.

Before, all of them had just been too excited after watching the video. While climbing the mountain, all of them were in a race, so they didn't have much time to consider. But when they saw Fangzheng in person, everyone suddenly calmed down. Could a young monk like him really know medicine that fused both Western and Traditional Chinese medicine? How could that be possible? Even if this monk had studied since he was in his mother's womb, hadn't eaten or drunk daily, hadn't relieved himself, and had read day and night, there was still no way he could have finished reading all existing medical compendiums, right?

Furthermore, he needed to fully comprehend the knowledge to come up with new insights! No matter how they looked at the matter, they thought it quite impossible.

Upon hearing Song Yuhe's question, Xi Liang and Miao Hong stared at Fangzheng, wishing to hear him explain.

Fangzheng shook his head and pressed his palms together. "Amitabha, This Penniless Monk doesn't have a teacher. His study of medicine hasn't exceeded a year."

"Uh..." At that instant, everyone standing before Fangzheng felt as though they were struck by lightning as they stood there motionless. He had such achievements from just a year of studying? Was he kidding them?

"Master, I'm asking sincerely. If you do not wish to answer, you can say so. There's no need to lie to us, right?" Song Yuhe said with a bitter smile.

Miao Hong and Xi Liang looked suspiciously at Fangzheng and thought, "Could it be that Fangzheng isn't as impressive as he appeared to be in the video?" Could they have been wrong from the beginning? Could everything really just have been a farce, a show he had put on? Could it be that Fangzheng had someone greater backing him?

The more they thought, the more they felt the truth had to be as such.

Only in this way could it be explained how Fangzheng could say such profound things at such a young age. It would also explain why he didn't accept Miao Hong's bow and why Fangzheng said he had only studied medicine for a year.

When Xi Liang and Miao Hong thought of the scene of them trying to take him as their master without understanding the situation, they immediately blushed in embarrassment. They couldn't face the rest while the others revealed smiles of mockery.

When Fangzheng saw this, he shook his head inwardly. Although he could understand the feelings of these people, their act of mockery towards each other irked him. Hence, Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Patrons, do as you please. This Penniless Monk shall bid you farewell."

With that said, Fangzheng really walked off without turning his head. He didn't show any signs of slowing down his footsteps.

"Wait a moment. Abbot Fangzheng, from whom did the knowledge you shared in the livestream originate? Can you lead us to that person?" Seeing Fangzheng really leaving, Song Yuhe hurriedly cried out.

The others looked nervously at Fangzheng. Although Song Yuhe was famous, the person backing Fangzheng was even more impressive! If they learned from that person, what was Song Yuhe?

Fangzheng pricked up his brows, thinking, "Indeed, no one believes it when the truth is spoken."

Hence, Fangzheng shook his head without turning back. "Those were insights This Penniless Monk figured out. There's no one I can lead you to. Patrons, if you wish to pay your respects to Buddha, do so early; otherwise, it's best you leave the mountain early."

With that said, Fangzheng walked into the temple hall, kneeling before the Ten Thousand Buddha plaque as he silently chanted the scriptures.

Upon hearing Fangzheng say that, everyone was stunned. At that moment, someone suddenly burst into laughter. "I haven't seen this young monk's skills, but his tone sure is greater than average. Those TCM theories are things even my teacher hasn't heard of. For him to be able to say those things, I, Park Mintae, am the first to reject the claim that he doesn't have an expert behind him!"

"Park Mintae? You're Korean?" Miao Hong asked in surprise.

The moment that was said, everyone looked at Park Mintae. He didn't show any fear despite being looked at by so many people. Instead, he tipped his chin and said with pride and excitement, "That's right. I'm the Korean doctor, Park Mintae. My teacher is Korea's medical sage, Park Changmin."

The moment that was said, there was an uproar.

Xi Liang cried out in shock, "Park Changmin? That Park Changmin who claimed that Traditional Chinese medicine was derived from Traditional Korean medicine?"

"Humph, it's no wonder I found you a sore sight. It's because you are a shameless person. Quickly leave. China doesn't welcome you!"

"That's right. Park Mintae, you have the nerve to come to China?"

"It's true that whatever kind of teacher breeds whatever kind of student. The teacher is shameless, and so is the student!" Miao Hong said coldly.

Xi Liang added. "Park Mintae, why the arrogance? Your teacher might be capable, but right in front of you is China's medical sage, Song Yuhe!"

Among everyone present, it was Song Yuhe who wore the nastiest expression. His brows were tightly knit together as though he was intensely thinking about something.

Park Mintae didn't show any signs of anger despite being scolded by so many people. Instead, he sneered and said, "Why the excitement? Isn't my teacher right? Traditional Chinese medicine comes from Traditional Korean medicine. Korean medicine is the origin of Eastern medicine. Besides, China has the saying "The accomplished are teachers". Isn't Song Yuhe one of your three medical sages of China? Yet if I recall correctly, Song Yuhe was defeated by my teacher, Park Changmin, a month ago. According to your Chinese sayings, he is the student for having been defeated. In that case, when it comes to hierarchy, he's no different from me."