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877 Requesting Mentorship

 From afar, Fangzheng shook his head when he saw this scene. He said with a sigh, "It's time to give some ideological education. A Trojan Horse is fatal! Sigh. Why hasn't any patron tried to bribe This Penniless Monk? This Penniless Monk would also give in..."

Smacking his lips, he returned to the backyard.

After Red Boy successfully stalled for time, all the incense sticks had finished burning by the time the tourists returned again. However, when the tourists departed, they left behind aggrieved stares!

Fangzheng stood in the middle with Salted Fish standing by Fangzheng's trousers. He opened his mouth and spat as his spit still had some ash. Salted Fish cursed. "These stingy fellows. They didn't even offer a single high incense. I blew at the incense all for nothing. Now, my entire mouth is filled with ash! Reverend, you made a wrong calculation this time. We suffered a double loss."

Fangzheng blushed with embarrassment. He had really embarrassed himself greatly this time.

Squirrel nodded and said, peeved, "Master, why are these people stingier than you?"

"Yeah... Huh!?" Fangzheng glared.

Squirrel hurriedly said, "No. Master, you aren't stingier than them. Uh, no. They are not as stingy as you... That's not right either. It's..."

"Alright, don't continue. Anymore and I might commit a sin." Fangzheng was already fuming from the silly fellow.

"Uh, Master, which sin would you commit?" Squirrel asked softly.

"Murder," Fangzheng said.

Squirrel: "..."

Although the work had been for nothing, their days still needed to continue.

Just as everyone turned around and prepared to have some rest, they heard a cry behind them. "Master Fangzheng, wait!"

Fangzheng was surprised. More people? There were really a lot of people coming today. When he turned back, he saw a man in a white coat run over. He was waving his arms while he ran, and when he came before Fangzheng, he slipped and knelt in front of him.

Fangzheng jumped in fright, not because of the man kneeling, but he was worried that he would see Salted Fish. He hurriedly shot a glance behind him and realized that Salted Fish had already dropped to the ground to play dead.

Upon seeing this, Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief and pressed his palms together. He smiled warmly. "Patron, there's no need for such great propriety during our first meeting."

The man: "..."

The person was none other than Xi Liang who had rushed all the way there. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the monk. When he heard his words, he suddenly had the baffling sense that Fangzheng wasn't a reliable person.

But it was this feeling that allowed Xi Liang to identify Fangzheng. After all, Fangzheng had also seemed like such an unreliable person in the video.

Hence, the gears in Xi Liang's mind moved as he decided to kowtow since he was already on his knees anyway. He cried out earnestly. "Master, please teach me your medical skills!"

Fangzheng had originally been pulling Xi Liang's leg, but he ended up being stunned by Xi Liang's cry. Teach him medical skills? What was happening?

Red Boy was puzzled as well. He had seen people come to offer incense and pay respects to Buddha. There were also people who came to study carvings and engravings, but what was up with medical skills? Hence, he asked, "Patron, are you mistaken? This is a monastery, not a hospital."

Xi Liang looked up at Fangzheng and Red Boy. "No, there's no mistake. It was you I saw in the video. Unless there's another two people in this world who look identical to you, then I'm certain I found the right person. Master, I earnestly request you to take me in as your disciple. Please teach me medicine."

"Uh. You are quite an interesting person. People usually pay school fees when they attend school. You didn't bring anything but just ran over asking to learn stuff. Seriously..." Red Boy realized what was happening and immediately spoke with a shake of his head.

Xi Liang was taken aback, thinking, "Aren't monks particular about the traditional way of mentorship to learn new things? When did monks become so modern?"

However, Xi Liang immediately reacted and said, "I'm willing to pay all learning fees. I'll pay however much is needed." Then he looked at Fangzheng with anticipation.

However, Fangzheng stood there silent without a word, as though he was considering something.

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Seeing Fangzheng remain silent, Xi Liang imagined that he didn't appear sincere enough. He hurriedly said, "Master, I'm especially good at enduring hardship. I can take anything."

When Fangzheng heard that, he snapped to his senses and looked at Xi Liang, thinking, "Holy sh*t, I'm not dreaming. There's really someone willing to pay to learn stuff. I'm going to be rich!"

"Ding! Stop dreaming. There will be no such thing as getting rich here. The engraving skills and medical skills you know cannot be used to economically benefit yourself. So you wish to collect fees now? Hehe..."

When Fangzheng heard that, he immediately had the urge to curse. He smiled bitterly in his heart.

System, can't you let me finish my daydream?

The System said, "Do you think I will?"

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. Like hell!

Since Fangzheng couldn't earn any money, he immediately lost interest. Hence, he shook his head and said, "Patron, it's best you get up. There's still time for you to head down the mountain, take a bath, and have a meal before returning home."

With that said, Fangzheng turned and entered the monastery, preparing to find a spot to cry.

"Wait. Master, wait!" Xi Liang immediately chased after him as he refused to give up.

But with that, Lone Wolf took a step forward. His massive body and ferocious fangs immediately frightened Xi Liang. He didn't dare move forward or take a step into the monastery. However, he didn't give up and gritted his teeth. He yelled at the top of his lungs, "Master, I do not know how much you know about your own medical skills, but I have to say that your medical skills are the best I've ever seen! You can fuse Western and Traditional Chinese medicine as one to form a whole new school of thought. Once it's spread, it will definitely shock the medical world!"

When Fangzheng heard that, he thought for a moment.

Shock the medical world? And then? Become a famous doctor internationally? So what?

His medical skills couldn't be used to earn money, nor could he use them to collect consultation fees. When the time came, a bunch of people would seek his help. It wouldn't be good if he didn't treat them, but he couldn't afford to treat everyone... No matter how he looked at it, Fangzheng felt that there was nothing in it for him!

Hence, Fangzheng secretly shook his head and continued walking to the backyard.

When Xi Liang saw no reaction from Fangzheng, he marveled inwardly.

As expected of a master. He doesn't care about fame.

A thought came to Xi Liang as he continued. "Master, your monastery is so remote, and it isn't big either. You probably do not have the money to renovate it, right? If you are willing to spread your medical skills either by imparting them or by saving others, the riches you receive will rival a country! When the time comes, it will not be impossible to make this monastery into the world's biggest monastery!"

Fangzheng paused, but he immediately continued walking.

Riches that rival a country?

Thinking how a stingy system was hanging over his head with no way of escaping it, it was impossible for Fangzheng to become extremely rich.

Seeing Fangzheng remain unmoved, Xi Liang sighed inwardly once again.

As expected of a master. He completely doesn't care about fame or fortune. I'm silly. If a godly person like this master cared about this, he wouldn't have chosen to reside in such a rural and remote godforsaken anthill. Uh, although it's an anthill, it's crazily beautiful. However, it's still a very remote place...

Since Fangzheng didn't care about fame or fortune, Xi Liang had no choice but to rack his brains. He had to think of a reason for Fangzheng to teach him medicine before he fully stepped into the backyard.