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872 A Commotion Caused By a Livestream

 Everyone originally imagined that Fangzheng wouldn't be able to give much of an explanation with a high chance of him exposing himself as a fraud, but the moment he spoke, everyone was dumbfounded! Fangzheng began with how Chen Danian had lost his legs before analyzing the case from both a Western medicine perspective as well as a Traditional Chinese medicine perspective, so as to give a comprehensive diagnosis.

He spoke at all levels of difficulty in such a way that even laymen could understand and listen with relish. However, after carefully thinking about it, they would realize that they actually didn't understand.

Someone in the livestream couldn't help but marvel. "It's said that monks are such great speakers they could even spout out lotus flowers. I didn't believe that in the past, but now I believe it. Regardless of whether he's talking nonsense or not, I'm utterly convinced."

"Why do I think he's like a snake oil salesman? He's too good at speaking!"

"His oratory skills are good, but more importantly, what he says seems to make sense."

"It's because it makes so much sense that even we as laymen can understand it that I think it's nonsense!"


The laymen listened with relish as they discussed in joy, but the experts were dumbfounded!

Xi Liang was a Traditional Chinese medicine doctor. However, in this day and age, a young TCM doctor didn't have it good. Therefore, his clinic was basically empty. He spent all day in a daze in his clinic and with nothing to do, he watched livestreams on his phone.

Tang Shi's livestream channel was one of his favorite channels, not because it was interesting, but because this petite beauty was good eye candy. Today, he was secretly watching the livestream as usual.

When he saw Fangzheng dillydallying at first, he felt rather pissed, thinking, "Could this monk be a fraud? Humph. I'll listen carefully for a while and expose his lies if he says anything wrong! How dare he lie to my Tang Shi?"

Hence, Xi Liang listened intently when Fangzheng spoke, and he even took notes! However, he was left dumbfounded when he heard Fangzheng. He could only understand a tiny portion of what Fangzheng explained, but he was very certain that his words were completely correct! Not just that, but more importantly, the medical treatments Fangzheng mentioned as well as the usage of medicine he proposed were very unique. On careful thought, Xi Liang felt like he had discovered a brand new world, and he was overjoyed!

This was because the information Fangzheng gave filled in many of the gaps in TCM theory! There were many things in TCM which could be used or were even highly effective, but which could not be explained using the scientific method. Yet when they were explained by Fangzheng, he used a fusion of Western medicine and TCM theory, providing an in-depth analysis that inspired and enlightened him.

However, Xi Liang's medical skills were still lacking. Therefore, he had many things he couldn't understand. Even so, he instinctively believed that the parts he did understand were pure gold already! As for the more profound things, they had to be priceless.

With this in mind, Xi Liang hurriedly made notes and got his spare phone to give his university teacher a call. "Teacher, I'm Xi Liang. I'm from the class of '09... Aiyah, Teacher, you don't have to remember me. Quickly turn on your cell phone and watch a live stream. I'll give you the link. There's a monk speaking live, and the things he talks about... Uh. Hello? Hello?"

Meanwhile, an elder on the other end of the line hung up, saying angrily, "Another idiot who's trying to use his ties with me."

When Xi Liang heard the busy tone on the other side, he immediately felt like blowing up. Although he seldom contacted his teacher, and he hadn't been an excellent student, there were only a few students who studied TCM in the end. To think that his teacher would forget about him...

But mainly, he wasn't angry but anxious! He had a feeling that each and every word of what the monk was saying was very important. It might even change medical theory! Meanwhile, he also felt that there was a possibility of a revival of TCM. However, he knew very well that based on his bit of experience, there was no way he could absorb all this knowledge, nor could he determine the actual usage of the knowledge. Therefore, he was in a hurry to get someone to listen to what Fangzheng was saying to determine whether it was correct and feasible.

It would be an absolute loss if they missed this opportunity!

The only person he could think of was his teacher-his old professor from TCM college. Unfortunately, he had hung up on him. This left him rather helpless. As he listened to Fangzheng talk on the livestream, he wasn't sure if he fully understood. Instantly, he felt as though a massive treasure trove was thrown in the sea without him being able to catch it.

"Oh right, there's the director! The director is a TCM expert!" With this in mind, Xi Liang couldn't sit still as he took out his cell phone and rushed out the door. On the way, he met several doctors greeting him, but he didn't have the time to respond.

In the director's office, the director was reading up on some information when he heard frantic knocking on his door. Before he could even say a word, the door slammed open, and a doctor he knew rushed in. Before he could say a word, he heard Xi Liang shout. "Director, listen to this, please!"

The director nudged his glasses and looked at the doctor with knitted brows for his impropriety. At the same time, he shot a glance at the phone which Xi Liang handed over. He saw a monk drinking tea in front of a picturesque place...

Xi Liang realized that the stream was silent when he passed over his phone. He was instantly dumbfounded as he looked at the screen again. He realized that Fangzheng was drinking tea without saying a word. He instantly had a bad feeling...

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"Doctor Xi Liang, what do you want me to see? A monk drinking tea? Also, it's still office hours. Aren't you aware of our hospital's regulations? There shouldn't be any fooling around with phones during office hours! Yet you are watching videos..." Director Chen's expression looked nasty.

Xi Liang's expression fell. He had rushed in recklessly, but now that he calmed down, he instantly broke out into a cold sweat. He was doomed!

However, Xi Liang immediately snapped back to his senses. Doomed? Since he was doomed, what was there to be afraid of? There was a chance of getting out of his predicament if he could explain it. Only if he didn't explain himself would he really be done for.

Hence, Xi Liang took a deep breath and said, "Director, this isn't a video but a livestream."

Although Director Chen was very solemn, he didn't have any intention of flaring up. Instead, he looked at Xi Liang rationally, asking, "There must be a reason for you to dare barge into my office. Tell me your reason. If you can explain yourself, return to your post and continue your work. If you do a good job explaining yourself, you will be promoted and enjoy a raise. Otherwise, prepare for disciplinary action."

Realizing that the director was giving him a chance to explain himself, Xi Liang naturally heaved a sigh of relief. He calmed down completely and came to a decision. Xi Liang placed the cell phone in front of the director and said, "Director, I'm sure you wouldn't believe what I have to say because even I wouldn't have believed this if someone had said it to me ten minutes ago. Therefore, I won't bother explaining. I'll leave everything to the heavens to decide my fate. If this monk continues speaking, you will understand why I'm so excited. If he stops, I'll immediately pack my things."