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863 Jumped Up...

 However, Fangzheng had no intention of reaching out to help him up. Instead, he continued. "Believe in yourself. Believe in your love for your daughter. Believe that you can do it, and you will be able to do it!"

The crowd couldn't see Fangzheng, but everyone could see Chen Danian using all his might to get up!

At that instant, someone shouted loudly. "Danian, stand up!"

Following that, another person shouted. "Brother Chen, stand up!"

"Danian, stand up!"

"Uncle, stand up!" the emcee shouted when he snapped to his senses.

"Uncle, stand up!" the groom by the side shouted as well.

"Everyone, shout along with me. Stand up, stand up, stand up!" When the emcee saw the mood uplifted, he decided to stop emceeing and become a cheerleader. He shouted with huge confidence, and his voice was filled with motivation. Everyone subconsciously shouted along. "Stand up, stand up, stand up!"

The voices boomed like a tsunami that even the guests from the neighboring hall could hear. Puzzled, they ran over to take a look.

Even the passersby who were in the hallways came over to ask about it.

The waiters of the restaurant also stopped serving dishes, and they shouted as well.

The hotel's manager and the boss came out. Even the chef put down his ladle and came out.

After everyone heard of Chen Danian's history, all of them could not help but shout. "Stand up, stand up, stand up!'

These sonorous voices swept through the wedding hall like a tsunami!

Fangzheng stood there and took in the shouting as his heart stirred tremendously. He looked down at Chen Danian and said, "Listen, listen to their shouts. For yourself, for your daughter, for everyone's support!"

Fangzheng spoke softly in the beginning, but towards the end, he was shouting like a lion. He shouted through his ability to enter dreams, making it so that only Chen Dashan could hear it while to him, it sounded like thunder! All his worries instantly dispersed at that moment. At the same time, he heard the loud cheering all around him.

He then saw his weeping daughter, but there was no sign of the white-robed monk anymore. It was as though what he had seen and heard had been a dream.

However, he didn't have the freedom to sit around being amazed now. All he knew was that he needed to stand up!

He had to stand up for himself, for his daughter, and for everyone supporting him!

Hence, with a loud roar, Chen Danian felt strength surge through his muscles like a fuse, starting from his heart. Strength was injected into his legs as they seemed to erupt with power. That long-awaited feeling made him involuntarily cry out. Propping himself up with his hands, he raised his legs!

At that instant, all the shouting came to a halt. Everyone held their breath as they looked in disbelief at the scene before them.

They saw Chen Danian, who had been crippled for years, actually stand up. No, it was more like he jumped up!

Bi Ruxin stood afar and when she saw her husband jump up like a god, tears poured out of her eyes. Due to her nervousness, she had long torn her lips from biting them. Some blood even trickled out of them, but she didn't seem to realize it...

Chen Yingying covered her mouth as she stared with her eyes wide. She looked in disbelief and joy at Chen Danian.

When Chen Danian's feet landed on the ground, he stably stood in front of her. Chen Yingying cried out and could no longer hold it back. She burst out crying as she threw herself into Chen Danian's arms.

Chen Danian never expected to see such a huge reaction from Chen Yingying. In his daze, this sudden pounce at him caused his body to subconsciously fall backwards.

But he felt a hand suddenly prop him up.

Chen Danian subconsciously turned his head to look back, but he saw nothing. The wind blower was still blowing at him, and the white veil was still fluttering. However, Chen Danian knew that there was someone in the spot that seemed empty. It was a godlike person!

Chen Danian turned around and softly said, "Thank you."

Unfortunately, the person behind him didn't respond.

Chen Danian gently patted Chen Yingying on her back and said, "Silly girl. It's your big day today. Your makeup is all messed up from your crying. How can you do this to yourself?"

"Ah? Then... Then do I need to touch up my makeup?" Chen Yingying snapped to her senses and asked nervously.

Chen Danian laughed out loud and said, "Touch up? Does that punk, Lu Yi, dare to undervalue you? If he dares, Daddy will help you cull him!"

With that said, Chen Danian turned around and bent his arm.

Chen Yingying pursed her lips into a smile and hugged Chen Danian's arm. She stuck up her chest and felt just like when she had first attended kindergarten in the past. With Daddy by her side, she had nothing to fear!

Chen Danian walked Chen Yingying down the T-platform amid rapturous applause. Countless people clapped while their cheeks were flushed red! It was as though they were the ones getting married.

At the same time, people kept shouting. "A miracle. A miracle!"

Chen Danian brought Chen Yingying to Lu Yi and took the microphone from the emcee. He said, "Punk, I'm handing you my most precious treasure. If you dare to bully her..."

"Dad!" Chen Yingying wheedled as she tugged at Chen Danian's arm.

All Chen Danian did was grunt before he fell silent.

Lu Yi looked at Chen Danian with utmost respect, and he respectfully and formally said, "Uncle, don't worry. I, Lu Yi, will definitely not bully Yingying. If there's really such a day, I'll slap myself even without you having to take action!"

Lu Yi's father came over and said, "In-law, don't worry. Our family might not be cultured, but if my son bullies Yingying, I'll be the first one to break his legs! Then, I'll hand him over to you for a beating!"

Chen Danian laughed when he heard that and handed Chen Yingying's hand to Lu Yi.

At that instant, Chen Danian breathed a sigh of relief as though he was relieved of a heavy burden.

Chen Danian's eyes flashed with a look of enlightenment before he gave a silent sigh.

"Let's go." When Fangzheng saw this, he knew that he wasn't needed any further. Once the wedding ceremony came to an end, it would be the beginning of the wedding banquet. Standing there any longer would probably result in mutiny by his disciples followed by them snatching all the delicacies.

"Master, are we leaving just like that? I haven't had anything to eat..." Squirrel said pitifully.

"That's right. Third Senior Brother at least managed to chew on a metal plate. He might have even tasted something from it. But we didn't even taste anything," Red Boy grumbled.

Lone Wolf added. "Master, I'll never follow you down the mountain again. I starve every time I head down. Even if I'm not starving, I get tempted by all the glorious food... Being on the mountain is better. The mouth doesn't get covetous when one sees no evil."

Fangzheng: "..."

Chen Danian's daughter's wedding ceremony went extremely smoothly. Thanks to him, even more people came to offer their congratulations and blessings-passersby, the chef, the waiters, the customers of a neighboring restaurant, and even guests who were attending another wedding upstairs...

Chen Danian was extremely satisfied with this wedding.

However, the guests eventually still had to leave. After he returned home, Chen Danian and Bi Ruxin exchanged looks and saw the loneliness in each other's eyes. The huge house seemed to be lacking something, and it was filled with a feeling of emptiness...