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860 Going Together

 Before Squirrel said a word, Salted Fish popped out of the water and spat a mouthful of water. He said with a smile, "Alright, alright. Stop acting profound. If you want to be smug and posture, do it quickly while everyone is still here! Opportunity seldom knocks twice."

When Squirrel heard that, he thought, "Why are you saying that about Junior Brother?"

However, he saw Red Boy widen his mouth into a grin as he laughed. He smugly flicked his head and chuckled. "To be honest, this feeling is freaking awesome! Hahaha! Eldest Senior Brother, what do you think? Eh? Where's he?"

"Are you talking about the dog that's going crazy over there?" Salted Fish looked into the distance.

Everyone traced their gaze and saw that Lone Wolf had already run off without them realizing it. He was happily tumbling in the snow...

"Eldest Senior Brother doesn't act one bit like an eldest senior brother. He's not composed enough," Red Boy mumbled before running off, crying. "Eldest Senior Brother, watch out! Take this snowball bomb of mine!"

Lone Wolf lowered his head to look at his claws. It would seem he wasn't equipped for snowball warfare! Immediately, he ran off in aggrievance as Red Boy followed amid laughter.

Although Chen Danian had left, the monastery still remained rather lively with these jokers around.

While Lone Wolf and company were having the time of their lives, Fangzheng sat by the door, watching in silence. He looked up at the clouds and mumbled. "Old Dad One Finger, are you seeing this? Last year, I was here grumbling, but this year, our monastery has so many disciples. Now, it's getting livelier. You should be rather happy about it, right?"

After fooling around for some time, Red Boy successfully rode on Lone Wolf's back and ran back. From afar, he shouted in excitement. "Master, Patron Chen still can't walk. Just giving that bit of help doesn't seem right. Why don't we follow him and see what happens? If it looks necessary, I can secretly use my divine powers to help him. How about that?"

Fangzheng scolded him in a joking manner. "Why? Are you addicted to helping others now?"

Red Boy grinned and laughed in a silly manner.

Fangzheng thought about it and as the saying went-when providing help, help to the end. It was quite inappropriate to only provide partial help.

At this moment, Squirrel exclaimed. "Salted Fish, whose cell phone are you holding?"

Everyone immediately looked over and saw Salted Fish holding a cell phone! However, he didn't know how to use it and was just fiddling with it.

Red Boy said, "This looks like Patron Chen Danian's cell phone. Salted Fish, why is it with you?"

Salted Fish rolled his eyes. "I picked it off the ground. Is it my fault he dropped it?"

With that said, Salted Fish threw the cell phone at Fangzheng who caught it. It was indeed Chen Danian's phone as the phone's lock screen was of a young Chen Danian carrying his daughter back when she was in middle school. It was quite obvious that Chen Danian had been very happy back then.

"Master, we can't hold onto his things, right? Why don't we send it back?" Red Boy found another excuse to head down the mountain.

Fangzheng scolded him in a joking manner. "I'm beginning to suspect whether you wish to help Patron Chen stand again or just go have fun down the mountain."

Red Boy chuckled in a silly manner.

However Fangzheng nodded and said, "Alright then. Let's go take a look."

"Master, I'd like to go as well." Lone Wolf finally took the initiative to head down the mountain. He had smartly figured out that since they were heading down the mountain to participate in a wedding, there would definitely be good food to eat, so there was little chance of starving. This explained his proactiveness.

Without needing any explanation, Red Boy was forever the most eager person when it came to leaving the mountain.

Squirrel and Monkey were curious as well. Although Salted Fish, who was lying in the water, didn't say a word, his eyes made everything obvious. He was also curious!

Salted Fish had spent his life on Mount Numinous, and there were no such thing as marriages there. Furthermore, with different places and customs, he was also very curious what a wedding on Earth was like.

Upon seeing this, Fangzheng flicked his sleeves and said, "In that case, close the doors. Let's go together!"

"Alright!" Everyone cried out in unison. However, before they left, Red Boy produced a hand seal and cast it on Mt. One Finger. If anyone were to try to steal things from One Finger Monastery, he would be the first to know. He could then storm back and teach the thief a good lesson.

After taking all safety precautions, Red Boy waved his hand, and everyone rode into the sky on a cloud. Soon, they found Chen Danian who was rushing home by car. They followed him all the way.

Meanwhile, in Black Mountain City's Mountain River Hotel, the bride and groom were standing by the door, welcoming their friends with a smile. However, the bride's smile appeared somewhat unnatural. Deep in her eyes was worry. She kept craning her neck to look out the door and from time to time, she would take a phone from her bridesmaid and try to call someone a few times. However, no one picked up the call.

She didn't know that the cell phone was in Fangzheng's possession, and since he was flying in the air, there were Dharmic powers shielding his position, naturally blocking off the signal as well and preventing the call from going through.

While traveling, Chen Danian discovered that he had dropped his cell phone on the mountain, but he was in a rush to attend the wedding, so he naturally didn't turn back for it.

As a result, Chen Yingying turned more anxious. It was almost noon, and the emcee had rushed her a few times already, asking if the wedding should commence.

Chen Yingying tiptoed nervously as she looked into the distance and said with a sobbing tone, "Why isn't Dad here yet? He said that he would be here."

"Yingying, calm down. Since Uncle said that he'll be here, he will definitely be here. Why don't we wait a little longer?" Lu Yi suggested.

"Sigh. Do you think my dad won't come because he's mad?" Chen Yingying voiced her concern.

Lu Yi wasn't too sure either. After all, Chen Danian had strongly disagreed with their wedding before. However, they had continued their wedding plans with the support of Bi Ruxin. Therefore, it wouldn't be without reason if Chen Danian didn't come.

Just as the two were burning with anxiety, they saw a figure sitting on a wheelchair appear at the door! It was none other than Chen Danian!

Although Chen Danian could move with crutches, how could he be faster than a wheelchair? In terms of agility, the wheelchair which he had used for years was ultimately still more convenient. In a rush for time, he could only sit back into a wheelchair.

When Chen Yingying saw Chen Danian, she heaved a sigh of relief and exchanged looks with Lu Yi. Immediately, she smiled and ran over to welcome Chen Danian.

The moment they met, Chen Danian asked, "What time is it?"

Seeing Chen Danian's forehead drenched in sweat and his flushed face, Chen Yingying helped wipe his sweat while feeling her heart pain for him. She said, "It doesn't matter what time it is. All that matters is that you are here. If you didn't come, I even planned on calling off the wedding..."

Upon saying that, Chen Yingying cried. She had really suffered from tremendous anxiety up to that moment.

Chen Danian chuckled. "Silly girl. You are getting married. How can Dad not attend such an important occasion? Alright, go in quickly. It's such an important occasion, we mustn't miss the auspicious hour."

"Okay." Chen Yingying nodded as she pushed Chen Danian in.

Lu Yi followed from behind.

While walking, Chen Yingying asked Chen Danian what he had been up to the past two days.

Chen Danian said, "I went to find an erudite man on a mountain to treat my problem."