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853 Walking

 Bi Ruxin looked at Chen Yingying before looking at Chen Danian and could only smile helplessly. "How am I to live with you two jokers... Chen Danian, you better not go overboard. I might get jealous and carry her back to my parents' place."

"Dear, don't do that. Let me tell you some good news." Chen Danian immediately came close.

"What?" Bi Ruxin asked.

"We are moving to the city," Chen Danian said.

Bi Ruxin widened her eyes as she beamed happily. "That's great! Danian, we finally made it! It must have been tough on you the past few years. You work overtime every day and have thinned."

"It wasn't tough at all. Not at all. Aren't these the fruits of my labor? Heh heh." Chen Danian gave a silly laugh as he looked at his wife and his already sleeping daughter. He felt satisfied, but he subconsciously looked at the stunning scar on his arm. It was a work injury he had suffered while working overtime.

The following scenes weren't long, but Chen Danian's happy cries never stopped.

"Ruxin! Yingying can smile. She really smiled this time! Look at her tiny face. It's identical to mine."

"Ruxin! Yingying can turn. Haha! She's gotten addicted to turning. I can't flip her over."

"Ruxin, our Yingying will definitely be a swimming champion in the future. Look at how much she loves water. She refuses to leave her bath. Haha! She's making such huge splashes."


"Ruxin, what is Yingying doing?"

"Uh, it looks like she's crawling."

"Why does it feel like she's swimming? Who crawls while flailing their arms and legs like her?"


"Ruxin! Our beloved daughter can really crawl. This won't do. We need to go to a photo studio to take pictures of this!"

After a series of exclamations, a series of clear images appeared.

On an empty piece of land, Chen Danian and Bi Ruxin were standing apart. A tiny Chen Yingying was standing beneath them.

Bi Ruxin whispered. "Yingying, walk. Walk forward, come to daddy."

The two of them were only two steps apart, but the little Yingying appeared afraid. She clutched Bi Ruxin's hand tightly, unwilling to let go.

Chen Danian knelt down and looked at Yingying. "Yingying, come. Come to daddy. Daddy will protect you. It will be fine."

It was quite strange. Upon seeing Chen Danian call out to her, Yingying really took a step forward. However, she still held her mother's hand, clearly still afraid. However, Yingying had already reached out her other hand and turned towards Chen Danian.

Chen Danian grabbed her hand and saw Yingying bravely let go of her mother's hand before lunging forward into his embrace. Feeling the child in his arms, Chen Danian felt as though he was hugging the future, the entire world, a life of his own.

After that, Chen Danian and Bi Ruxin spaced themselves a little bit further. They slowly guided Yingying to walk forward. In the beginning, Yingying was unwilling to let go of her mother's hand, so Bi Ruxin could only lead her forward before suddenly letting go. Yingying would rush into her father's embrace in fright to seek his protection.

Chen Danian would grab her firmly every time, giving her an immense sense of security. He would even praise her loudly, "Yingying, impressive! Really impressive!"

Yingying's fear gradually lessened as she found it more and more fun. This continued as she played a game of walking from her mother to father and back. She didn't realize that she was walking further and more steadily every time, and that her parents' smiles were becoming brighter and brighter.

As the sun set in the west, all that was left were the figures of two adults and a child on a gravel road in the garden. It appeared extremely warm.

The scene changed again, and it was an unknown year. From the window of Chen Danian's house, one could see a red-bricked apartment building. It appeared to be a six-story apartment. There were several storehouses lining the bottom. They didn't look huge but were like root cellars in farming villages that were used to store miscellaneous items.

The house was equipped with a television, sofa, and electric fan.

Dressed in a white shirt and black trousers, Chen Danian had a pager by his waist. He appeared extremely spirited and at that moment, he was writing something.

At this moment, a rattling sound was heard outside as though someone was fiddling with the doorknob without being able to open it.

It wasn't loud, so Chen Danian failed to hear it.

Fangzheng and his disciples exchanged looks before penetrating the wall to see what was happening outside.

Outside, a little girl who had plaited her hair into hair horns was wearing beige clothes with Mickey Mouse printed on them. She was barefoot as she tiptoed, holding a huge slipper to reach for the door knob. However, she was just too short and could barely touch the bottom of the door knob without grabbing it.

The little girl tried a few times in exasperation before she banged on the door and began shouting with a drawn out voice.

At that moment, a woman's voice sounded. It was Bi Ruxin in an apron. She smiled and said, "Yingying, be good. Daddy is working. Don't disturb him, alright?"

But the little girl banged on the door even harder as she yelled louder. "Ahhh!"

"Master, it seems like she can't talk yet," Squirrel said.

Fangzheng nodded slightly. From Yingying's height, she was about one year old. She had just learned to walk, and children who could talk early would already be able to form a few words at her age. However, it was also common to have children who began speaking late.

Bi Ruxin smiled and said, "Alright. Once Daddy is finished with his work, he will play with you, alright?"

However, the little girl continued banging on the door. Helpless, Bi Ruxin tried to carry her daughter away to prevent her from disturbing her husband's work, but the moment she carried her, she heard her daughter let out a weak cry. "Dad..."

"Oh?" Bi Ruxin was instantly stunned when she heard that.

Before Bi Ruxin could snap to her senses, she saw the locked door open. Chen Danian rushed out with a look of excitement. "Ruxin, did Yingying just call me 'dad'?"

"You... Weren't you working? Even through the door... No... You... What kind of ears do you have? How could you hear that?" Bi Ruxin looked at the agitated Chen Danian and said bitterly, "You heard wrong. Do what you have to do. Even if our daughter learns to speak, she will call Mom first!"

"Dad... Ah... Dad!" At that moment, Yingying cried again. Furthermore, she repeated it many times. Although there was an "ah" in between, the word 'dad' was extremely accurate.

Instantly, Chen Danian jumped in excitement. His mature image instantly crumbled as he looked like a huge baby. He carried Yingying and gave her a kiss.

Bi Ruxin said with a bitter look, "Why didn't she call Mommy..."