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848 Yes, Yes, Yes

 However, everyone actually knew deep down that Ma Jiangping and her husband were at fault. Therefore, none of them said a word as they looked at Fangzheng and Meng Changming in amusement. They were rather interested to know how the matter would be settled today!

Although they were only watching, it was clear as day to everyone there that Ma Jiangping and her husband were tightwads, people who would never agree to it. How could it be possible to get ten thousand yuan from them?

"Abbot Fangzheng is ultimately still young; otherwise, he definitely wouldn't have said something like that."

"Thankfully, Ma Jiangping has gone out; otherwise, she would have immediately grabbed a broom to chase him away. Abbot Fangzheng sure is daring!"

"Trouble is brewing. Meng Changming definitely can't make the decision. I'm afraid there will be trouble once Ma Jiangping returns."

"I bet these two tightwads won't even cough out a cent. Consider it my loss if they do," whispered the man originally sitting opposite Ma Jiangping.

"And if they cough something out?" asked the other female mahjong player.

"I'll donate a thousand yuan to One Finger Monastery!"

"Hehe, generous."

Lame Ma nearly vomited blood when he heard that. Fangzheng soliciting donations for ten thousand yuan? This... No one would give that much! Besides, hadn't they agreed on just helping him to get his money back? Why hadn't there been any mention of this?

Lame Ma felt his mind go blank from chaos. He couldn't figure out what Fangzheng was planning to do!

Just as everyone was softly discussing and letting their thoughts run wild, Meng Changming suddenly took action.

Meng Changming, who everyone thought would erupt into a rage and reject Fangzheng on the spot, stood up and rummaged through the drawers. Finally, he found three stacks of cash, and the thickness of each stack of cash looked like it had about ten thousand yuan! Then Meng Changming took one stack of bills and handed it to Fangzheng under everyone's shocked looks. He even said, "Master, please keep this well."

After getting it, Fangzheng handed it over to Lame Ma and smiled. "Amitabha. Thank you, Patron!"

At that instant, Meng Changming seemed to snap out of his reverie, exclaiming. "Man! Why did I give him the money?"

At this moment, Ma Jiangping returned and instantly saw the money in Lame Ma's hands as well as the remaining cash in Meng Changming's hands. When she heard Meng Changming's shout, she knew that something had gone wrong! She fumed inwardly, thinking, "How can this man be so unreliable?"

Then, Ma Jiangping stormed into the house and shouted. "Give it back! Give me back the money!"

Lame Ma ignored her and put away the money, sneering. "The money was given to me by Abbot Fangzheng. Why should I give it to you?"

Ma Jiangping immediately glared at Fangzheng and extended her hand. "Darn monk, give me my money back!"

Fangzheng remained unperturbed as he smiled. "Amitabha. Patron, this matter was witnessed by all these patrons. This Penniless Monk didn't rob him or scam him. It was money gained from solicitation, so why should it be given to you? Besides, the person to ask back for it should be Patron Meng."

The other mahjong players weren't like Ma Jiangping. They could tell what was right and wrong, and when they saw Fangzheng help Lame Ma recoup ten thousand yuan through some unknown means, all of them were cheering inwardly. Although they couldn't show their support openly, all of them nodded.

Upon seeing this scene, Ma Jiangping glared at Meng Changming in anger, exclaiming. "Who allowed you to give the money?"

Meng Changming shrugged helplessly. "I... I do not know either. He said he was soliciting ten thousand yuan in donations, and I subconsciously gave it to him."

"Pui! Cut the nonsense. Go get it back!" Ma Jiangping yelled.

Meng Changming hurriedly looked at Fangzheng. Just as he opened his mouth and was about to say something, the words that came out of his mouth turned into: "Master, keep the money well."


Everyone who was watching in amusement instantly burst into laughter when they heard that! Meng Changming was someone who feared his wife. Yet he dared to act in obvious defiance now! Did he not know how bad the punishment awaiting him was?

Ma Jiangping blew her top as she pointed at Meng Changming, whose face was flushed red. "Are... Are you trying to anger me to death?"

Meng Changming said in a sobbing tone, "I... I don't know why those words came out the moment I opened my mouth. Jiangping, this monk is odd..."

Ma Jiangping looked at Meng Changming's innocent and tearful look and, thinking back to how cowardly and useless he was, guessed that it was unlikely that Meng Changming would dare defy her. For him to give so much money, the problem likely lay with Fangzheng.

With this in mind, Ma Jiangping's anger burned. She closed the door, afraid that Fangzheng would run. Then she sneered coldly. "Fangzheng, return the money; otherwise, don't even think of leaving."

Fangzheng smiled and said, "Patron, there's no need to close the door. This Penniless Monk isn't done with the solicitation of donations. How could he leave?"

"There's more?" The others immediately felt their hearts tense up when they heard that. Was this monk not done? Ten thousand yuan was enough to enrage Ma Jiangping. Any more would probably have nuclear consequences!

Everyone clearly sensed the atmosphere turn tense as Ma Jiangping's eyes turned red.

Ma Jiangping laughed from extreme anger. "More solicitations? Go on then..." With that said, she bent down, grabbed her shoe from the ground, and was about to attack.

Lame Ma immediately stood in front of Fangzheng, but Fangzheng wasn't moved. He smiled and said, "Patron, This Penniless Monk still wishes to solicit another ten thousand yuan in donations."

The moment that was said, everyone thought, "This monk really dares to defy reason!"

Back when Meng Changming gave him the money, it might have been a momentary softening of the heart that caused him to give the money to send Fangzheng off. But now that Ma Jiangping was there, how could Fangzheng get more money?

As expected, Meng Changming immediately shouted. "Dream on! Scram, a**hole! You are not welcome here!"

When everyone saw this, all of them nodded slightly. This was an expected attitude.

However, Fangzheng remained unmoved as he chuckled. "This Penniless Monk isn't speaking to you, Patron. This Penniless Monk is speaking to Patron Ma."

When everyone heard that, they burst out laughing. Fangzheng was going a little overboard. It was still possible to negotiate with Meng Changming, but Ma Jiangping was a well-known miser! Fangzheng might have been able to get some money from Meng Changming, but to get money from Ma Jiangping? It was harder than ascending to the heavens! There was a high chance that Fangzheng would suffer a miserable setback.

However, just as everyone's mouths curled into a smile, their expressions froze.

Ma Jiangping, who had lowered herself to pick up her shoe, suddenly got up and said to Meng Changming, "Give it to me!"

Meng Changming imagined that Ma Jiangping didn't trust him with the money, so he said, "Don't worry. I'll definitely not give it to him."

However, Ma Jiangping ignored him and snatched the money from him. Then, she turned around and stuffed one stack of bills into Fangzheng's hand while saying, "Master, please keep this well. Amitabha."

Fangzheng took the money and immediately gave it to Lame Ma.