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834 I Confess! I Confess!

 "What's with you?" Fangzheng looked at Salted Fish and asked, perplexed.

At that moment, Salted Fish was using the black cloth to cover his nose, and he tied it behind his head like a thief.

Salted Fish grinned and said, "The smell of roasted skewers is everywhere. I can't take it much longer. If this continues, even I will wish to head down to take a few bites..."

Fangzheng immediately felt so disgusted that he nearly vomited. He kicked Salted Fish, nearly sending him down to become a fried fish.

"Reverend, don't you find this smell fragrant?" Salted Fish asked.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him. Fragrant? If not for him barely being strong enough, he would have long vomited by now!

"Reverend, what do we do now? Do we follow and watch, or...?" Salted Fish asked.

Fangzheng thought about it and hurriedly shook his head. He turned and said, "I can't watch any longer. Let's go out and wait."

Time in hell and the real world wasn't set at a one-to-one ratio. Countless time might pass in hell and only be a blink of an eye outside.

Indeed, shortly after he came out, the Door to Hell opened again and threw out I Originally Wanted Face. Fangzheng didn't know how many rounds and years of torture he had suffered, but from the looks of it, he had quite a "good time".

At that moment, Fangzheng heard footsteps and knew the police were there.

Fangzheng patted the fish head, and Salted Fish immediately turned the both of them invisible.

The moment the police arrived, they saw I Originally Wanted Face lying on the ground, motionless. They exchanged looks, completely unaware of what had happened. However, they still took him away.

When they were downstairs, they threw him into the police van, and the commander subconsciously mumbled. "I wonder if this punk will confess to his crimes when we are back."

"I confess! I confess! I'll confess to my crimes! I'll confess!" To the commander's surprise, I Originally Wanted Face suddenly sat up and yelled like he had just experienced a nightmare! Two policemen held him down with great difficulty. However, from I Originally Wanted Face's expression, it was as though anyone who stopped him from confessing would be his sworn enemy.

I Originally Wanted Face suddenly came to the realization that he was no longer in hell. When he looked at the police around him and saw that he was in a police van, he burst into tears and hugged a policeman. He refused to let go as snot and tears kept flowing out from his crying.

The policeman hurriedly shouted. "What are you doing? Let go! Otherwise, I'll charge you for assault on the police!"

"Charge me with anything. I don't wish to return... Boohoo!" I Originally Wanted Face continued crying. But as he cried, his mind gradually turned clearer. He thought, "Was everything I experienced a dream? Was it just a very realistic dream?" The moment he thought of the word 'just', he shuddered involuntarily. Regardless of whether it had been a dream or not, he didn't wish to undergo that harrowing experience again. It was too painful, an experience worse than death!

After confirming that it was the police, he recalled the things that he would be facing. Jail! Just as he was wondering if he should confess to his crimes, he suddenly saw someone in the crowd looking at him. Through the window, he saw a white-robed monk standing in the crowd. By his side was a salted fish, and the two of them were smiling at him!

A monk wasn't rare. Salted fish weren't rare either. Although there weren't many white-robed monks, they still existed in the world. But a salted fish which stood upright and walked was unique! And when the two were placed together...

I Originally Wanted Face trembled as he hurriedly yelled, "Take me away! Put me in jail! I confess! I confess to everything!"

The police were stunned again. What was wrong with this guy? Had he lost his mind?

Seeing the police van drive off, the commander was puzzled as well. At this moment, the reporters rushed over and surrounded him. "Commander, what's your take on this incident? How much do you attribute the successful completion of this matter to yourself?"

The commander was stunned. Then he subconsciously looked at Jing Yan who was consoling Wang Dayou, and he looked for the missing Fangzheng. Then he shook his head and said, "The only thing I did was to maintain order. This time, it's Reporter Jing Yan and... Hmm, and a certain monk who were the real contributors."

"Commander, you are too humble. I heard that when you surrounded the store, Jing Yan and the monk were able to enter and exit, and freely at that. This was all because of your blessings, right? Why were you so wise as to let them in? Did the possibility of any unexpected outcomes not occur to you?"

The commander was taken aback. He was finally asked this question, but he had no idea how to answer. To tell them that he didn't see them? No one would believe him. Even if they believed him, he would probably be smacked to death by the chief with his shoe once he returned to the police station! Hence, he admitted to it with a red face! That resulted in a round of kudos, leaving him even more embarrassed. He hurriedly fled, not to really run, but to find the missing monk. He ultimately believed that the inexplicable matters in this case were intrinsically tied to that monk.

However, Fangzheng had long left. On a highway, a salted fish was carrying a white-robed monk as the pair left with a trail of dust in their wake!

"Master, are you sure you didn't see wrong? Is Wang Dayou's home really here? I don't want to make a trip for nothing!" Salted Fish cried.

Fangzheng said, "Wang Dayou's home obviously isn't here. However, his son is in Tiancheng County Hospital. Let's head to the hospital directly to find them."

"Alright then. Speaking of which, it's not very correct for you to use dreams to glean information," Salted Fish said.

Fangzheng scoffed. "This Penniless Monk doesn't harp on the trivial details when he does things!"

"I think you just have no bottom line when it comes to gaining merit," Salted Fish yelled.

Fangzheng took off his shoe and smacked him on the head, shouting. "Giddy-up!"

"F**k!" Salted Fish yelled out unhappily.

"Any more nonsense from you, and I'll hang this shoe over your head!" Fangzheng said domineeringly.

"You!" Salted Fish cried out, aggrieved.

Fangzheng asked, "What?"

Salted Fish stared at Fangzheng and seeing the might of Fangzheng's stinky shoes, he raised his head as though he was afraid of nothing. He then shouted with extreme pride. "I submit!"


Although Qiu Yu had forgiven Wang Dayou along with everyone, Wang Dayou had ultimately illegally modified a gun and involuntarily caused harm. This was a fact, and the police still cuffed him and prepared to take him away.

However, Wang Dayou couldn't cheer up because his son was still in the hospital!

At this moment, after Mayor Wu said something to Chief Hua, Chief Hua ran over and got his men to remove the handcuffs. He patted Wang Dayou on the shoulder and said, "Pal, spruce up yourself! Your son might be watching you on television!"

When Wang Dayou heard that, he immediately understood why Chief Hua had gotten his handcuffs removed. It was to prevent his son from seeing him like that. He nodded at Chief Hua with gratitude.

Chief Hua smiled. "Alright. Head to the station to provide your statement first. You'll be returning home in a while. However, I'll send someone to follow you, so don't think of running!"