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833 Eighteenth Level of Hell

 I Originally Wanted Face sped up his pace as he ran downstairs. It was just too strange for him up there, and he didn't wish to stay even a moment longer. But just after taking two steps, he suddenly heard a Buddhist proclamation behind him. "Amitabha."

"Still trying to scare me?" Enraged, I Originally Wanted Face turned around abruptly and...


A bolt of lightning tore across the sky!

The originally bright sky instantly plunged into darkness as the sky turned pitch-black, so dark that he couldn't even see his fingers!

"What's happening?" I Originally Wanted Face looked around as he exclaimed in horror.

"Creak. Creak. Creak..." A strange sound that sounded like bones being scratched was emitted. I Originally Wanted Face rubbed his eyes as he tried his best to look towards the sound, and after a couple of seconds, his eyes gradually got used to the darkness. Then, he saw it. He saw a huge door slowly rise up, and engraved on it were countless ghouls!

Standing by the door was a white-dressed person. At a glance, it appeared like a ghost, but upon taking a careful look, I Originally Wanted Face realized in surprise that it was a white-robed monk! The monk looked especially eye-catching in the darkness with his white robes as though he were a Buddha. Standing beside the monk was the salted fish from before, and the moment it appeared, it instantly decreased the bearing of the monk...

However, I Originally Wanted Face wasn't interested in any of this. He was already completely shuddering in fear from everything that was happening in front of him. His legs went limp as he sat on the ground, speechless.

At this moment, the monk spoke. "Are you aware of your sins?"

"Aware of my sins?" I Originally Wanted Face subconsciously repeated the words, only to come to a sudden realization. He exclaimed. "I'm not! I have no idea what you are talking about! I don't know anything! Help!"

I Originally Wanted Face, who had snapped back to his senses, began to run as he heard a long sigh behind him. "Since you aren't cherishing the chance you were given, whatever. Go to hell!"


The sound of a door opening sounded as I Originally Wanted Face's heart palpitated. Even without turning his head, he knew that the huge door was opening. This was because the strange door had appeared in front of him without him realizing it! With the door open, his inertia left him plunging in!

"No, help! Hel..." I Originally Wanted Face yelled, but while he was still mid-sentence, a hand suddenly reached out from the darkness and held his mouth, preventing him from closing it or saying a word. All he could do was make meaningless muffled sounds. He wished to break free, but the hand was like an iron clamp that fastened his mouth shut. He couldn't move at all!

Following that, a dry, withered claw reached out with a shaving knife. It left him so afraid that he didn't dare utter a sound. His body trembled as tears dribbled down his cheeks, and horror gripped his heart. He looked diagonally, staring intently at the knife as though he was trying to guard against what the knife might do. He had the wishful thought that staring at it would scare the knife away.

However, the knife didn't retreat because of his staring. Instead, it slowly extended into his mouth! I Originally Wanted Face could even taste the knife's iron and coldness, and it was an ice-biting cold. It chilled his heart, leaving him shuddering!

I Originally Wanted Face had an ominous premonition as he struggled desperately. Unfortunately, in the hands of the dried arms, he was like a helpless chick with no way of escaping. All he could do was watch helplessly.


As I Originally Wanted Face violently flailed his arms and kicked his legs, blood began to flow out of his mouth. When the knife was pulled out, it had a long tongue attached to it!

The knife held the tongue and swung it in front of I Originally Wanted Face, leaving him in complete despair. His tongue had been sliced off! The excruciating pain from his oral wound was suffocating. Yet he was unable to faint. He couldn't even verbalize the shout he desperately wanted to let out. This feeling was as though all the pain was crushing his innards with no way for it to be vented. It felt like he could explode at any moment!

"Ahh... Ah..." I Originally Wanted Face cried in pain as he struggled.

However, he only felt even more despair for the owner of the hands didn't know the meaning of pity at all. Regardless of his tragic screams, he was pulled across the ground, deeper inside.

After a while, he saw a blue lamp. By the side of the lamp was a table, and there was a huge pot placed on it. There was boiling water inside, but he had no idea what was being cooked in it.

By the side of the pot was another table. Two humanoid creatures sat there, eating and drinking.

"Another unlucky fool? Why is he spewing out blood? Did you secretly steal someone's stash?" The person who was seated there eating looked up. He had a green complexion and a red beard. It was obviously a ghoul from hell according to Chinese myth!

"Another sacrilegious bastard that has harmed others. Since he had to have his tongue pulled out in the Chamber of Tongue Ripping, it's better we just enjoy the food." The ghoul that held I Originally Wanted Face cackled. At that moment, I Originally Wanted Face managed to see all three people with the help of the light. However, the looks of the three ghouls immediately left him terrified. This was hell!

I Originally Wanted Face originally imagined that someone was pulling a prank on him, but everything before him, as well as the missing tongue in his mouth, proved that it was all real.

At that moment, the ghoul threw I Originally Wanted Face's tongue into the pot. With a quick dip, it was done cooking. Then the ghoul threw it into his mouth and chewed on it.

Upon seeing this, I Originally Wanted Face felt his stomach churn as he almost vomited. However, this feeling was immediately suppressed by his horror.

The ghoul dragged I Originally Wanted Face forward and soon arrived before a door. On it was written: "Chamber of Steamers"! The ghoul cackled and said, "Punk, to sully others in the mortal world is a heinous sin! You will be enjoying this!"

With that said, the ghoul threw I Originally Wanted Face in. The moment he entered, he struggled desperately in an attempt to escape. However, he entered alone but was grabbed by a huge hand the next moment. Then he was dragged in with no say on his part. At the same time, a blistering heat wave inundated him as he sweated profusely.

This feeling felt like he had entered a sealed kitchen used to steam buns. He felt like he was in a sauna, but the effects came much faster than in a sauna.

I Originally Wanted Face subconsciously wanted to shout, but unfortunately, without a tongue, all he could do was produce muffled sounds. Meanwhile, when he turned his head, he saw a giant grabbing his body with one hand before carrying him towards a lofty mountain next! The mountain was huge, and its body was glowing red. When I Originally Wanted Face looked carefully, he saw streaks of lava flowing from it!

This also meant that the mountain was no ordinary mountain, but a volcano! There were more than a dozen huge steamers on the volcano. Under the volcano's heat, they billowed hot air that rushed into the sky, turning into dark clouds that blotted out the sky.

There were many giants around, but they appeared tiny in comparison to the volcano.

I Originally Wanted Face was suddenly thrown to the ground by the giant holding him and before he could even get a breather, there was a whistling sound. Then, he felt a pain in his chest.

When he looked down, he saw a metal rod penetrating his abdomen! At the end of the steel rod were long hooks that prevented him from sliding off. Then he watched in horror as the giant stabbed him and several others like skewers and carried them to the volcano. When the steamer was opened, they were stuffed inside.

Instantly, I Originally Wanted Face felt a terrifying heat wave hit him. Apart from the excruciating pain, there were the wailing cries of the people beside him.

He turned his head to look over, only to see countless people inside the steamer. The people beneath were completely cooked and bloated. Their skin and flesh were white, just like cooked pork. Worst of all, these people were still alive! They were all crying out in pain.

The people in the middle were 80% cooked, while the ones higher up had blisters all over their bodies. They screamed in pain with no chance of escape or anywhere to run.

I Originally Wanted Face saw his body begin to experience changes as boils began to form on his lower body. The pain made tears begin to gush out of his tear ducts, but he knew that this was only the beginning.

I Originally Wanted Face had always thought that he wasn't afraid of pain, but only now did he realize just what true pain was.

This was an indescribable pain!

I Originally Wanted Face didn't know how long the steaming process took, but he saw his body turn cooked from steaming before recovering and cooking again and again, because this process was repeated! Thinking that he would get accustomed to the pain, he realized that the pain of being cooked alive each time was several times more painful than the previous time! He finally realized what it meant to live days like years.

Having lost his sense of time, when I Originally Wanted Face was taken out from the steamer by the giant, he felt like he was reborn! He wept.

However, he heard a loud voice boom into his ear. "Chamber of Steamers over. For slander, send him to the Chamber of Tongue Ripping for punishment!"

When I Originally Wanted Face heard that, he cried. This wasn't the end?

The moment he entered the Chamber of Tongue Ripping, a ghoul immediately pulled him over. He subconsciously shouted. "I no longer have a tongue, so there's no need... Huh?"

I Originally Wanted Face realized in astonishment that his tongue had already grown back!

The ghoul sneered. "At the Chamber of Tongue Ripping, are you worried you won't have a tongue for us to pull? Soon, you will realize you have so many tongues that you will wish to pull it out once and for all yourself. Hehe."

Following that, I Originally Wanted Face was held down to the ground under a foot as a ghoul brought over a pair of searing-hot tongs!

"No!" I Originally Wanted Face cried out in alarm.

However, the ghoul ripped open his mouth, widened it and stuffed the tongs inside in a precise way to grab at his tongue. With a sizzling sound, the fragrance of roasted meat emanated, and I Originally Wanted Face nearly fainted from the pain. The pain of having his tongue pulled was several times worse than the Chamber of Steamers.

However, this was only the beginning. As the tongs slowly pulled outwards, I Originally Wanted Face rolled his eyes back from the pain. However, he still saw his tongue being pulled as it was pulled out bit by bit. The pain increased in intensity, to the point that he started wishing for his tongue to be pulled out faster!

However, the ghoul didn't use all his strength at all. All he did was slowly increase his strength, and every time I Originally Wanted Face got used to the pain, he would increase the strength, causing the pain to persist while becoming worse.

"Ha..." I Originally Wanted Face let out a dry cry and finally, he saw his tongue pulled out. At that instant, he felt free...

However, before he could relax, he saw the ghoul review a nefarious smile to him. This gave him an ominous feeling.

And as feared, he soon felt another tongue grow in his mouth!

At that moment, he finally understood the ghoul's words about how he was going to hate having too many tongues. He really wished he'd never had it to begin with!

Yet before he could even struggle, the ghoul switched to another searing hot pair of tongs and plunged it into his mouth!


The tragic cries sounded again.

When a loud voice boomed in I Originally Wanted Face's ears, he cried. It wasn't because of excitement, but fright! Because...

"Chamber of Tongue Ripping completed. For slander, send him to the Cauldron of Boiling Oil for punishment!"

"I still need to be sent to the Cauldron of Boiling Oil?" I Originally Wanted Face instantly broke down mentally.

Two ghouls carried him as he saw countless pots with boiling oil not far away. By his side, there were ghouls raising and throwing people. The moment they fell into the oil, they produced sizzling sounds. Their skin dried up the moment they entered as though all the oil had eaten them. All of them desperately tried to crawl out in pain, but any exertion of strength caused their bones to break! Even their bones had turned brittle from the heat.

"No, no, no! I beg of you. Let me go! I'll never do it again!" I Originally Wanted Face cried.

However, the two ghouls ignored him and threw him in.

I Originally Wanted Face realized how terrifying the pot of oil was the next moment. The pain made him wish to shout, but the moment he opened his mouth, the hot oil would enter his mouth and cook his tongue! The scorching hot oil entered his body, causing him to tumble around in pain... In just minutes, I Originally Wanted Face turned to bone, but he still struggled in this state. Clearly, he wasn't dead, and the pain still existed.

When everyone in the pot was reduced to bone, the ghouls poured some powder in, and everyone was instantly revived. However, no one was happy at that moment. Instead, they yelled in horror, but their yells quickly turned into tragic cries. I Originally Wanted Face had no idea who grabbed him as his skin was ripped off along with some flesh. The pain was so intense that he wanted to shout, but this time, he would rather die than open his mouth.

After countless revivals and pain, when I Originally Wanted Face was tortured to the brink of despair, the loud voice boomed again.

Instantly, he knew the pain was finally over. At the very least, he wouldn't need to stay in the pot of oil anymore.


"Cauldron of Boiling Oil completed. First round of punishments completed. Commencing the second round of punishments! Slander and accusation of others. Send him to the Chamber of Steamers for punishment!"

"What? A second round?" I Originally Wanted Face widened his eyes and wished to cry, but he ultimately didn't. All he had left was endless despair!

Amid his despair, he vaguely saw a white-robed monk standing above, watching him. By the monk's side was still the same salted fish. It was covering its nose with a black cloth, seemingly complaining about something.