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832 Door to Hell

 At this moment, Fangzheng patted Old Miao. Old Miao understood what he meant and went forward. "Everyone, I have a video here. Would you like to watch it?"

Everyone was taken aback, including Jing Yan. They subconsciously asked, "What video?"

Old Miao chuckled. "It's the entire footage from the moment we entered. Of course, there's no video from during the live broadcast since I only have one camera."

"How did you think of recording the video?" Jing Yan was overjoyed after a moment of shock. What was said would ultimately always be biased. Only a secret video could depict the truth of the situation! Nothing was more touching than reality.

Therefore, Jing Yan allowed Old Miao to play the video on the spot.

It was as Old Miao said. His recording started from the moment they had entered. All the scenes had been preserved. They saw Wang Dayou's initial wariness, his miserable recount, everything. Finally, when it showed Wang Dayou almost committing suicide, all the reporters were enraged! They didn't know what Wang Dayou had been through, but they could see with their own eyes that someone was pushing a person to death with just public opinion alone!

They had always known that whoever was in control of discourse could guide public opinion, but they had never felt just how powerful public opinion was in such an acute manner before. Overwhelming public opinion could force a perfectly fine person to death. How shocking was that?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

It wasn't only them. Even those who still believed that I Originally Wanted Face was speaking the truth put down their cell phones and tablets after watching the live broadcast. They stared at the screens in silence.

At this moment, Jing Yan said softly, "If... To everyone watching, if you were in Wang Dayou's shoes, do you think you could do better than him? Facing such overwhelming public opinion, who could handle it?"

Although it was a question, everyone knew that the answer was obvious. No one would be able to handle that! The outcome could only be madness or suicide. Be it the former or the latter, the outcome would be tremendously tragic no matter who it was.

At this moment, Jing Yan suddenly looked up and shouted, "You are?"

Everyone looked over and saw a man and woman standing outside. The man was still wearing a hospital gown, and the woman looked quite spirited despite her age.

When Fangzheng saw them, he smiled. The key person was finally there!

"I'm Qiu Yu, the salesperson whom Wang Dayou accidentally injured," said Qiu Yu.

When the reporters heard that, they immediately moved their cameras and pointed them at Qiu Yu. A reporter asked, "Mr. Qiu, are you fine? The Internet had rumors about you dying after being shot. How do you explain this situation? Why are you here?"

Qiu Yu nodded. "It's true that I was hit by Wang Dayou, but it wasn't fatal. I only wish to recount what I saw and experienced to everyone, nothing else." With that said, Qiu Yu recounted his experience before saying to Wang Dayou in front of the reporters, "I do not blame you for this matter."

With that said, Qiu Yu turned and left. Wang Dayou wanted to chase after him to express his gratitude when he heard that, but he was held back by the reporters, asking him about his feelings... Helpless, Wang Dayou could only watch as Qiu Yu silently left.

No one saw that in this chaotic scene, the monk who didn't speak much also vanished.

"F**king I Originally Wanted Face, I was used by you as a vanguard!" A man threw the cell phone in his hand onto a coffee table in front of him as he rubbed his head in distress.

"What's there to say now? I think we should help Wang Dayou." The man's wife patted him on the back.

The man snapped to his senses and immediately nodded. "Yes! Let's help him! Let's support him on Weibo!"



This scene played out in many homes. The most obvious was the number of curses appearing on I Originally Wanted Face's Weibo. Almost everyone was scolding him! He knew very well that the only reason why it wasn't a hundred percent was because a batch of spammers and some idiots were still supporting him.

"Brother, things aren't good. The three main national channels are live broadcasting Wang Dayou's interview. The 18 major Internet websites are live streaming it. I think we're going to be exposed," a person reported to I Originally Wanted Face.

I Originally Wanted Face also felt his head swell in pain, but he couldn't accept it!

At this point in time, in a particular spammer group.

"F**k, I quit!" A spammer named Beans suddenly cursed in the group. "F**k, I saw the real reports. Are we really just making money? We're f**king killing someone!"

"I'm quitting as well! Although I'm short of money, think about being in his shoes. If we encounter such a matter one day, will we also be forced to our deaths by spammers? I'm not going to perform such actions that are completely devoid of conscience!"

"Shut up! We are paid to do this. The rules are the rules. Are you going to break the rules?" the moderator appeared and berated them.

"F**k off. I'm not going to earn such conscienceless money! I thought in the past that as long as I earned money, nothing else mattered, but I'm repenting!" the first person who stepped forward exclaimed.

At that moment, a notice in the QQ group appeared. 1+1 has been kicked out of the QQ group!

After the moderator kicked him, he said: "The rules are the rules. Those who don't want to earn money, scram. Don't give me bullsh*t!"

The group instantly fell silent. The moderator was very pleased with the effects of his kick as the corners of his mouth turned into a grin.

However, he was left dumbfounded the next moment. He rubbed his eyes as he realized in disbelief that a group with two thousand people was rapidly decreasing in size! In the blink of an eye, its number of members was reduced to a thousand people! Furthermore, the member count kept rapidly dropping.

"Wait a moment!" The moderator knew something was bad as he hurriedly cried out.

The administrator appeared as well. "Everyone, don't do that. We can always talk it over."

However, when the administrator finished typing his sentence, he realized in shock that the only ones remaining in the group were him and three other moderators! A group of 2000 members had been reduced to four people. Even seven moderators had left! At this moment, his mind went blank as he thought, "Were we really in the wrong?"

"Administrator, the people who left are idiots. Since they are gone, we can hire more and..." a moderator was typing when he realized in shock that he couldn't send his message!

The system indicated: "This group doesn't exist!"

"What!?" The administrator and the three moderators, who were all over the country, cried out.

The administrator was suffering from the greatest setback. He had received a notice from the system: "Due to receiving more than 1000 complaint reports, this group has been forcefully dispersed!"

"This..." The administrator was dumbfounded.

At that moment, I Originally Wanted Face called the spammer's phone, but before he could say a word, he heard a roar from the other side. "F**king I Originally Wanted Face! You f**king made sh*t terrible for us! We're doomed! Doomed! F**k!"

Then, the line was disconnected. I Originally Wanted Face was dumbfounded. What had he done? Nothing! However, he instinctively felt that something was amiss.

At the same time, inside a Municipal Party committee office.

"Little Qi, why did you come back? Didn't you just leave? Is something the matter?" asked Mayor Wu as he looked at Songwu County's County Head Qi who had hurried back and was panting.

County Head Qi said, "Mayor, I have something to report to you."

"Oh? Go ahead?" said the mayor with a smile.

County Head Qi took out his cell phone, opened his WeChat Moments, and found the post of Fangzheng sharing the matter regarding Wang Dayou. He placed it in front of Mayor Wu. After Mayor Wu read it, he said with a heavy expression, "Such a major event happened today? Little Liu, explain why I wasn't informed of this immediately."

"Mayor Wu, you just came back from your visit to the counties and haven't had any sleep in three days. Besides, this matter has been handled already."

"Handled? Such a huge matter happened in my city, and the entire nation knows about it except for me, the mayor? Immediately prepare a car for me. I'm going there in person! Also, get Chief Hua to prepare a situation report for me!" After the mayor said that, he got up and rushed out. He didn't even have time to bother with County Head Qi...

Meanwhile, Chief Hua also received a report from an investigator. All the evidence had been gathered! Chief Hua chuckled. "Very good. Close in! Don't let a single one of them escape!"

"Chief, the mayor is coming over now. He wants you to prepare a situation report," a person said.

Chief Hua smiled. "Hehe, just in time. I can report the moment I capture someone. I like that."


Meanwhile, I Originally Wanted Face's instincts were telling him something was amiss even more strongly. So he propped up his collar and left. He also made a phone call at the same time. "Regardless of who gets caught, remember our agreement. Feign ignorance!"

Upon receiving acknowledgment from the other end of the line, I Originally Wanted Face felt slightly relieved. But the moment he took a step outside, he heard a Buddhist proclamation beside his ear. "Amitabha. Master told me to wait here for you."

"Who is it?" I Originally Wanted Face's heart trembled. He turned around but saw no one!

"Where are you looking? Your ancestor, me, is below!" The voice sounded again.

I Originally Wanted Face immediately looked down but saw nothing!

"A stranger asks you to lower your head, and you just follow his command. Are you silly?" The voice sounded again.

I Originally Wanted Face knew that he was being fooled, so he turned around in a rage and said furiously, "You are... Mommy! A fish!"

Just as I Originally Wanted Face turned around, he saw a salted fish standing vertically on a cane and smiling at him! At that instant, I Originally Wanted Face felt goosebumps all over him. His mind buzzed as he broke out into a cold sweat. Although he believed that he was brave enough, because he wouldn't have dared do such a despicable deed if he wasn't, his bravery only went as far as usual reason could prepare him. When he saw a fish, a salted fish at that, standing up and speaking, it would be odd if he wasn't afraid!

Furthermore, I Originally Wanted Face was very certain that this salted fish had been on the ground at first. He originally thought it was something someone had dropped, but he never expected it to turn sentient!

I Originally Wanted Face exclaimed in horror as he retreated. Salted Fish opened up his fins and said, "Don't retreat any more or you will fall to your death."

I Originally Wanted Face turned back abruptly and saw that he was indeed just one step short of falling. He stopped himself in fright and quickly took two steps forward. But when he looked up, Salted Fish was gone!

I Originally Wanted Face rubbed his eyes, thinking, "An illusion. It has to have been an illusion!"