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831 Complete Reversal

 I Originally Wanted Face was enraged when he saw the video. "I'm protecting them. What happens if they become the target of revenge when they show their faces?"

"My people aren't afraid, so why are you afraid? If you don't accept your loss, prove your worth! Otherwise, shut up!" Never Believing Fate taunted.

I Originally Wanted Face narrowed his eyes. He knew that if he didn't provide a rejoinder to prove that he hadn't found actors but real witnesses, all the followers he had earned might turn against him. Then all his hard work would end up being for nothing! With this in mind, he clenched his teeth and made a few phone calls. "Get them to show their faces. I'll pay extra! Make sure to make the story sound credible."

"Alright, Brother Face." The other party agreed.

Soon, videos started appearing. I Originally Wanted Face made his team quickly edit videos and post them. When they were all posted, he immediately commented: "Here are your witnesses. What else do you have to say?"

However, Never Believing Fate replied: "Heh heh. I've been waiting for that! I mentioned that I'm not the only person, but that all of us verified users are watching you, right?"

I Originally Wanted Face instantly had an ominous feeling.

As feared, another post started trending the next moment!

Its poster was a beautiful verified user named Demon Moon. She had posted a brand new video with very simple content. It was of I Originally Wanted Face's men paying the actors money!

Demon Moon also posted a comment. "Thank you to all fans and verified users from everywhere. Only with your help was I able to obtain such an interesting video. I Originally Wanted Face, pui! I Don't Want Face, what else do you have to say?"

I Originally Wanted Face's expression instantly turned livid as he broke out into a cold sweat.

He gritted his teeth and made a phone call to employ spammers. He had to suppress this piece of news which was detrimental to him. He needed to sully Demon Moon's reputation!

Soon, I Originally Wanted Face's spammers came, instantly leaving hundreds of comments. All of them reprimanded Demon Moon for spouting nonsense, claiming that she had been paid to say such things.

When I Originally Wanted Face saw this, he sneered. "Easy-peasy."

When Demon Moon saw the comments on her computer, she frowned and cursed. "Getting spammers? Do you think you are the only one who can do that?"

However, before Demon Moon took action, she realized that thousands of messages started appearing under her video! The spammers which were cursing her were instantly drowned. Instead, the commenters unanimously supported Demon Moon. Furthermore, all of them had come announcing their origins!

"South China University of Technology's brothers and sisters reporting in! Public opinion is the battlefield of justice. We vow to defend it to the death!"

"Northeastern University's brothers and sisters reporting in! Together, we shall kill rumors. Fight if you can't accept injustice; otherwise, don't spout nonsense!"

Southwest University's three thousand students reporting in. Humans live on justice. Today, we will correct this wind of injustice!"

"Northwest University reporting in..."

"Southeast University reporting in..."

"National Tsing Hua University reporting in..."

"Yenching University reporting in..."

"Taiwan students reporting in..."

"Overseas students reporting in, supporting the winds of justice!"


Seeing the countless replies by students, Demon Moon felt like crying for some inexplicable reason. How many years had it been? Even she couldn't remember. She too had attended school and had zeal and ardor course through her veins, but never had there been such a uniform eruption in her times! Many people said that the new generation of students was doomed, with it only having hopes of having fun without showing zeal, but now... Demon Moon wanted to roar "Who the f**k dares say that our new generation of students is doomed? Our blood continues to boil! We still love this country and society!"

When Wang Dayou saw so many people supporting him, he immediately wept. He cried his heart out before finally kneeling on the ground and kowtowing to the screen! As he kowtowed, he yelled. "I was wrong! I was wrong!"

Back when Wang Dayou chose to wield a gun to find Xia Jili, he indeed had money on his mind. However, there were certain things he didn't say. He was jaded back then, thinking that there was no hope for society. He believed that justice was dead and that no one bothered about him. He had nothing except his life. Therefore, he had chosen the most dangerous method, to hound for his debt with a gun!

But now, he finally realized that the world had not abandoned him! Justice and love still remained! Him not being able to see it in the past didn't mean that it didn't exist! He kowtowed only to show regret for his silly thoughts. He felt that he had maligned the good people in the world.

Xia Jili was also moved to tears. Although he wasn't Wang Dayou and had never experienced being pushed deep into an endless abyss before being pulled up by countless hands, he could not help but cry seeing this wind of warmth. Meanwhile, he secretly made up his mind.

Jing Yan had also long lost herself to tears. However, Jing Yan's character destined her not to hug anyone to seek strength or to hide. Instead, she lifted her head, allowing her tears to flood her face as she continued typing quickly and thanking her friends.

"F**k! Even students are here! These sons of a b*tches sure are good." I Originally Wanted Face was somewhat dumbfounded by the numerous messages. He cursed as he clenched his fists. His subordinate also called him saying that the spammers couldn't turn the tide. What were they to do?

I Originally Wanted Face frowned and said, "The passion of students is limited. Besides, they need to attend classes. Hold on! They will stop after a while. In addition, hire more spammers."

"But our money..." uttered the other person.

I Originally Wanted Face said, "Continue! I'll handle the payment!"

Then I Originally Wanted Face hung up, and he called a loan company. After a while, he smiled in satisfaction. "As long as I stabilize my base this time, this bit of money is nothing!"

Indeed, with more spammers joining the fray, the situation changed again. Although the spammers were fewer in number, they were more professional than the students, causing a tie.

When I Originally Wanted Face saw this, he heaved a sigh of relief. The situation looked like it had stabilized.

However, just as I Originally Wanted Face exhaled, his eyes widened all of a sudden. It was as though his eyes could pop out of their sockets any moment!

The comments which were increasing by thousands at a time suddenly broke the ten thousand barrier and reached twenty thousand!

I Originally Wanted Face cursed. "Who is it? Who the f**k is it now?"

When I Originally Wanted Face took a look, he was dumbfounded. The messages he saw were all the same...

"Fan of Queen Snow Eagle reporting in! Our million-sized army, gather together. Kill the spammers!"

"Baozi's fans reporting in! We might not have many people, but we are willing to pay. Want to hire spammers? F**k, we can crush you with our money!"

"Ling's fans reporting in! Brothers and Sisters, it's time we punish this shameless person in the name of the Moon!"

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"


The new entrants to the battle were all celebrity fans!

I Originally Wanted Face trembled as he tapped open the Weibo accounts of those fans. He saw that all celebrities were unanimously posting the same essay! The essay was apparently written by Jing Yan, and it didn't include any nonsense or provide any incitement. It contained just the bare facts. Worst of all, under it were the joint electronic signatures of hundreds of celebrities of different ranges of popularity!

When I Originally Wanted Face saw this, he fell silent. He knew that there was a high chance he was finished. However, he didn't give up. He ultimately believed that there would be hope if he persisted.

However, little did he know that this was just the beginning of his despair.

The next moment, Jing Yan made a live broadcast again!

And the live broadcast this time was...

"Make way! Make way! Everyone, maintain order. Do not cause trouble." The commander wiped the sweat from his head and saw a group of reporters charging to the store's door. The logos they donned were the logos of all the Chinese news agencies, both local and international ones! Although he had seen a lot of reporters having lived to his age, seeing all of them gather for an ordinary person was still a first for him!

He had also seen the ongoings on the Internet. By now, anyone who wasn't a fool knew who was on justice's side. Furthermore, Wang Dayou had long thrown out the gun, yet the hostages inside had stayed behind voluntarily. To be precise, they could no longer be considered hostages... As the horde of reporters came, the commander tragically realized that they had gone from apprehenders to protectors. They were now like security guards that stayed there to maintain order.

They kept back the crowds who had come because of the news and ensured order among the reporters. The policemen were sweating profusely the entire time, and their brains nearly exploded.

"How does it feel?" the chief asked out of concern.

The commander grinned and chuckled. "I'm f**king happier than I'd be capturing a murder suspect and getting rewarded for meritorious services! I'm so freaking happy!"

"Heh heh. Punk, take note of your image. Don't curse!" The chief scolded in amusement.

The commander chuckled and shot a glance upstairs. He asked, "Chief, do we take action?"

The chief shook his head and said, "No rush. The plans from before have changed. Previously, he was the one setting the tone and nearly caused public opinion to collapse. That was why we immediately wanted to apprehend him to eliminate the problem at its source, but things are different now. Justice has prevailed. He's probably not having it easy now. In that case, let's see what else he can do. We can also gather more evidence in the meantime. When the time comes, we can give him a super huge gift!"

The commander laughed.

Wang Dayou looked in shock at the various familiar and unfamiliar television microphones in front of him. He turned agape, unable to say a word.

"Wang Dayou, say something," Jing Yan whispered to Wang Dayou.

A reporter asked, "Wang Dayou, just say anything you would like to say. Just speak truthfully! This is a national live broadcast. We will prove your innocence!"

When Wang Dayou heard that, he plopped to his knees and kowtowed. "Thank you, thank you... I've never attended school, and I don't know what to say. I... I... I just want to thank all of you!"

When everyone saw how honest Wang Dayou was, they could not help but sigh. Why did those bastards make things so difficult for such an honest man?

Wang Dayou was unable to say a word. All he wanted was to cry, to cry tears of joy at being vindicated! He let out a wail filled with gratitude and unleashed his grievance and misery...

Upon seeing this scene, the crowd of reporters was at a loss for words.