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829 Master Takes Action

 At the same moment, a man cursed on the roof. "F**k! They actually deleted my Weibo post..."

However, the man immediately sneered. "So what? Do you really think you can conceal this from the world? Let's see who's better!"

Therefore, the man immediately posted on Weibo. "The powers behind this case have taken action. Weibo content is starting to be deleted. Everyone, quickly take screenshots as proof!"

Indeed, once I Originally Wanted Face posted the news, many people began clamoring to save the content and repost it, so as to continue the battle...

I Originally Wanted Face chuckled. "A bunch of fools. They don't have brains at all. Hehe. As I'm The Widest said, flamers on the Internet are like dogs. They get led around however you lead them. They don't know how to use reason to determine the truth of the matter. They will only let their preferences and emotions determine their actions. As long as you lead them down the right way, they can become everyone's dog, and they will bite at anyone you wish them to bite!"

Below, Jing Yan frowned as well as she sneered. "This is only the beginning. Let's see whose reputation is higher, yours or mine!"

Therefore, Jing Yan copy pasted a large paragraph of text into several groups.

Fangzheng took a glance at the group names. They were Internet Verified Users Chat Group, Positivity Group, National Media Chat Group, etc. There were even a few inconspicuous groups, but when Fangzheng saw the names of the people in them, Fangzheng could not help but frown. They were famous members of society. Many of them were mega celebrities!

Jing Yan honestly described Wang Dayou's situation. And as expected, the groups immediately stirred. Countless people came forward to question the veracity of her post.

A few people who were familiar with Jing Yan believed her. However, everyone who worked in media knew how things went, so no one would believe just one person's version of the events. They planned to verify the situation with seriousness and responsibility.

Jing Yan only patiently answered everyone's questions. However, the non-media groups like the celebrity group had mixed reactions. The members didn't understand the situation, nor did they dare take sides. Because if they haphazardly chose the wrong side, not only would it result in harming the innocent, it could also end up implicating them.

Fangzheng knew that I Originally Wanted Face had already set the tone. If they were to not do anything, that was it, but if they wanted to do something, they had to cut the Gordian knot wisely and make sure that they could reverse the situation.

Hence, Fangzheng finally took action. He patted Jing Yan on the shoulder and said, "Let This Penniless Monk enter the celebrity group."

"Uh? Why?" Jing Yan was taken aback. She couldn't figure out the reason for Fangzheng's request to enter the group. Jing Yan believed that he had influence, with his influence in Songwu County being quite substantial. But the matter before them was no longer a local matter but now concerned the entire nation! In such a situation, Fangzheng's bit of influence was worth little.

Wang Dayou and Xia Jili were taken aback as well. Jing Yan was a famous reporter, and she had a powerful background. Despite all this, she was still doubted by others. Who would believe a young monk? However, when they thought of how miraculous Fangzheng was, they could not help but feel a sense of anticipation.

Jing Yan looked at Fangzheng and asked, but he didn't reply. He looked genially at her with a look of confidence.

Finally, Jing Yan added Fangzheng into the chat group and exhorted him. "Abbot Fangzheng, what you say... How should I put it. The group has quite a number of big shots in the film industry. Due to their identities, these stars and directors will not easily take sides without sufficient evidence. I don't have much hope I can get all of them to step forward, but having a few become willing to put in a word would already be worth a lot."

Just as Jing Yan was speaking, she realized that Fangzheng had already started speaking in the group. Furthermore, he immediately @-ed a few people in his opening message!

The moment Jing Yan saw the names he @-ed, her mind buzzed. F**k, this monk is going to poke a hole in the heavens!

Not only were Jing Yan, Xia Jili, and Wang Dayou stunned, even the other members in the chat group shared the same reaction. Although Jing Yan was from a powerful family, she wasn't from their circle. They could joke around a bit with each other, but they didn't share a deep relationship. This was a private group, so to have an outsider added already made everyone a little uncomfortable. But before they could even say a word, this newcomer began @-ing all kinds of big shots! What was he doing? Trying to ascend to heaven or revolt?

Many celebrities stared at Fangzheng's name and even checked his profile picture. All they felt was that the monk looked rather handsome, but they had no idea where they had ever seen him before! Was he not in the same industry as them? Wasn't he being a little too impolite to randomly @ people?

At that moment, a female celebrity nicknamed Little Little Little Steamer Bun asked: "Sister Jing Yan, is he not from the industry?"

With someone firing the first shot, many people joined in. "Jing Yan, don't tell me he's a fan?"

"Haha, what an interesting monk. He chose the most important people to @ the moment he entered. Tsk."

Although no one said it straight, they were clearly a little displeased.

Jing Yan was also feeling her scalp tingling. How was she to explain? She looked at Fangzheng helplessly and saw him smile. "Patron Jing Yan, the other groups are calling out to you. It's best you handle them. Leave this one to This Penniless Monk."

Jing Yan said in exasperation, "You... Forget it. I hope you don't make things terrible for me." With that said, Jing Yan decided to trust him and went about handling the other groups such as the Internet Verified Users Chat Group. Since the members of the media groups were all in the same industry, communications went much smoother.

With Jing Yan not replying in the group, the celebrities naturally believed that Jing Yan was tacitly admitting to their guesses. Immediately, they were pissed.

Just as a few of the most hot-tempered ones wanted to get a moderator to kick Fangzheng out, someone popped up.

"Master? Is that really you?" The person who appeared was a female celebrity named Little Smarty.

"Patron, you are?" Fangzheng looked at the cat profile picture and was puzzled. He didn't know her!

"Hehe, a year ago on the mountain, your disciple took quite a bit of our things." Little Smarty responded with a chuckle.

When Fangzheng saw the message, he blushed. F**k! He had met his creditor!

"Little Smarty, you know each other?" Little Little Little Steamer Bun asked.

"Yes. Master is a good person," replied Little Smarty.

Little Little Little Steamer Bun said, "Master, why did you enter this group? Are you here to find someone?"

Fangzheng said, "This Penniless Monk is here to testify that whatever Patron Jing Yan said is the truth. This Penniless Monk believes that all of you are aware of the power of public opinion. Patron Wang needs your help."

"This... Even with the both of you saying that, to be honest, I... don't really believe it." Little Little Little Steamer Bun gave a very direct answer.

"Master, if you expect us to believe you with just a few words, do you think you would believe it if you were in our shoes?" a man named Easy Aquarium asked.

At this point, a person suddenly popped out. "I do!"

Everyone looked at the name and was instantly stunned. Little Little Little Steamer Bun said with astonishment, "Director Yu, you believe him?"

The person was none other than one of the few people Fangzheng had @-ed. He was the director of City-Toppling Beauty, Director Yu!