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827 Public Opinion Kills

 However, the moment the police pulled Xia Ke away, Xia Jili rapidly retreated into the store.

"What's that guy doing!?" The commander, the police chief, and the crowd outside wore puzzled looks.

However, Xia Ke knew what Xia Jili was doing, and she struggled to go stop him.

Xia Jili waved his hand and said, "Little Ke, our family owes him. I need to watch him to ensure that he doesn't do anything silly."

"Dad, I'm not leaving! Dad! Come back!" Xia Ke shouted. Although she pitied Wang Dayou, she was even more worried for her father. However, regardless of her struggles, she was taken away by the police.

When Xia Jili saw that Xia Ke had been taken away, he retracted his longing gaze. He turned around to face Fangzheng, and their eyes met. Fangzheng pressed his palms together and smiled. Xia Jili nodded slightly and was just about to say something when they heard Jing Yan suddenly shout, "Wang Dayou, what are you doing!?"

Fangzheng suddenly turned around and saw Wang Dayou raise the nail gun to his head. His eyes were bloodshot as tears streamed down his face. "No one can help me. I'm really innocent. I'm willing to use my death to prove my innocence! I'm a good person, not a bad one! I really do not know those people who are talking about me!"

With that said, Wang Dayou pulled the trigger!

At this moment, a forceful wind inundated him as the calm monk who was standing motionless to the side one moment suddenly transformed into a white flash of lightning the next moment. He slammed through the rack that was blocking his way and threw out a punch!

Xia Jili, Jing Yan, Old Miao and company heard a sonic boom as the air quaked. Wang Dayou's hand was instantly struck away by an invisible force as the nail gun shot a nail out and into the wooden plank of a rack!

Before waiting for Wang Dayou to make another action, Fangzheng appeared in front of Wang Dayou and grabbed the barrel of his nail gun.

Wang Dayou screamed angrily, "Let go! Let me die!"

Fangzheng frowned as he looked at Wang Dayou and said calmly, "Patron, This Penniless Monk's hand is holding the muzzle of the gun. If you wish to die, you need to shoot through This Penniless Monk's hand. How about it?"

Wang Dayou glared at Fangzheng angrily. "Do you know what you're doing? I've let those few people off. What else do you want? Can't I die? I can't stand it! My son is suffering from leukemia, and I don't have money to treat him. I can't bear to face him! Now, everyone in the world thinks I'm a bad person, a son of a b*tch! I can't save my son, so the only thing I can do now is to prove myself! Otherwise, when I get thrown into prison, my wife will be looked at strangely by others. I do not want the final parts of my son's life to be filled with the curse of having had a bad man as a father!"

Although Wang Dayou was shouting and raging, Fangzheng wasn't moved. He calmly looked at Wang Dayou and held the nail gun's tip with a firm grip.

Although Wang Dayou shouted fiercely and was angry to the point of pulling the trigger a few times, he subconsciously shot a glance at the fair hand which was grabbing the mouth of the gun every time. And finally, he gave up. He glared at Fangzheng intently with hints of mania amid his rage. However, although he was suffering an outburst, it didn't cause so much as a stir amid Fangzheng's vast, calm, ocean-resembling eyes.

No matter how powerful a torrent, what could it do when it plunged into the sea?

One minute, two minutes... Five minutes passed like this.

The mania in Wang Dayou's eyes vanished, leaving behind only rage.

Another ten minutes passed.

The rage in Wang Dayou's eyes turned into misery.

Another five minutes passed.

Wang Dayou pleaded. "Please, I beg you, Master. Let me be free. I can't stand it any longer."

Fangzheng gently took the gun without Wang Dayou struggling. He then placed the nail gun to the side and picked up Wang Dayou's cell phone which was placed by his side. No one knew when he had taken it out, but that wasn't important.

At that moment in time, his phone had the Weibo app open, and there was a video being played on repeat.

It was still I Originally Wanted Face's Weibo page, but there were many more videos on it by now.

A woman appeared in one video. From her figure and hairstyle, she was likely a middle-aged woman. She too was masked, and she said, "My sister is Wang Dayou's neighbor. She said that Wang Dayou is a radical person who beats people up if things don't go his way. He has been reprimanded several times by the police at the station, and my sister always knew he was a bad person! I never expected him to be this crazy, though. He's completely heinous!"

Instead of that being the end of it, there was another video after that! It was edited from a long video.

The second scene was of a man wearing sunglasses. He had short hair and looked quite spirited. He had his hands in his pockets as he said, "I heard that Wang Dayou has killed."

The third scene was of a woman who apparently looked sad. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying. "I heard from people that the person Wang Dayou killed wasn't even moving when he was dragged out. It was tragic. People are made of flesh and blood. How can this person do such a thing? Boohoo..."

The fourth scene was of a seated elder who said angrily, "I live nearby. I wasn't outside, but I heard from my mahjong friends that the criminal is fierce! I hope the police will punish him severely! To kill someone in the streets in broad daylight, who would dare head to the streets in the future? It will affect business."

After the video was uploaded, there were even more comments, incurring even more rage.

"From the looks of it, this Wang Dayou is really problematic."

"Back when I saw I'm The Widest expose the news on Weibo, I thought it was fake. But from the looks of it, it's not that simple."

"I'm bumping this to the top! Look at the pictures at the scene. There are so many policemen surrounding the outside, but none of them are doing a thing. They even allowed a reporter to enter to help whitewash Wang Dayou. If there's nothing fishy going on in this matter, I'll lop my head off for Wang Dayou to use as his toilet!"

"I can't understand either. Why would the police let the reporter in? What can the reporter do? Or is it that Wang Dayou has some unknown capabilities?"

"There's no need to ask or think. If Wang Dayou is really an ordinary worker, how can he get the police to let a reporter in for a live broadcast? I demand an answer from the police! Everyone, follow me. Let's flood the police station's Weibo!"



Instantly, many people responded.

Fangzheng continued reading and finally saw among the countless comments a different kind of comment.

"I don't understand why everyone is so angry. Haven't you noticed? Those people who are interviewed, although all of them look outraged or are weeping in sorrow, everything they mention is hearsay! None of them saw what happened, so if this can be considered evidence, that's just too laughable."

However, this comment was quickly drowned by the torrent of comments.

Upon seeing this, Fangzheng finally realized why Wang Dayou was on the brink of a mental collapse. What had happened today was just too much too sudden for him. Furthermore, it had coincidentally followed the stadium's explosion, attracting away many members of the major media outlets. By the time those had come over, it was already too late. The nefarious smaller newspapers and 'verified' online accounts had already framed the story by then.