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825 A Storm in a Teacup

 The moment Qiu Yu's mother checked Weibo, she looked up what was trending, and Gulin's armed assault had already reached fifth on the search rankings! The moment she saw that, she subconsciously tapped on it. Then she said furiously, "Son, this bastard cannot be spared! He's a vile menace! Before he injured you, he even killed a pregnant lady. Two lives were lost as a result!"

Qiu Yu jumped in fright when he heard that. He hurriedly asked for the phone and when he saw the post, his expression turned livid. "If that's the case, there's no way I'll forgive him! Besides, it doesn't matter if I forgive him. He's destined to be imprisoned." With this in mind, he didn't wish to speak another word. He felt torn inside, so he lay down and prepared to have some rest.

And at this moment, a new piece of news appeared on Weibo. It was a video. Qiu Yu's mother opened it and cried out, "He has to die!"


Meanwhile, Jing Yan cursed angrily. "That son of a b*tch!"

With her scream, Fangzheng, Wang Dayou, Xia Jili, and company came over and subconsciously looked at Jing Yan's phone. Their faces instantly showed furious expressions.

After Jing Yan's live broadcast, the verified account I'm The Widest, who had originally clamored that Wang Dayou had a mysterious background and that the police were afraid of apprehending him, had already shut up. Furthermore, he was being cursed at by others.

However, the verified account I Originally Wanted Face immediately posted a video.

When Jing Yan opened it, it was a video of a man wearing a cap and a face mask. He said to the camera, "I'm Wang Dayou's classmate. Back when we were in school, he was a menace guilty of all kinds of unpardonable evils. He bullied classmates and fought all the time, you name it. I recently heard that he is on drugs, but I'm not sure. I never expected him to do something like that, though."

The moment Wang Dayou saw this, he bellowed angrily. "I don't know him at all! There's no grudge between us, so why is he hurting me in this way?"

Jing Yan frowned and asked, "Are you sure you don't know him?"

As though afraid that Jing Yan wouldn't believe him, Wang Dayou shook his head frantically. Then he said miserably, "I didn't even attend school, so how can I have a classmate?"

Jing Yan said, "This guy is just too shameless. To capture attention, he even got someone to fabricate fake news for him!"

When they opened the comment section, the comments below were rising rapidly. They instantly exceeded a hundred!

The comment section was full of denouncement.

"F**k, I just watched the live broadcast. That bastard's acting is really not bad!"

"I was nearly duped. I never expected the honest-looking Wang Dayou could be such a person."

"This OP sure is awesome. He actually managed to get such inside information! I'm supporting him."

"After watching it, don't just leave. Save the content. If the Weibo post is deleted, everyone will be able to spread the information!"

"Yes, this matter cannot be left unattended. We have to insist on a resolution!"

"We mustn't let that bastard off!"


Upon seeing these comments, Wang Dayou's face turned pale. His entire person seemed to be emptied out as he muttered. "How can this happen? I don't even know him. Why would these people choose to believe this guy? I really don't know him!"

Wang Dayou kept pulling at his hair. Public opinion, which had shifted after the live broadcast, had yet again turned against him. At that moment, Wang Dayou clearly felt the pressure on him from everywhere. It was as though countless people were watching him and pointing at him, saying, "He is an evil person! He deserves death! He deserves death!"

Wang Dayou wished to cry and shout, to yell at the entire world. He wanted to tell everyone that he really wasn't a bad person. But at that moment, he realized that whatever he said would clearly be useless.

At this moment, Xia Jili's daughter, Xia Ke, suddenly tugged at Jing Yan's hand. She carefully asked, "Big Sister, can you help Uncle again? He's really pitiful..."

Everyone looked at Jing Yan when she said that. At that moment, apparently Jing Yan was the only one who could rely on normal means.

Wang Dayou looked at Jing Yan with a mentally and physically exhausted look. He never imagined that his goal of getting his money back would eventually develop into such a situation! This wasn't what he wanted.

When Jing Yan saw this, she gritted her teeth and said, "Alright. Let's have another live broadcast! I'll submit the application!"

"Alright!" Xia Ke happily smiled. Wang Dayou also appeared extremely excited. He knew that this was the final straw for him to clutch at. Wang Dayou clenched his fists and stared at Jing Yan intently. She was his only hope.

Fangzheng didn't say a word as he stood by the side. He was peeking out the window through the rack, looking for Salted Fish. He was very worried that the darn fish would be up to no good.

Meanwhile, Black River City's police department's Weibo was being flooded. Countless people were inquiring about the matter. The reporters were there as well, asking what ties the police had with the suspect, etc.

Then, Black River City's police department chief came to the scene and immediately threw a question to the commander. "Little He, what's happening? How can you let people in randomly? Don't you know how dangerous the suspect there is?"

The commander looked at the chief with a dumbfounded look before looking into the store. He said with a sobbing croak, "I... I don't know how she entered either!" He was feeling utterly aggrieved. For this matter, he had stared at the door and windows with his eyes so wide that they were almost like light bulbs. He had done the checks, and there were indeed no back doors or second floor. There wasn't even a basement underground. At the back, there were no windows and only a small ventilation hole. There was no way anyone could enter! The only way in was through the front door. He racked his brain yet couldn't figure out how the monk and reporter had managed to enter.

"You don't know? You have more than a dozen people standing guard here. Two reporters lugged their equipment in without your knowledge? What the hell are you doing?" The chief didn't believe him as he launched a tirade before making a call to the city television station.

However, what left the chief even more perplexed was that the station didn't give an explanation. They were even preparing for a second live broadcast!

Due to the first live broadcast, their viewership had increased several-fold. How could they let such an excellent opportunity go? Furthermore, the station had utmost trust in Jing Yan. They believed that what she said had to be closer to the truth. They believed that this was a battle between good and evil. Therefore, all of them were like on steroids as they rolled up their sleeves and prepared for battle!

Hence when the police chief asked the station how the reporters got in, the station head chuckled. "Old Hua, are you blaming my reporters for being amazing when your men couldn't watch the door?"

The moment that was said, the police chief immediately blew his top.