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822 Help Who?

 "Yes, we need a source with a heart. We need the truth. You must persist."


When Fangzheng saw this, he nearly threw his cell phone in a rage. What the heck? Were these people idiots? However, Fangzheng quickly realized a terrifying truth. This matter was probably going to undergo tremendous changes he had not foreseen! He had to think of ways to curb the tide; otherwise, something bad would happen.

Fangzheng rode Salted Fish once again and rushed back. As he traveled back, he kept searching the news about Gulin City. The results left his expression turning more and more ugly. The entire page was filled with dozens of posts regarding the matter!

Apart from other verified online personalities, and some tiny never-seen-before agencies, all the small websites were posting similar news.

One of the small websites even had the headlines: "Murderer murders people on the street with assault rifle! His background runs so deep that the police don't dare do a thing!"

When he opened the article, the content was utter nonsense. However, what left Fangzheng even more enraged was that although these people pointed out Wang Dayou's name, they made him seem to have a background infinitely close to that of a legend. It was just short of saying he was the son of some powerful figure. The article even claimed that the police didn't dare apprehend Wang Dayou who had killed someone on the streets, and that all they did was surround him to watch the commotion. Instead of what seemed like an encirclement, they were actually protecting him according to the article!

Another verified account named I'm The Widest even made the claim, "Arrogant scion kills pregnant lady with firearm and continues shopping in peace! Police protect him without anyone daring to move! How can such a thing happen?"

Similarly, these articles attracted countless furious replies. Countless people denounced Wang Dayou, wanting him to be tried and shot, and to investigate who Wang Dayou's backer was!

The more Fangzheng read, the more he found it weird. Why would these unpopular news sites get so many replies? Had people started reading small websites? Were they that influential?

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Unfortunately, Fangzheng wasn't an expert on this, so he wasn't sure. All he could do was hurry Salted Fish. He wanted to rush over to Jing Yan to know what was happening. Why were so many people making such a fuss? This was fabrication of fake news! Did they not know that every word they said involved the life and death of another person, the survival of an entire family even?

Soon, Fangzheng rushed back to the store. However, Fangzheng was in no rush to enter. Instead, he patted Salted Fish on the head. "This Penniless Monk has a mission for you. Do you want to do it?"

"What mission? Can I catch a breather first?" Salted Fish took out his cane again and put on his elderly act. He hunched his back and looked pitiful while heaving for breath.

Fangzheng ignored this fellow who put on his elderly and pitiful act just to reap benefits for himself. Instead, he said, "Go into the crowd and see who's creating those rumors and spreading them baselessly. If you do well, your helping for dinner will be increased several-fold!"

"Really!?" Salted Fish's eyes lit up as he asked immediately.

Fangzheng nodded. "Of course!"

"I want to be fed to satiation!" Salted Fish's eyes darted around as he took the opportunity to raise the price.

Fangzheng squinted his eyes and looked at Salted Fish who instantly felt ominous. Thinking of the numerous experiences of him being cheated by Fangzheng in the past, he hurriedly said, "Forget it. Since it's a matter that accrues merit, I'll not bargain with you. Remember, several-fold!"

With that, Salted Fish put away his cane and instantly seemed rejuvenated. He dashed into the crowd, brimming with energy.

When Fangzheng saw this, he cursed inwardly. "This fellow was indeed acting! This darn fish is really f**king unreliable!" Ater exhorting Salted Fish not to expose himself and to maintain invisibility, Fangzheng returned into the store.

Seeing Fangzheng return like he was shopping in a mall, the few people in the store felt flabbergasted. They couldn't figure out how the monk could enter and exit freely.

Jing Yan was long accustomed to Fangzheng's wonders, so she didn't have many questions. Instead, she immediately went over and asked, "How's the salesperson?"

Fangzheng smiled. "He's fine. I believe he will wake up soon. Whatever This Penniless Monk needs to say has been said. All that's left is Patron Qiu's decision."

"Does that mean that there are still unknown variables over there?" Wang Dayou immediately turned gloomy after a momentary uplift.

Fangzheng patted Wang Dayou on the shoulder and said, "Patron, regardless if it was deliberate or not, you did indeed injure Patron Qiu. Even if he doesn't forgive you, you can't blame him. Humans should ultimately shoulder the consequences of their actions. This Penniless Monk can help you, but I can only prevent you from being treated unjustly and receiving punishment you shouldn't bear. Nothing more, understand?"

Wang Dayou wore a look of anxiety as he said, "But if he doesn't forgive me, I'll be imprisoned. I... I don't want to be imprisoned." At this point, he cried again.

Jing Yan looked at Wang Dayou and couldn't bear it as she said, "Master, can't you help him all the way?"

Fangzheng returned with a question, "Then who is to help Patron Qiu?"

Jing Yan was left speechless. She wished to say 'isn't Qiu Yu fine already,' but on second thought, Qiu Yu had been fine to begin with. He had suffered an undeserved catastrophe because of Wang Dayou. Therefore, in this entire matter, Qiu Yu was truly the most innocent person!

With this in mind, Jing Yan fell silent.

"Is there no other solution? I... I can help Wang Dayou by testifying for his innocence." At that moment, Xia Jili suddenly spoke up.

Fangzheng nodded slightly at Xia Jili and said, "What you say will naturally be useful, but Qiu Yu's matter has nothing to do with you."

Xia Jili opened his mouth, but he ultimately didn't say a word.

Seeing the mood turning depressed, Fangzheng quickly changed topics and called Jing Yan to the side. He let her see Weibo and the news, and before she was even done reading, Jing Yan cursed. "For money and fame, these bastards are acting so shameless? Without any investigation, they are fabricating something based on their own imagination? Was their conscience eaten by dogs? That's not right. Even dogs are not that shameless!"

Fangzheng said, "These people are one thing. But what This Penniless Monk doesn't understand is why so many people believe in such fake news. Furthermore, why are so many people in support of them?"

Jing Yan chuckled sarcastically. "Support? You are thinking too highly of them. They are just clowns! Take a look. Who are those who made an exposé of this fake news? None of them are any real famous people. They are just dabblers trying to reap the profits and gain exposure. As for those supporting them, they might not be people."

"Even the dead are on Weibo? Is Weibo that godly?" Fangzheng was surprised.

"Hey, what's on your mind?" Jing Yan was amused by Fangzheng's question. Fangzheng obviously knew that Jing Yan wasn't talking about ghosts, but he had deliberately asked such a question. Jing Yan was close to blowing her top, and it was easy for enraged people to do something irrational. But at that moment, Fangzheng needed a rational Jing Yan which was why he deliberately lightened the mood.