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814 I’m Begging You

 Wang Dayou wished to shout, but he didn't know what to shout.

A bearded man attempted to pull the salesperson away, but when he looked up, he saw Wang Dayou's scarlet eyes. He retreated hurriedly without daring to come close.

At this moment, Wang Dayou snapped to his senses and shouted hurriedly. "Take him out! Call an ambulance!"

The bearded man also snapped to his senses and shouted. "Calm down! Calm down!" With that said, he carefully pulled the salesperson out. However, the moment the salesperson was pulled out, someone went over to take a look before crying. "He's dead! He's dead! Murder!"

This sank Wang Dayou's heart. He had still been holding on to some hope, but that now instantly crashed into a frozen abyss. He felt his body clamp up. This wasn't what he wanted. All he wanted was to use the gun to threaten Xia Jili into paying him his salary! He had never thought of killing anyone. His brain turned into a mess.

By his side, Xia Jili secretly pulled his daughter in a bid to leave, but this only agitated Wang Dayou even more.

Wang Dayou turned around abruptly and pointed the nail gun at his head. His eyes were red as he yelled, "I didn't wish to kill anyone! I didn't!"

Xia Jili jumped in fright as well, but he calmed down and didn't dare to agitate Wang Dayou. He said softly, "Yes, you didn't kill anyone. I can testify for you."

"I really didn't kill anyone... I just want my salary... Sob..." Wang Dayou instantly broke down when he heard someone expressing his belief in him. However, he had no intention of removing the nail gun which was pointed at Xia Jili's head. Instead, he even tightened his grip.

"Wang Dayou, treating me like that doesn't benefit you in any way. I think we can all sit down and slowly talk about it..." Xia Jili held his daughter behind him as he said.

Wang Dayou asked, "Talk? We still can?"

"Yes. That guy was quite far away, so with the nail hitting a thick skull from such a distance, he's definitely still alive. You didn't kill anyone. I can testify that it was a mistake. It's not a big problem..." Xia Jili tried to comfort Wang Dayou.

However, Wang Dayou clearly couldn't handle the stress. To a person who had never killed anyone, killing someone could be the final straw that broke the camel's back! However, Xia Jili's words did relieve him a little. His breathing calmed as his clenched grip gradually loosened...

Xia Jili heaved a sigh of relief, but just as he was about to say something to calm Wang Dayou-Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A voice sounded from outside. "Freeze! Police!"

Xia Jili cried out inwardly, "I'm doomed!"

Wang Dayou turned around in fright and pulled Xia Jili in front of him, raising the modified nail gun to Xia Jili's temple. He then hid behind Xia Jili and yelled, "Don't come over! I didn't kill anyone!"

The two policemen were unarmed policemen who were in the area. When they heard the commotion, they ran over to investigate, only to be shocked seeing a person on the ground. They also saw Wang Dayou holding a nail gun to Xia Jili's head and subconsciously cried out. But they regretted it the moment they did...

Unfortunately, it was useless to regret now. Wang Dayou held Xia Jili and his daughter hostage, as well as three women who had failed to run out of the store in time. He yelled, "No one is to enter! If anyone enters, I... I... I'll kill someone!"

Wang Dayou was at a loss as to what to do. He just didn't want to be arrested. He knew that he couldn't be arrested and that he needed to live on. There were people waiting for him at home! Once he was arrested, his family would be doomed. His child would be gone, as well as his wife. Everything!

With the immense pressure on him, Wang Dayou pressed down on Xia Jili while sweating profusely.

The police kept calming him down as they quickly reported the matter...

Seconds turned to minutes as more policemen arrived. Wang Dayou made the three women move racks to block the door while he hid in a corner, staring at them with bloodshot eyes. He was highly nervous and at that moment, everyone knew that he couldn't be agitated further!

"Brother, how... How much money do I owe you? I'll pay you double. Let us off, will you?" Xia Jili whispered.

Wang Dayou shook his head and said, "I... I didn't come here to be a robber. I don't want any double pay. I just want my hard-earned money!" With that said, Wang Dayou's eyes turned ferocious. He yelled, "It's all your fault! It's all your fault! If you hadn't owed us our salary, I wouldn't have come here! If I hadn't needed to come looking for you, none of this would have happened!"

With that said, Wang Dayou nearly pulled the trigger, frightening Xia Jili so much that his hair stood on end.

"Don't hurt my Daddy!" At that moment, Xia Jili's daughter, Xia Ke, stood in front of Xia Jili. Her big, pure eyes stared at Wang Dayou as she shouted furiously.

"Little Ke, don't stand there!" Xia Jili jumped in fright and tried to pull her behind him, but she resisted and refused.

Xia Jili was afraid that Wang Dayou would harm Xia Ke in a fit of anger, as he looked at him worriedly. But to his surprise, Wang Dayou looked at his daughter with a gentler look. Wang Dayou ultimately had a child himself, and this was something childless people might never understand. But the love parents had for their children ran deep, deeper than anyone could imagine. Even if it wasn't their own child, they absolutely wouldn't wish for the children of others to suffer! This was a natural instinct.

"This is all your fault..." Wang Dayou continued mumbling.

Xia Jili nodded. "Yes, it's my fault. But it's not like I had a choice. My company was also scammed by another company. The bastard who owes me money refuses to return me my money. What can I do? I've been out, trying hard to get money from others, even people on the street. At least you can come to me with a gun to ask for your money, but as for me, even with a gun I can't find the person! That person isn't returning the money he owes, and I don't have money on hand. So what can I give you?"

"That's your business!" Wang Dayou yelled furiously. "I've been working at your construction site for two years! I haven't been home for two years! I've been eating mantous for two years! All I wanted was to save up some money to treat my son's illness! I wanted to save money to buy some new clothes for my wife! I just want to save up some money. I f**king wanted to save up money to erect a proper tombstone for my mother! But two years! After two years of hard work, it's because you are f**king out of money!? And that means my family is gone!? If you don't have money, why order construction work? If you don't have money, don't f**king scam others!"

The more Wang Dayou spoke, the more hurt he felt. Thinking back to his bedridden son, his tears kept streaming down... As he spoke, he pleaded. "Please, give me my money. My son could still wait for me last year, but he can't do so anymore. His leukemia is worsening. He's waiting on the hospital bed for me! He's waiting for me to bring money to save his life! Please, I beg of you. Pay me the money you owe me... Please... I'm begging you!"

With that said, Wang Dayou suddenly pulled up the gun and shot at the rack!

This frightened Xia Jili, Xia Ke, and the three women. None of them dared to make a sound. Everyone could hear the despair in his voice. It was that despair and his sense of helplessness which had compelled him to take drastic action!