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813 Help! Murder!

 Fangzheng's face darkened when he heard that.

Unfortunately, Salted Fish ignored that. In order to continue having fun down the mountain, he kept urging and rushing Fangzheng.

Fangzheng also increased his speed, and when he passed by a construction site, he grabbed a brick and smacked Salted Fish in the head with it. After the resounding strike, Salted Fish finally behaved, and the world became silent. Fangzheng also stopped receiving weird looks as he ran.

Fangzheng wasn't slow at all. He was even faster than some cars which had to stop due to traffic; however, due to the distance, he was unable to rush there in time.

Meanwhile, at the place where Fangzheng had first met Kang Rui, by an alley not far away, there was a DJI drone specialty store. In it, a father and his daughter were looking at a drone, talking as they walked. The man was dressed in a starched suit. He was slightly plump, but he looked domineering. However, the area between his brows seemed to be showing signs of worry. Only when he looked at the little girl beside him would he smile. The girl was dressed in a pink down jacket and when she smiled, she had dimples, making her look extremely adorable.

The salesperson led the duo around, introducing them to the various drone models. The girl was highly interested and eager to buy, but the man kept shaking his head, whispering. "You like it? If you get first on your semester exam, I'll buy it for you. Just take a look and choose one. We'll get it next time."

When the salesperson heard that, he felt unhappy. If you aren't buying, aren't you wasting my time? However, noticing that the man drove a Mercedes-Benz, his unhappy mood turned a little better. He thought to himself, "I'll just consider it as playing a long game. This guy looks rich. If he spots something he likes, he will definitely buy it since he doesn't lack money."

With this in mind, the salesperson showed a professional smile as he continued accompanying them. However, he did not notice the deep worry and distress in the suited man's eyes, that he couldn't buy anything even if he wished to.

Meanwhile, a man stood on the opposite street. He wore a yellow helmet and was in a construction worker getup. He had red paint on him, and he was holding a black cloth bag. He stood there with his head slightly lowered, his eyes which were hidden under the shadows shimmering. It was as though he was struggling in a mental battle. He stood there for more than ten minutes.

Finally, the man took out his cell phone and opened WeChat. He saw a picture on it-an adorable boy sitting on a bed of flowers. The second picture was of the boy lying on a hospital bed, and the third was a picture of a letter. It clearly said-leukemia!

Upon seeing this, the man clenched his teeth and said, "What's there to be afraid of? I came to negotiate. That's right, I'm here to negotiate! It's fine!" Although he said that, he subconsciously tightened the cloth bag in his hand. He then took a deep breath, crossed the road, and pushed the door to the DJI drone store.

His clothes were very eye-catching, so he instantly attracted the attention of many customers in the store, including the suited man, his daughter, and the salesperson.

A salesperson frowned. The drones they sold were thousands of yuan at their cheapest, and having been in the business for so long, he had never sold a drone to someone dressed like that. Although he instinctively believed that this person was unable to afford any of their items, he had the thought, "Why would he come in if he's not buying? At the very least, I should entertain the customer, right?" Hence, he worked hard to maintain his smile and asked, "Sir, how may I help you?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The moment the worker walked over, the salesperson thought, "Is he really here to buy?"

But the worker walked up to the suited man before slowly raising his head. He said, "Boss Xia, I'm here to discuss something with you!"

The suited man was taken aback. The man before him knew him? But, he didn't know the man! On second thought, could it be him? With this in mind, Xia Jili's heart tightened. He subconsciously pulled his daughter, Xia Ke, behind him and frowned. "Who are you?"

"Boss Xia, you definitely don't know me, but I believe you know Da Liu?" the man said.

"Da Liu? You are a worker working under Da Liu?" Xia Jili's heart skipped a beat.

"Yes." The man nodded, his voice trembled. It was as though he was a little afraid of the man before him.

Xia Jili nodded slightly and said, "If there's anything, go to Da Liu directly. I'm not in charge of your matters."

"Not in charge?" The man was stunned as he stared at Xia Jili.

Xia Jili said, "I've only conversed with Da Liu. If there's any matter, find him. Alright? Please leave. Don't disturb my private life."

When the man heard that, his eyes turned red. The slightly trepid thought of his family and the notice motivated him to glare at Xia Jili and say, "You owe us money, so why should I find Da Liu?" Due to his agitation, his voice was a little hoarse. The mood also escalated as a result.

Xia Jili instinctively put his body between Xia Ke and the man, trying hard to maintain his calm and dignity. He knew that appearing weak when dealing with such people was useless. Therefore, he chose to maintain his arrogant attitude to make the man fear him and retreat. Hence, Xia Jili raised his head and said without letting up in his tone. "Friend, my contract was negotiated with Da Liu. If you have any matter, you should be finding Da Liu. That's because you have an agreement with him, not me."

"I'm not your friend. My name is Wang Dayou! I don't want to hear anything about any agreements. I don't understand any of that! All I know is that I should be paid for my work!" In his agitation, Wang Dayou suddenly pulled out a black object from the black bag, holding it to Xia Jili's head.

Xia Jili caught a glance of the item as his heart palpitated. It was a nail gun! Furthermore, it wasn't an ordinary one but a modified one. Such a gun could penetrate wooden planks in a range of ten meters! It was absolutely as potent as a normal gun. Instantly, Xia Jili didn't dare to move.

Upon seeing this scene, the crowd who was watching this scene in amusement before now retreated in fear.

The salesperson shouted instinctively, "A gun!"

When others heard that, all of them turned and ran. The timid ones even screamed while some shouted about murder.

This shout made the frantic, trepid Wang Dayou even more anxious. He waved his arm, shouting, "Stop shouting. Stop screaming! I'm not killing anyone!"

Unfortunately, with his shout, everyone who had started escaping only turned more chaotic from fright.

Amid the chaos, Wang Dayou waved his nail gun and yelled, hoping that they would stop shouting. But with a wave of his hand, he accidentally pulled the trigger and with a puffing sound, the salesperson who was running at the back screamed. His head had been shot! He fell to the ground the next moment.

At that instant, Wang Dayou felt his head buzz as it went blank! There were screams filling his head. "Murder! Murder! Murder!"